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Saving 'F.R.I.E.N.D.S'

The Time Traveller #3

ENTRY #1.004

Our next mission was lighter and less consequential than our previous one with Andreas Vesalius. 'Whew' that was a close one but nevertheless, when we returned back to our present, we got a few days of rest, stuck in our own room.

But the General is allowed to have a social and private life, including an adult daughter, he was seldom around because of him sacrificing a lot for his work, yet he knew her extreme love for the renowned show Friends.

When it ended back in 2004, she stayed in her room, crying. Like any other dad, his daughter's sadness became his trigger and burden, a day before our 'mission,' he unapologetically gathered us up and said:

"You guys are saving F.R.I.E.N.D.S"

Confused, we gave each other bizarre looks—the usual squinted eyes.

"You mean, the show. Or?" Houston replied, shrugging her shoulders.

"Exactly, the show that went on from 1994 until the tenth season of 2004, starring Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc, Courtney Cox, etc. Arguably the best American sit-com to ever exist."

"You serious?" Asked the conjoined twins continuously.

"Yes. Any more questions?" He calmly concluded, threw pages of information onto the table surrounding us and walked down.

Still confused.

"So you heard the guy. We are saving Friends." Alex Houston remarked.

Friends ended in the year 2004, which is the closest we have ever been to in our time-traveling scheme since it was definitely a time where all five of us existed, we had to take care of a couple of things:

  1. The classic not to run into yourself, I was definitely not in Los Angeles at the time of the filming.
  2. Not to run into people you've had any contact with, apparently, this is more dangerous with running into yourself because it may cause a time-lapse that is way different than two people merging.

His last words of wisdom before departure were:

"I want this show back on for at least...well as long as it could last."


We arrived in Los Angeles, always in an isolated area, but let's face it, Los Angeles is never isolated in 2004.

But we did land somewhere, Compton.

But I won't go into that, we then hailed a cab and drove into town, we were given the name of the studio where the Friends were filming, we had our own access to the studio.

Well, the bodyguard was a secret government agent and a fellow time-traveler who travels back and forth between 2004 and whatever the current year is.

"So, how should I do this?" I asked, unexpectedly nervous.

"Well convince them, make up some stories that put an impression that they should at least continuing the show, tell 'hem that their future endeavors fail—"

"Like what?" I asked.

"Pretty simple, if you check Lisa Kudrow's wiki, it says Pre-Friends, for god sake, that is sad, Courtney has a pretty good career but never touching her fame in the show, same with Matthew Perry. Matt had his show but stopped after two seasons, then there was that one show where he won a Golden Globe," finished Gregory Allister.

"So go in, target Lisa Kudrow, make everybody feel sorry and continue the show and make another sixty million dollars?" I asked sarcastically.

"C'mon, you know what happened to Jennifer Anniston in 2005." He said.

"Jesus, you want me to bring that up?" I replied.

"Anything to keep the show going." 

"Oh my god, it is not even that hard," Alex Houston exclaimed and entered the joint dressing room they were in for their make-up, they did have their sole dressing room, for 'those' who are wondering.

When we entered, the five celebrities exclaimed.

"Woah, what the hell?" Lisa Kudrow.

"Hey, we don't want any trouble but just want to do something extremely important to mankind," said Andrew.

"Really?" Alex replied.

"Well, can you do something better?" replied Andrew.

"Nevermind that, big fans, by the way, we heard that the show is canceling and let's just say that there are some people who aren't happy, and you don't mess with them—"

"He wants the show to at least go on for as long as they could and we know that some of you want the same, am I right Lisa and Matthew?" Alex finished.

Both said nothing but looked apologetic, implying that they agreed on this.

"We know you guys got upcoming shows, like Joey for Matt, but trust me, that show isn't going to last two years."

"You guys won't be able to survive without this show, some of your personal life mishaps in the extremely near future would be a buffet for the press, and yes deal with the two heads one body," Marie and Jesse added on while looking specifically at Jennifer.

Before we exited, I turned back and said, " If it doesn't go on for at least two seasons, we are going to be back to spoil everything else, and yes, as a side note, don't tell anyone we came."


We returned back to our present and were met with a happy General before I write any more, that was the only time we ever saw him smiling.

"Good job, guys, that show went on for three more seasons, that calls for a champagne."

After our celebration, Marie checked the reviews and said, "Wow, it was better than what it was 'originally,' in an interview with the cast in 2005, when asked why they continued to do this, Matthew looked into the camera and said:

"Credits are due to those who barged into our dressing room and convinced us to do the show again, metaphorically off course."

"I knew it."