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Review of Twin Peaks: The Return 1.16


Well, by the far the best episode of Twin Peaks: The Return—1.16—with the two-hour finale on tap for next week (though the inside the atom bomb episode was a nonpareil story in itself). But last night—

1. As I (sarcastically) said I was hoping last week—because I'd just about given up hope—that near electrocution indeed brought the good Cooper back to life on Earth, totally woken out of his stupor. I couldn't agree more with that little man from the other dimension, Cooper's (and our) guide of sorts, who said "Finally." Yes, indeed. It was great to Cooper back to his old, so deeply decent self, and my favorite line was when he said, "I am FBI." Close seconds were the Twin Peaks theme playing as good Cooper moved back into play, and Cooper saying goodbye to Janey-E, and she realizing that he was something different from her Dougie, and something very good to her and their boy.

2. The shoot-out in front of Dougie's house was also top-notch Lynch, also reminiscent of the Cohen Brothers. (As I think I mentioned in an earlier review, Fargo the television series is certainly deeply indebted to Twin Peaks.) But every single character in that shoot-out was perfectly played, especially by Tim Roth (who just played one character, but he was just right in a deadpan way.)

3. Jim Belushi, who's been just outstanding all season in one of his finest comedic roles, was also just right last night. I read somewhere that David Lynch was unhappy with some or one or whatever of Belushi's ad libs—I don't know what the ad lib was, but what was on the screen last night was high camp deluxe. (And Robert Knepper as his brother was 100%, too.)

4. Even the ending was the best so far: a double-ending, with Eddie Vedder (Edward Louis Severson II) doing an acoustic-guitar concluding song, unexpectedly followed by Audrey dancing and clearly awakening from a nightmare herself.

In fact, this whole Return could be seen as awakening from a nightmare, because that's what it is. And now I'm feeling a little bad that it will all be over next week (and hoping our Cooper will indeed come back to Janey-E). See ya next week.

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Review of Twin Peaks: The Return 1.16
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