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'Star Wars the Clone Wars': Chapter One

Fan Fiction: Love is a Strong Word

Previous - SWTCW: Bios

Source of Episode/Movie: Star Wars the Clone Wars Movie

~~Lina P.O.V~~

"Lina Skywalker, Karri Shan. The time has come." Mace Windu announced. "You will land on Planet Christophsis and meet your assigned Jedi masters there. Master Kenobi and Master Skywalker have been cut in transmission for a while. We need you two to bring back Master Kenobi and Master Skywalker to the Jedi temple immediately."

Karri nodded to Master Windu. "Understood Master Windu. We will contact you as soon as we find Master Kenobi and Master Skywalker."

Master Windu nodded and his hologram disappeared. Karri took a deep breathe and placed her hands on her hips.

"Hey Karri, chill out! This is our first mission. Relax. Everything will turn out fine."

Karri looked at me, sternly. "I'm not worry about the mission. I'm worry about you being careless on this mission."

I crossed my arms and pouted at her. "C'mon Karri. Trust me on this one mission!" I put a finger, showing the number one, "One chance! C'mon!"

"Yeah last time you said that, you almost got us killed on planet Datoonie when we were with master Plo Koon, helping him on a rescue mission."

I frowned, "I thought you were a droid."

"A droid? I was limping because you pushed me off a hill!"

"Oh my goodness, Karri. You're still on that? I said I was sorry!"

Karri sighed, "All right. The past is in the past now. Just... behave on this mission.. It's important. We're finally becoming Padawans."

I smiled at her, "Yeah…” I paused, “Finally... After all the training we been through." We both looked towards the window of the Republic cruiser, staring at a blue planet, Christophsis that we're closing in on. A new adventure awaits for us.

~~Anakin P.O.V~~

I stopped running when I came to a halt, seeing two large cannon droids walking towards our territory.

"They're back!" I cried out to Obi-wan.

"I told you that this victory was too easy. We should had never sent the ship for supplies!"

"It wasn't my idea to send the ship back!" I said back.

Obi-wan sighed in frustration and looked to Commander Cody. "All right men, second wave incoming!"

I looked to my second in command, Captain Rex. "Rex, you and your men follow me."

"Yes sir!"

I began running as Rex called out for several of men to follow. We ran toward a Christophsis building and took the elevator to the roof. We came out and stood on the edge of the roof, staring down at the two large cannon droids.

"What's our plan of attack, sir?" Captain Rex asked from behind me.

I turned my head slightly to see Rex, "Follow me." With one jump, gravity brought me down on top of the droid's top. My lightsaber ignited and I began deflecting the shots of the other large cannon droids targeting me. The men and Rex used their jetpacks to bring them to the ground, below the droid to shoot it down. Again, I jumped and landed on the droid's thin cannon and the head rotated around, having the other battle droid shooting the droid that I'm currently on. I jumped to another large cannon battle droid and once the large battle droid couldn't take anymore of the shots, it exploded.

The same droid continued to shoot towards me but then went down once Rex and his men shot it down. I jumped and sliced the droid's leg before I landed onto the ground. I ran back to Obi-wan's position.

"We need more reinforcement, master." I said as I deflected the shots back to the droids.

"We can't contact the admiral. All we can do right now is stand our ground!"

These Separatists are getting pretty annoying.

Suddenly, the Separatists' cannons began falling back. "They're retreating!" Then, from above a small republic ship flew by.

Obi-wan caught the ship flying by as well. "It looks like help has arrived."

"What a relief." I said as I deactivated my lightsaber. R2 came back my side and began beeping. I smiled at R2. "I know R2. We finally got some supplies and maybe some help." R2 followed behind Obi-wan and me along with clone troopers who stood by to help us with the supplies.

"Our cruiser must be back." Obi-wan said.

"Which means we'll able to get our reinforcements."

"Well, then this looks like our problems are solved: fresh troops, new supplies. Perhaps they've brought my new Padawan with them." 

A new Padawan? I'm being replaced by Obi-wan already?

"Do you think it's a good idea to bring a Padawan learner to all of this?" I asked.

"I spoke to Master Yoda about it. You should put a request for one. You'd make a good teacher."

I chuckled, "No thanks..." I don't think that would ever happen.

"Anakin, teaching is a privilege and it's part of a Jedi's responsibility to help and train the next generation."

"A Padawan would just slow me down." We stopped in front of the ship and waited for it to open.

Obi-wan shook his head with a smile. Something with that smile doesn't seem right. He's planning something... And I don't like it.

