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'Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi' Director Rian Johnson Reveals Why Kylo Ren's Facial Scar Was Altered In The Trailer

The brief glimpse of Kylo in the trailer for The Last Jedi was surprisingly revealing.

A little over a week ago, the first trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi debuted, providing us with a small-yet-revealing look at the next chapter in the #StarWars franchise. A good portion of the trailer is dedicated to Rey, who we can safely assume is at the center of the plot once again — but towards the end, we get a glimpse of Kylo Ren and his blazing red lightsaber.

This brief glimpse of Kylo in the trailer for #TheLastJedi was surprisingly revealing, showing a subtle-but-notable change in his appearance after #TheForceAwakens.

Fans Take Notice Of The Change To Kylo's Scar In 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'

In Episode VII, Rey struck Kylo Ren in the face during their lightsaber duel, leaving a bloody streak across his face. Yet in the trailer for The Last Jedi, the scar has been placed horizontally over Kylo's left eye. This obvious alteration was caught by a few fans who were left questioning whether or not this change was a mistake, leading Twitter users like @mutlubulutlar and @StarWarsNewsNet to ask Johnson directly.

When fan inquiries gained Johnson's attention, he responded with a tweet of his own, clearing up the confusion around why Kylo Ren's facial scar has been changed.

According to Rian Johnson, his decision to adjust the scar on Kylo Ren's face was made in light of how the scar actually looked on Kylo. Apparently, the scar extending over the bridge of Kylo's nose looked "goofy," so it has been moved to a horizontal position. Taking that into account, it seems sensical that Johnson would change this small facet of Kylo Ren's look. Quite a few fans also agreed with Johnson's decision, and took to Twitter to voice their opinions.

Fans like Dom Middleton pointed out that it's not a big deal, agreeing with the majority of commentary on this debate. More fans shared that sentiment.

From the looks of it, a majority of people agree with Johnson's decision. The fans who pointed out this small change made to Kylo's appearance were sparse in number, and after Johnson cleared up the issue, fans seemed unanimously on-board with the alteration. One Twitter user even noted how small changes have been made in the past, so there's already a precedent for changes like Kylo's scar taking place.

Regardless, fans are always going to be critical, even of small changes like a facial scar. Hopefully in the future, we as fans can roll with the punches, because as many of them pointed out here, some changes can also be beneficial to the final product. Until then, we'll have to wait to until December 15, 2017 to see Kylo and his new scar in action in Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi.

What did you think of the change made to Kylo Ren's face scar?

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'Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi' Director Rian Johnson Reveals Why Kylo Ren's Facial Scar Was Altered In The Trailer
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