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Matthew Kresal9 months ago
'Doctor Who': "Twice Upon A Time" Review
Warning: Potential spoilers for the episode below. “It's the end but the moment has been prepared for.” Those words spoken by Tom Baker's Fourth Doctor on the brink of his regeneration more than three...
Abdullah Masood9 months ago
Is Rey's Parentage Finally Explained in 'The Last Jedi'?
*Spoilers* The Last Jedi tried to basically solve a lot of things, one way or the other. Some startling truths and some not so gentle breaking away of the standards of the old trilogy. But there was o...
Mike Charest9 months ago
The People vs. 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'
A Review's Honest Attempt to Play Judge
Kristy Anderson9 months ago
'Doctor Who': Reacquaint Yourself With A Few Classic Characters Before They Appear In This Year's Christmas Special
Whovians are now just weeks away from the premiere of this year's Doctor Who Christmas Special, 'Twice Upon A Time'. The special is sure to be memorable for a number of reasons. It will be a multi-Doc...
daniel morris10 months ago
As It Appears
Living in an institution all her life, Eve has no reason to believe things are more than they appear as her day continues, though things are definitely changing... – The world is chaos The world is or...
Max Farrow10 months ago
Boba Fett's Son & 4 Other Theories About Benicio Del Toro's Character In 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'
We may have less than a year to go until The Last Jedi hits our theaters, but its plot is as shrouded in secrecy as the dark side itself. Apart from the odd snippet gleaned from promotional material a...
April Demarco10 months ago
Best Movies About the Moon
With no weather, no oceans, and no atmosphere, the Earth's only natural satellite is the Moon. As the fifth largest moon in the solar system, the Earth's Moon will forever be interesting, as well as c...
Eden Roquelairea year ago
5 Underappreciated Sci-Fi Shows
With so many amazing television shows out there, it can be hard to know where to turn your attention next. Here are five TV shows, some old, some ongoing, that are worth your perusal.
George Hermana year ago
Best Space Western Sci-Fi Books
They are often misconstrued among the oscillating worlds of science fiction, but it's about time the best space western sci-fi books get the recognition they deserve. Don't know what a space western s...