With a strange vibe, I began to sense a familiar present... Don't tell me that—

The ship's ramp was let out and I couldn't believe my eyes. I had to blink multiple times to see who it was... It was my sister, Lina.

~~Lina P.O.V~~

"Anakin!" I ran out of the ship and hugged my older brother. Anakin gently pushed me away and looked at me with surprised eyes.

"What are you doing here?!"

"I'm your Padawan, Ani." I said as I presented myself to Anakin and Master Obi-wan.

"Padawan!?" Anakin looked over to Obi-wan.

"It's good to see you again, Master Kenobi and Master Skywalker." Karri bowed to Master Kenobi and Anakin. I did the same.

Master Kenobi bowed back in respect. "Great to see you both again."

"Okay... Enough with the greetings. I want to know why my sister is here! Explain, Obi-wan."

"I told you. My new Padawan is here. And yours as well." Obi-wan looked to us, "Correct?"

"Yes, Master Kenobi." Karri bowed once again to Master Kenobi. "Master Yoda was very specific that I am assigned as your new Padawan who will supervise my Jedi training."

I stood in front of Anakin and bowed to him. "And I am your Padawan, big brother. And you will supervise my Jedi training."

"B-But this doesn't make any sense—"

"Sorry to interrupt but, Master Skywalker. We were sent to relay a message for you to contact the Jedi temple. It's urgent." Karri said.

"Great! They don't even know that we're in trouble and yet again... I have a Padawan!"

Karri ignored Anakin's whining. "We can relay a signal through the cruiser that had dropped us off."

"It's better than nothing." Master Kenobi nodded to us. "All right. Let's try it."


The four of us went to a transmission table and waited for the cruiser that had brought Karri and me, back to respond. We all waited in silence, exchanging different expressions at each other which had become very awkward... Suddenly a hologram of Master Yoda appeared.

"Master Kenobi, glad that Karri and Lina found you I am."

"Master Yoda, we are trapped here and vastly outnumbered. We are in no position to go anywhere or do anything. Our support ships has all been destroyed."

"Send reinforcements to you, we will." Suddenly the hologram began to twitch as it lost transmission to the Jedi temple.

"Master Yoda! Master Yoda!" Obi-wan cried out before the hologram of Master Yoda disappeared.

"I guess we'll have to hold out a little longer." Anakin then looked at me. "And also... sort this Padawan situation!"

I sighed and rolled my eyes. "Ani, we just sorted it out already. I am your Padawan and Karri is assigned to Master Kenobi as his Padawan."

"B-But I didn't request one!" Anakin hissed at Master Kenobi.

"Well... Maybe my request had an error and requested two Padawans... Which resulted, you having to be assigned to one."

"T-This still doesn't make sense!" Anakin continued to whine.

"Enough, Anakin. We'll sort this out later. It won't be long before those droids figure out a way around our cannons." Master Kenobi said.

Anakin sighed as he turned away from us, "I'll check on Rex at the lookout post..."

"You'd better take her with you." Master Kenobi suggested which caused Anakin to stop at his tracks.

Anakin sighed deeply once again and slightly turned to me. "C'mon, Lina... Let's go."

I smiled as I tagged along with Anakin, being right by his side. "Well, master. You've always said that you wanted to keep your eye on me at all times. And now your wish has been granted!"

"Great..." Anakin mumbled.

~~Karri P.O.V~~

I slightly chuckled. "They're going to get along pretty well, Master Kenobi."

Master Kenobi smiled at me, "Yes, indeed." Just then, a Clone Commander walked up to Master Kenobi with his helmet by his side.

"Master Kenobi. The guns are all set and charged. The wounded have been cleared and recovering."

"Good job, Cody."

"Cody?" I questioned the Clone Commander's name.

I looked at the Clone Commander Cody and saw his eyes stared back at me with bewilderment. "Sir, who is she?"

"Ahh, Cody. This is my new Padwan that will be coming on missions and fighting alongside us for quite a while. Introduce yourself to Commander Cody, Karri."

I nodded to Master Kenobi and bowed to Commander Cody. "My name is Karri Shan. I am a Padawan learner and it is beyond belief to be fighting alongside with a Clone Commander with such a reputation."

"Reputation?" Commander Cody's expression was filled with more bewilderment.

"Yes. Your reputation with Master Kenobi. I have done research and read a lot about the 212th. I had prepared myself to know my Master's second in command before coming here. I wouldn't want to be presenting myself in front of my Master and his Commander without knowing how great they are."

Commander Cody let out a sheepish smile. "I didn't know my reputation precedes me... But thank you for the compliment, Commander... Star. I am grateful to be fighting alongside with you in the future." He saluted to me in respect.

