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Silicon Visions 2

Chapter 2

Nian Zhen was having trouble waking up, so she decided a detour to her favorite coffee shop was in order, and if she was lucky, she could nap on the way.

She rested her forehead against the window as the city and other cars went speeding by. There was actually a traffic jam today, so the ride was taking longer than usual.

She had pulled up her news feed to what was causing this, because this sort of thing never happened. Apparently someone had cut their vehicle off from the network and used some sort of device to take manual control—which was highly illegal. So of course, they crashed, no human could manage to drive in the never stopping traffic of a big city. It was too fast, even with implants.

Nian Zhen thought for a moment about what it would be like to drive a car. It hadn't been that very long ago since people drove themselves, in fact she remembered her grandparents used to own one of those antique oil-cars. Before it was illegal to drive yourself, she remembered going for rides outside the city and through the country side with them, and being terrified the entire time. Not only of crashing, but because outside the city could be dangerous. The anti-gidders were out there.

"Neon, we are nearing the destination," a female voice chimed softly in her ear.

Even though it was soft and polite, the sudden noise startled her from her thoughts.

"Thanks Misi." Neon dismissed the news feeds and made sure she had everything she needed in her bag as Misi drove them up to the coffee shop.

After thinking about it, she was glad she didn't have to drive, she couldn't fathom why anyone would want to. Hurdling through the city at high speeds without knowledge of what other vehicles were doing, it was dangerous and it was hard for her to believe anyone ever survived it.

Lost in her thoughts once more, Misi opened the door for her. "We have arrived, Neon"

In public she was Neon she told herself as she stepped out of her sleek white and silver car. Misi shut her door and the car drove away to park.

"Park close, Misi," Neon spoke quietly to herself.

"Yes Ma'am," Misi replied in her ear.

Neon had only had Misi for about a month now, she had saved up the karma to buy her. Misi was no integrated into everything, from appliances in her house, her neural-uplink and now her car. Before Misi, she relied on the government supplied V.I to drive her around, it wasn't as versatile or friendly as Misi.

"I'll be here to pick you up when you are ready, Ma'am."

"I told you to call me Neon," she said as she looked up, as a drop of rain splashed her cheek.

"Sorry, Neon. Just trying to change things up," she replied, sending a sad face to Nian Zhen's display.

She shook her head with a smirk. Not like the government issued one at all.

She was still looking at the sky, the tall buildings covered in plants, flowers and trees made her feel like she wasn't in the city, but instead she was at the bottom of a ravine in a jungle somewhere far away from civilization.

But she wasn't, she thought as she headed towards the tower doors. She was in New Pine Bluff of the former state of Arkansas, or as the locals called it, New-Pine. One of biggest growing cities in China's Republic of North America.

Pushed through the door just as the rain began to fall in sheets. They had tropical rain here almost every day, it was a coastal city after all, and a big tourist destination.

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Silicon Visions 2
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