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Rise, the Fall

A Flash Fiction Piece

Photo by LwcyDesign on Pixabay

The sound of marching soldiers erupted through the air. A thirteen-year-old girl stood in front of the soldier's path. The soldiers pointed their machine guns at her face.

A grin of contempt grew across the girl's face. Her dark brown hair drifted over her dark blue eyes. The girl smiled at the soldiers.

She looked past their guns towards the treeline behind them. Locking her eyes on the shimmering glass skyline of a city. The morning sun was sparkling between the glass skyscrapers. The city tried to hide from the girl, but the treeline wasn’t high enough.

Her eyes shimmered back at the soldiers in front of her. She knew they were only there to protect the city from people like her.

The commander shouted, “Fire.”

A round of bullets went flying through the air. The girl cried in pain as the bullets ripped into her skin. She wanted to give the soldiers a moment to come to their senses.

The girl’s clothes draped down over her body as the bullets penetrated into her skin. She fell down to her knees with bullets around her. The girl stared up at the soldiers. Rage sparkled in her eyes.

Blood slithered down from the wounds all over the girl's body. She knew what kind of men the soldiers were. Each one of them kept their guns pointed straight at her. Telling the girl everything she needed to know about them. Her blood washed over the grassy field below the girl's bare feet. She grinned.

A stream of blood poured out from the corner of her mouth. The girl knelt to her blood on the field. She placed her hands on the grass in front of her toes. Her blood slowly began to cover her hands.

The soldiers lowered their weapons towards the ground. A smile grew across the girl's face. She stood back up to her feet.

The girl whispered, “My turn.”

She raised her hands up from her sides. The soldier’s lifted their machine guns back at the girl. She grinned as the soldiers fired their guns at her again.

A stream of blood slithered across the field. Rushing in front of the bullets' way. The blood rose up from the ground, catching each bullet. The girl closed her hands, once the bullets stopped firing.

Bullets from the soldier’s guns dripped down towards the ground. The soldiers lowered their weapons in amazement. The girl placed her hands into what remained of her light blue denim jeans.

She muttered, “It’s over.”

The girl turned her hands slightly in her pockets. A scream of pain roared through the morning sky. The girl grinned as she looked across the street at what she did.

A red spike penetrated into the commander's chest. The commander screamed out in pain as his blood dripped down to the field below his feet. The soldiers following his orders blindly dropped their weapons down to the field in front of them.

She regretted what she did to the commander. The girl heard the frightened soldiers rushing into the treeline behind their commander. She placed her right hand up towards her chest.

A bullet slithered out of her skin into the palm of her hand. The girl dropped the bullet to the ground in front of her. She stared up at the glass skyscrapers in behind the treeline.

The girl wondered if they were worth all the trouble.

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Rise, the Fall
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