I nodded with a smile, accepting his respect.

"Well, well, this introduction turned out better than I expected." Master Kenobi had his hands on our shoulders. "All right you two. It's time to plan out our next attack." So far so good.. Hopefully Lina behaves herself on this mission..

~~Lina P.O.V~~

A helmet-less blue-striped clone trooper turned around and began walking towards us. The clone's eyes stared into mine for a while and then, looked away as if he was shy to look at me. I looked at Rex in confusion. Is he all right?

"What's the status, Rex?" Anakin asked the clone named Rex.

His eyes set on Anakin. "Quiet now, sir. They're gearing up for another assault." Then Rex cleared his throat. "W-who is she, General Skywalker?"

I walked closer to Rex and bowed to him in respect. Rex's expression looked uneasy as he stared at me, carefully. "I am Lina Skywalker. Anakin Skywalker's younger sister and new Padawan."

"S-Sir, you have a sister?" Rex questioned with a confused expression on his face. "You never told me that you had a younger sister." Why does Rex sound so nervous? Aren't clones supposed to be more prim?

Anakin's eyes stared at Rex for a while and then put his hand on his shoulder. "May I have a word with you, Rex?"

Rex straighten up and nodded. "Of course sir."

Anakin turned his head to me with a gentle smile. "Be right back, Lina. You can look around here but stay near by."

I nodded to Anakin. "Okay."

~~Rex P.O.V~~

Lina Skywalker leaned against the rails of the building overviewing the battlefield.

"Come on, Rex." General Skywalker dragged me, quite forcefully. I blinked as I shook my head. Why am I so focused on her?

My eyes were no longer lingered on Lina. We stood inside the walls of the building where nobody was around. General Skywalker crossed his arms and his eyes were stern. Blast! Have he figured it out yet? Have he found out that I—

"So Rex." Anakin's voice started off calm, "What makes you seem so uneasy at this very moment?"

"What do you mean sir?"

"I mean, why are you so troubled lately ever since you saw my sister?" Blast... He figured me out already... I shouldn't be surprised. I have known and served under General Skywalker for a while.

"I have no idea what you are talking about, sir..." My voice began to trail off suddenly.

General Skywalker relaxed a bit. "Rex, you don't have to lie to me. I know there is at least something bothering you."

I frowned a little, feeling guilty to be lying to my own General. "All right." I said finally, "It's your sister. She is... just..."

"Just what, Rex?" His voice sounded calm but kind of anxious.

"It's just that she's beautiful..." I felt my face feeling hot.

General Skywalker smiled and let out a little chuckle. "So... You like my sister?"

"W-What? N-No sir! I can't. That's.. prohibited! I can never like a Jedi nor show affection for anyone. I swore an oath to the Republic. I cannot break my oath."

General Skywalker gazed at me with proud eyes but then blinked. "You're a loyal man, Rex. That's what I like about you." Then he took a deep breathe before he said, "But if you don't like my sister, then that's all you had to say... I would... Never mind... I don't think you would care—"

"No, General. What were you about to say?" I said, cutting him off.

General Skywalker let out a smirk. "You said you didn't like my sister, so it's irrelevant—"

"General I—" I hesitated a bit, after thinking what I was about to say. "I... do like her, sir. She's such as rare sight... I have never seen anybody as beautiful as her. I apologize, General Skywalker, for being insubordinate... It's just I had never felt any kind of feelings for anyone."

The smile on General Skywalker remained. He put his hand on my shoulder and looked around to see anyone nearby. "Here's the deal, Rex..." General Skywalker turned his head towards the doorway to see if Lina was still looking over the city and wasn't eavesdropping. Then he looked to me again. "I'm giving you permission to fall in love with my sister."

I stepped back in surprised. "W-What?!" Did I heard the General right? Am I actually dreaming? Is this some sort of trick?

General Skywalker placed his hands on his hips. "You heard me. I am giving you permission and I’m serious."

"But sir, isn't forbidden for a Jedi like her to form any attachments... She's a Jedi and I'm a clone—"

"It won't matter to her. She will follow her heart and if you're in it. Then she will do anything to be with the one she fall in love with... Which can be you."

"You mean she's willingly to break her code as I break my oath?" I said, whispering.

General Skywalker nodded. "Yes but this results having you both keeping your love a secret."

"A secret..." A secret... That's the only way.

"Yes a secret. It is the only way you will be with the person you love."

My eyes looked at Lina Skywalker and saw the profile of her face, looking very attractive. How can a person like her be so kriffing beautiful?

