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Science Has Not Failed Us

What ever gave you that idea?

Science has not necessarily failed the human race. It is the politics behind new discoveries that fail the human race, not science itself. We have advanced our technology because of the way we work on scientific discoveries. Ever since the invention of iron for swords, the human race has steadily invented other ideas. Science is something we all need to understand. It might yet cure the human race from our sufferings. Scientific advances such as the discovery of insulin helped talented type-1 diabetics remain in the gene pool when before 1920, people just slowly wasted away.

To say that science is underachieving, well, that shows a limited understanding of science. The very foundation of modern civilization is based on science. We have improved the human race quite a bit although plastic is a discovery that we could have done without since it causes pollution, a huge problem we have yet to solve for ourselves. Humans have a way of sticking with what is interesting, not what is best for the many. Psychology does get mistreated a lot as a field since it is a science-based field anyway.

Yes, science is a lack of priority in the United States because of the lack of funding. Scientific discoveries are usually not made widely available just yet because a lot of it has to do with money. The day money becomes useless is the day we advance as a species. Or maybe we enact universal income, so money is useful to everybody, not just a few, richest elite. The elite seems to want to keep their playing cards close to their chests when it comes to scientific advancement. Fixing the environment definitely requires more funding because we are not getting very far on our own.

The plastic recycling problem can be fixed through stepping up our efforts as well as making sure that we turn plastic back into its basic elements, a new technology that is being put to good use in some countries. But the United States is busy holding the rest of the world back. We are environmental problems deniers. Climate change deniers are in on the game as well. The problem is that we have to start facing our environmental problems on this planet, science or no science. Science is supposed to help us resolve this stuff.

Yes, big business likes to mess up scientific advancement with money, politics, and greed. But the thing is, we have to overcome what the lobbyists do. The days of lobbying must be left far behind in the near future if we are to make any progress as a species at all. If anything, our advances in technology are the great equalizer for us. We have a better standard of living in modern times than we did in our past. Our housing technology has improved since we use construction methods that surpass those of 20 years ago. The modern age has a lot to offer us.

Science is not useless. Science can help us. If we use it honestly, and wisely. If we do not use it well, if we corrupt it into studying bioweapons or cures for diseases that everybody has to pay for, then science has failed us. If you feel science is useless okay, fine, then I do not believe that is the case. In my mind, science is something I want to study and somehow make the world a better place. Becoming a scientist is something I want to do with my life. We all need science in this world, to improve our living conditions.

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Science Has Not Failed Us
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