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Review of 'Project Blue Book' Season 1 Finale


Well, Project Blue Book ended its first season last night pretty much the way it's been all season long: intriguing, worth watching, but still not getting beyond its cheesy pulp, though some of that was good, too.

President Truman in Washington DC takes center stage in last night's story. General Eisenhower will be in the White House soon—it's 1952—and that makes General Harding happy. He thinks Ike, as a military man, will be more likely to believe that the UFOs are Soviet.

Of course, Hynek and Quinn and we know different. And as I've been saying for a while this season, I wouldn't be stunned if Harding himself was an extra-terrestrial, and he's using the Soviets to cover his tracks. We'll just have to see next season.

It is significant that Quinn is now completely on Hynek's side in believing the UFOs are extra-terrestrials, and Hynek's not above lying to the Generals to keep his real work—finding out more about the extra-terrestrial visits—from being obstructed. It's also not 100-percent certain what General Valentine really thinks about all of this. There's room there for him to make an unexpected move next season.

Mimi has made it clear to Susie that Mimi's not in the mood for love—with her. But Susie is continuing to move in on Quinn, and it will be fun to see how that goes next season. I'll be back here then with more reviews.

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Review of 'Project Blue Book' Season 1 Finale
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