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Review of 'Timeless' 2.7


Timeless is nicely mixing it up this session, putting villains on the team with our heroes, where they so far have performed remarkably well. Flynn is now almost admired, if not yet quite trusted by everyone except Wyatt, and in 2.7, Emma joins our team.

The difference is Flynn was never a Rittenhouse agent as is Emma, and she makes it clear this switch of allegiance is for one night only. Her reason is about as noble as it gets—she wants to make sure the Suffragette Movement succeeds and women get the vote—and we get an episode with even sharper than usual dialogue—which has been excellent this season—replete with a few mentions of Dick, as in private detective back in the nineteen teens and as in, well, dick to our 2018 ears.

And there’s a well-played twist wherein Lucy looks like she’ll be stepping up to make a crucial Suffragette speech, only for someone else to step in. Good thing, too, since Lucy making the speech would have put a big change on history. Even so, everyone is relieved that Hillary Clinton ran for President in 2016, showing the Suffragettes prevailed.  No one was thrilled, though, that Trump won, and good for Timeless for name-checking both.

Hey, did I mention that I’m really enjoying this show? It’s much better than it was last year, and I’m looking forward to more.