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Reality of Living in My World (Ch. 3)

Chapter 3: My Words will Darken your Heart

Find the light

"So, you barge in here and want to know about Pandora, yes?" Darien said, turning his chair around at the head of the boardroom table.

"Yes! What is she?! And what ARE you?!" Jonah shouted from across the room.

Darien motioned for Salzar to close the door and he did as instructed. Darien smirked vaguely and walked across the boardroom toward the windows, and turned his back to them. Jonah stood there, seething with rage. He felt full of wrath, pain, confusion, and hatred. It felt as though he was no longer himself. No longer human. He felt the power inside him. The power he didn't understand and didn't want to. He wanted to know everything and yet, he was full of fear. What would he find out? Would it change how he felt about Pandora? Most important, could he still kill her after learning the truth.

"Calm yourself, Jonah. I will tell you," Darien said turning to face Jonah. "If you can keep a calm and level head. Can you do this?" Jonah nodded, looking out the window next to Darien. "First, Pandora is about 600 years old. Give or take about 50 years." Jonah's eyes widened. He knew she would be older, but he didn't think she would be considered a walking anomaly. "I am 726 years old." Those words nearly caused him to fall to the ground.

"What is this?! How are you two even alive? Is anyone here of a relevant age?! Or is it just me?" Jonah stammered, coming up with words to make himself seem more coherent than he was in the moment.

Darien laughed at his young protege, "Sal, Chris, Henry, Jamie, Suziy, Naila, Tonie, Camelia, and Kaza are in your young age range. There are probably at least a thousand more in the company. Do not fret. We are all quite similar to you humans. Or Scrizas, as they are called in our home."

"But what are you?" Jonah said, looking lost and confused. Words were getting harder for him to form. The thought of killing Pandora seemed impossible. He thought if he killed her and laid her to rest she could be free and so would he. This was getting to be far more difficult than he had could have ever imagined, but what could he do. He needed to learn more.

"Hmm... That's a tough one. To be honest, we are descendants of gods, but we are limited to our abilities." He continued walking toward the large desk at the end of the room, which he used for various business situations, bent down to open a drawer and pulled something out. "Here Jonah," he said stretching his arm out. "Read this." Darien handed Jonah a letter. "I got it from Pandora's fraternal twin, Ariesella, the day you arrived in my care. But once you know, there's no turning back."

Jonah took the letter and began to read.

"Dear Sweet Arie,

Jealousy. A vague emotion takes control of every one of us at some point in our lives. Whether it be over things or people we can't have or how others are treated in comparison. Me? The Great Artemoria jealous? I guess it can happen to anyone. Well, today I am jealous of an ex-lover. Yeah, I know right? Me jealous of an ex-lover. Just one of many I have had throughout my life on Earth. Petty jealousy that should fade away if you don't think about it. That's not always the case when you're always thinking about it. I mean, don't get me wrong, he wasn't the best lover, but there's just something about him that makes me jealous.

That's right. Even the great Artemoria can get jealous every once in a while. When I chose to pursue Jonah, it was merely to seek new prey. I hadn't had fun in quite a long time and began to feel supremely bored. He was a broken toy in need of some TLC and I wanted to be the one to give it to him. Even for just a moment.

You see, we met in 'High School', became BFFs and sort of became fuck buddies, right? I'd lead him on a bit and he'd take it same as a fish would take the bait. Hook, line, and sinker. It was perfect, but then... One day he didn't fall for it anymore. He didn't... want me anymore. The thrill began to fade. I couldn't have that so, I broke it off. It hurt like hell but I had to. For him and... for me. If I didn't, who knows what could have happened to us. I could have revealed myself. I know. That is the biggest no-no ever!

So, I sent him to an 'old friend', in the hopes that he would be a baby pawn in his game. Lo and behold Jonah becomes one of the best on Darien's team. Hell, he could probably beat the shit out of any of us. Damn! I keep thinking about him, Arie. It's sickening. Like those melodramas, I keep hearing about from people at the office.

Maybe... Just maybe... I should let myself get tangled up and see him again. Give him a taste and see where it leads. Just thought I should keep you updated about my adventures since we last saw each other 150 years ago. Stay out of trouble. We only need one Vixen in this family.

Loves you lotties!


Jonah set the letter down, "She sent me to you because she couldn't handle her feelings?!"

"It appears so," Darien said taking the letter and placing it delicately in his pocket, "Just so you know, Jonah. Pandora and I used to be lovers."

His gaze shifted to Darien. "How long?"

"Is it really impor-"


"About 375 years." he began, "It was during a darker time in both of our lives. Your ancestors hadn't even thought of creating your family line yet. We weren't the people we are today. We were... different. More hmm... Medieval and young. Besides, it was centuries ago."

Jonah sat in a chair Salzar had pulled out for him, unsure of what to do or say. 375 years is a long time, he thought, I don't even think I could even try to live that long. Slowly he stood up, feeling as though his body was ready to give way at any moment.

"Are you alright, Jonah?" Salzar asked walking toward him, about to offer his hand in aid.

"Y-Yeah... It's just... a lot to take in. I'm gonna turn in for today. 'Night." With that, Jonah left the room in a daze.


"Yes, Sal?" Darien looked at him with a sly smirk etched in his skin.

"You're an asshole, you know that? He's just been thrown into a world you promised Pandora you would keep him out of," Salzar said, folding his arms.

"Your point? I made a promise to 'Pandora'," Darien said using air quotes, "Pandora is her moniker. Her real name is what's on that paper. Artemoria Heridita. Her sister is Ariesella Haphrotis."

"So," Salzar started, "why break her trust this way? What do you have to gain by doing this to her?"

"Simple," he said. "She's mine and I will take what is mine. Even if I have to break it first."

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Reality of Living in My World (Ch. 3)
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