"Forming attachments is dangerous and risky... It may cause trouble. But it's worth it. Believe me."

"What if we get caught?" It's dangerous and risky... Just as General Skywalker stated.

"Then, don't get caught." He chuckled. "Do whatever you can to keep it secret. Don't be afraid to show how you feel to her."

"General Skywalker," I said, "why are you being so helpful in this kind of... situation?"

He shrugged, "I'm just trying to keep my Captain and sister happy, that's all. Come on, Rex. Lina will get suspicious on why we have been talking for so long." General Skywalker began walking towards Lina as Lina turned to meet her brother. He looked to me and gestured a hand to me. I followed my General's orders before glancing at Lina Skywalker again.

~~Lina P.O.V~~

I looked to Captain Rex and caught his glance, causing me to feel shy. His presences caused me to be like this...

Captain Rex came to us and stood tall in front of Anakin. "Yes, General."

"I want you to take a stroll around the perimeter and scout around the area. Also if you're going to be my Padawan, then us three will be serving together for quite a long period of time. So I suggest for you both to get to know each other."

I nodded to my brother. "Okay, Ani." I stood in front of Captain Rex as I smiled. "Let's go, Captain Rex."

Captain Rex nodded and began leading me out of the building, leaving Anakin on the balcony.

It was silent between us which created an intense awkwardness. I always thought clones were more open than I thought... Or is it just Captain Rex naturally shy? I think I should try to spark up a conversation.

"How should I address you, Captain Rex? Just Rex or Captain Rex? Or what?"

Captain Rex stared at me, sheepishly "E-Either name is fine." Rex hesitated to say something but eventually said it, "How should I address you?"

"Well..." I said, thinking, "Commander Skywalker seems too formal but I guess you can call me that."

"Too formal?"

I shrugged, "I guess it's too formal. I mean everyone addresses me that whenever I'm in battle."

"Then, I can give you a nickname. How about Lil' Skywalker? You are General Skywalker's younger sister. The name suits you well."

I blushed by the nickname he had given me. Usually I would get nicknames like Nuts, Reckless, and other ones that suits me but I don't usually like. This nickname is the only one that I love...

"I love that nickname and I would want you to be the only one to call me that. That's an order, Rex."

Rex averted his eyes from mines as I can tell he was shy to even look at me. Is he shy like this because he likes me? Is that why? If he does... Do I feel the same way?

"Understood, Lil' Skywalker." Rex accepted the order and then, his face looked confused again.

"What's troubling you, Rex?" I asked.

"You carry blasters?"

I looked at my blasters as we continued to walk. "Oh those. Yes, I use them, actually."

"I thought Jedi aren't supposed to use them or even carry them around."

"Well, the Jedi Order had made an exception for me to use them. I am the best sharp-shooter in the Jedi Order. I guess they don't want me to be rusty handling blasters." Jango Fett had trained me, well.

Rex chuckled. "Best sharp-shooter huh? One day, we should see which one of us is a better shot."

"I sense a challenge, Captain..." I joked.

"Challenge it is then."

"Then I accept..." I said, smiling at him as he did the same to me. He reminds me of Jango too much. I don't know if it's a bad or a good thing. I'm not too sure...


With each conversation sparking up, I slowly began falling for Rex. I don't know how it's possible for me to move on... Rex's humor has always made me laugh. And Rex reminded me of Jango Fett so much. I had met other clones, served along them for a while but I had never felt this kind of attachment before... Rex is the only one who is causing... me to fall in love with him — like I once did with Jango Fett.

"So Rex, if you're a captain and I'm a Jedi, then technically, I outrank you, right?"

"In my books, experience outranks everything." The way he thinks.. He reminds me of Jango... Even though he is the clone of Jango...

"Well, if experience outranks everything, then I guess I'd better start getting some..."

Rex chuckled. "As General Skywalker had said, we will be serving each other for a long period of time which means you'll be getting plenty of experience." And plenty of time spending with you...

I swallowed, feeling nervous and shy to be with Rex. I am getting more shy by the minute just by being with Rex. It's so hard to be with him, when I'm anxious if he even feel the same way with me. I'm not a person who falls for someone easily.

"Are you okay, Lil' Skywalker?" The nickname he calls me, sugarcoats my attraction for Rex even more.

"I'm fine, Rex. Just..." I sighed. "It's nothing." My affection for Jango Fett denies my feelings for Rex. I just can't love another. I don't want to go through the same pain again… What if Rex ends up like Jango... Dead? I can’t let that happen… I’m too afraid to love again.

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