Stellar Prey: Chapter Two

by Em Harriss

I collected as much data about him as I could while he stared at me. He was honestly beautiful. Slim, muscular, with an almost perfectly symmetrical face. Chocolate hair, blue eyes and a weak smile, not out of trite politeness, but with modesty. The surprise of it kept me still in my tracks. I guess I'll have to get used to that.

For a moment I forgot that he asked me a question and it made my answer stumble out of my lips. "I-yes, play what?" My eyes widened with quick regret. I can't ask him questions and the first thing that comes out of my stupid mouth. 

"I'm sorry, Mr. Farrow." My head sort of bowed as I said it. My hands started fidgeting. A bad habit that surfaces whenever I get nervous.

He looked at me confused for a few moments, a slight smile was forming at the edges of his lips. He then began to open his mouth to speak, but was interrupted by a small plump woman bursting through the doors, rattling the paintings along the hardwood walls.

"Excuse me, Sir, but it is obscenely late, may I get our guest to bed?" She asked, but instead of waiting for an answer she hurried over to my side and nudged me towards the door. "Come on girl, you can play tomorrow". She rolled her eyes. Then she turned to Mr. Farrow, "Goodnight, sir".

Mr. Farrow cleared his throat, swallowing whatever he was about to say. He nodded his head with his eyes still focused on me. My peripherals noticed him sitting down at his steel desk, then letting out a sigh that seemed to be building up.

The hallways were deep, and after many turns, I found myself in a large bedroom. The floor was marble and arranged in jagged patterns, the walls were silk, every table was glass and held an arrangement of wild flowers. A sudden feeling of envy rushed into me for never having been in a place this luxurious before. My eyes pursued every corner, throw pillow, and fine gold thread of the runners. I noticed that there aren't any windows in the room. That's odd, I thought.

"You look tired, girl", the woman said, eying me up and down. She tossed me something to sleep in and motioned me to get into bed. I followed her silent instruction. "Go to sleep immediately, you will have a long day tomorrow". She said, shutting the door behind her. Just like that, she was gone. Everyone seems so cheery around here, I chuckled to myself.

I climb into the large bed that sits high. The sheets grace my skin and wrap me in warmth. I drop my head into the pillow and let thoughts flood in. Especially of Mr. Farrow. I'm curious to get to know him more. I'm more curious about what exactly he'll use me for. My body starts to sink and my thoughts become visual. My body sinks deeper.

I suddenly woke up feeling strong hands shaking me. 

"W-What!? What is going on?" I shouted half asleep. I felt the strong hands move up to cover my mouth as I struggle.

"Shh!" The shadow whispered. "Will you be quiet, Miss Nine!?" The stranger continued to hold my mouth.

My vision was blurred, but his face came into focus. It was Mr. Farrow. It couldn't be, the darkness must have made my eyes see him.

But it was him. He removed his hand from my mouth and brought it to his mouth, signaling me to keep quiet. He whispered again, "Come with me".

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Stellar Prey: Chapter Two
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