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Star Wars: Episode VIII – Royalty Strike Again

In A Galaxy Far Far Away...

Prince Harry and his brother have been fighting with lightsabers as they are given a special tour around Pinewood Studios by Daisy Ridley who played Rey in ‘The Force Awakens’. Not only did they have a lightsabre battle, they got hugs from a well-known fury character.

It is actually unknown if the brothers are fans of Luke Skywalker and the franchise itself, but they were both extremely pleased to get a tour round the sets. They toured the creature’s workshops – This is where they were shown the heads of characters from lasts years’ instalment. R2D2 was also on display along with BB-8 from ‘The Force Awakens’ alongside the head of Chewbacca.

Chewie and Harry

With the tour over with, things got more serious when a loveable character came along to give hug to both the actors. Yes of course Chewie popped along to meet and greet the royalty brothers. During this the princes met the one and only Mark Hamil!

Ahead of meeting the princes, Hamil Tweeted:

"Meeting #Royals William & Harry! Finally – a chance to get an informed answer on whether being Leia’s brother makes me a Prince. #LordLuke”.

Whilst on tour, the princes met the actor John Boyega who is known for playing Fin. The royal engagement is aimed at recognising the wealth of British creative talent. This involves the production of the Star Wars films.

Princes Lightsaber Duel

Episode VIII is due in cinemas in December 2017. With Benicio del Toro, Laura Dern and Kelly Marie Tran joining the main cast. 

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Star Wars: Episode VIII – Royalty Strike Again
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