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The Coming A.I. Explosion

The all-seeing Eye 

We are on the brink of some remarkable technology that could either help or destroy mankind. We have to be careful of what we create, even the great Elon Musk has given warnings on this matter and many more influential people have too. In the great sci-fi movies, we have seen how machines can wipe us out and treat us as a mere form of bacteria. Films like Terminator and A.I. and many others have perhaps given us an insight into tomorrow. On the other end of the spectrum, we have TV shows and movies like Star Trek and Star Wars that have a different approach on machines. They actually have them help humans and become friends with us and the like. So I ask myself, "Will these cyborgs do us good or harm?" I think we shall have to play that one out and wait and see. In the world of the classic Buck Rogers, A.I. had taken over court proceedings and laws, etc. That could be a good thing actually.

I like to imagine a world of tomorrow where we can live in harmony with what we created and perhaps the robots and A.I. could help mankind repair the damage that we have inflicted on the great oceans and our Mother Earth. I have a book or should I say, I'm writing an eBook about a time traveler that guides a person from this time to many different future times and even multi-dimensional travel too. All this stuff fascinates me dearly; in today's time we are slowly becoming used to the term wearable. Devices like watches and bracelets that monitor our health and fitness, etc., glasses, and VR headsets, too, are all slipping into the mainstream. It's almost like the realm of sci-fi is here now; we can make calls either voice or video from a watch right now. I can see this technology going from strength to strength. Imagine a time not too far away from now where these wearable devices can alert us of diseases like cancer, AIDS, heart disease, etc. and instantly report it to a physician where either you can be healed on the spot by a health download or by a visit to a hospital. Perhaps we will have embedded nanotechnology where they will monitor our bodies and instantly correct any anomaly found in the body, etc. Perhaps that will be where mankind also becomes machine having body implants. There are so many ways that machine technology will benefit human populations around the world, like replacing body parts by artificial and electronic ones like limbs, hearts, and other organs. This would be a better idea than the current human donor system.

Also, pure energy that can be harnessed to power mankind's ever growing industry. Although I see factories and large scale industries we have currently becoming smaller in the coming years with the advantages of 3D printers. These allow a person to currently print out objects with plastic or some metals at home and very quickly compared to having to contact a company and order a part then wait for it to be made and shipped out to you. Look at the resources that have been used. The printers will become faster and be able to print out more objects and in more materials. These remind me of very early basic Replication like in Star Trek; where you just go to the machine and ask it for something and it creates it for you instantly by having all known molecules for food and other goods stored in the computer and simply re-organized them electronically. This would put an instant ending to world hunger for sure. Going back to energy that is clean, I see some years ago that a scientist created a way of harnessing vast energy from water, even gravity could become a power source. All the power we require is available in or under the earth in vast amounts, like geo-thermal. One day we might be able to absorb the power from lightning storms. Someone speculated that if we could do that, we could get enough energy from one blast of lightning; it would power a city for a week.

So there we have part one.

Part two will follow.