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Star Wars Episode 8: Renowned Actor Frank Oz Is On Set

New Cast Members arrive on set of Star Wars Episode 8.

Star Wars Episode 8 is currently under production and new cast members are arriving at Pinewood Studios in the United Kingdom. Oz didn't elaborate as to what piece of work he was in the U.K. for, but being that he's arriving to Pinewood Studios while the big production currently underway is that of Star Wars Episode 8, it's plausible that the newest addition to the cast of Star Wars: Episode 8 is that of Frank Oz. Famously known for his part as the puppeteer and voice behind the character of Yoda in the original Star Wars trilogy. Oz made a statement with his interwoven workings of a puppet through the creation of an iconic dialect that would span decades to pass. From a fan reciting a line from a film or text being reworded to form the dialect associated with Yoda, Frank Oz has made the character of Yoda an ageless icon. Now he's back on set of Star Wars Episode 8, and it looks like he'll be bringing some magic back to the franchise.

Frank Oz, Yoda

The famous Frank Oz has arrived on set of Star Wars Episode 8. Yoda returns.

Frank Oz is famous for his role as the puppeteer and voice behind Yoda in the original Star Wars trilogy. Oz has been confirmed by online sources to be working at Pinewood Studios while he's in the United Kingdom. Thus deducing that Frank Oz is in the studio to work on Star Wars: Episode 8. It's unclear as to how Yoda could fit into Episode 8. The most plausible appearance for Yoda to reappear in Episode 8 is through the visage of a Force ghost. Frank Oz's Yoda last appeared as a Force Ghost at the conclusion of Star Wars Episode 6: Return of the Jedi. Although it is possible that Yoda could appear in an Ancient Holochron or he could manifest a physical form to commune with the living. The fact has been established in the Star Wars mythology through the passing of dialogue that only one Force-wielder has ever been able to avoid death. It was eventually concluded that Yoda is the only one who possesses that ability, and it could lead to Yoda resurfacing in Star Wars: Episode 8 as a council to Luke Skywalker to place him on the right path once again; speculative for the moment. Yoda could appear in any variety of forms, from a message in an Ancient Holochron to a Force-ghost returning to guide Luke Skywalker in his time of need.

Star Wars Episode 6, Force Ghosts

Star Wars continuity from Star Wars Episode 7 to now.

At the end of Star Wars Episode 7, Rey had found the self-bound exile Luke Skywalker and they're now set on a Jedi journey together. Rey's role is likely to consist of convincing Luke Skywalker to involve himself in the growing, galactic conflict between the Resistance and the First Order. She could be crucial in putting Luke Skywalker back on his destined path to save the galaxy but it's Yoda who'd have the power to convince Luke Skywalker to become a Jedi once again. Yoda was once Luke Skywalker's master and he taught Luke everything he knows about the Force; it would take someone like Yoda to pull Luke out of his funk and back into the fight between the Resistance and the First Order. Though there's plausibility in the notion that Luke Skywalker will be killed in either Star Wars Episode 8 or Episode 9 to place the focal point on the new stars of the Star Wars franchise. Of course if that is one of the potential threads for either Episode 8 or Episode 9 to follow, after Frank Oz reprises his role as Yoda in Star Wars Episode 8 to help Luke off his dark path in back into the grace of the Force. There's also reason to believe that Luke Skywalker will be killed off just as Han Solo was in Star Wars Episode 8. Along with Solo's death, recent reports of leaked information on the film indicate that General Leia Organa won't be making it out of Star Wars Episode 8 alive either. That would credit the theory of the original Star Wars trilogy cast being phased out of this new trilogy to make room to place the focal points on the new cast.

We won't know what role Frank Oz's Yoda will be doing in Star Wars Episode 8 until more information releases.

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Star Wars Episode 8: Renowned Actor Frank Oz Is On Set
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