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Robots, Androids, and Gods

Answers to questions asked eons ago.


Have you ever asked yourself the question, what happened before the recorded history of humanity? Was it as historians, archeologists and scientists espouse: Homo Sapiens were unintelligent beasts on a continuous course of evolution? What if it were something else?

It is intriguing to discover there are many anomalies archeology and history have left out or missed in their revelations. Architecture, eyewitness testimony, art, and geological abnormalities continue to pop up all over Earth suggesting something, other than the collective wisdom of archeologists and historians has disseminated for the past two hundred years, transpired. So many questions have arisen because of those findings, begging the most important question of all: WTF?

I've written a series of books in the science fiction genre to attempt to address the questions above and to entertain the reader. In my research, it was fascinating to find a plethora of information regarding the possibility of a race of beings called the Anunnaki, as mentioned in ancient Assyrian texts, which were visiting and interacting with humans perhaps tens of thousands of years ago. They were godlike in stature, knowledge, and technology compared to the primitive humans living at that time. Additionally, there was mention of not-human but human-looking people visiting as well. It once again begs the question, who the [email protected]# were they?

The universe is simply too vast to be empty. Drake's equation sums up the probability in a very simple but succinct mathematical formula. We cannot possibly be alone. Perhaps we aren't alone but androids and robots are being sent as scouts and probes before the biological entities that created them arrive. Another area to consider is the fact the universe is old enough to have allowed the development of biological beings to develop intellectually, culturally, and politically, to travel the expanse of the Milky Way galaxy and perhaps the universe itself. If so, wouldn't those beings be capable of developing technology we cannot imagine or understand?  I would think so.

Take the previous 150 years of human history as an example. I don't think I need to review the discoveries or the technological advancements we've made. Compared to life before 1800, our near-contemporary history has leaped forward in astounding ways humanity prior to 1800 would consider magic or impossible. So why not alien beings perhaps thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of years more advanced than us?

If beings from another part of the Milky Way galaxy or the universe came to Earth tens of thousands of years ago how would the indigenous people interpret their arrival and interaction? I think it would've been considered a visit by the gods themselves. Can we dismiss the possibility? Of course we can, but is it wise? Who knows, perhaps they are here on Earth as you read this article. Or maybe they are due to visit once again with some agenda in the near future. Whatever the case, maybe it may be wise to keep our minds, eyes, and ears open to the possibility of an unexpected close encounter.  

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Robots, Androids, and Gods
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