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Steven Moffat To Write Series 10 Of Doctor Who

Series 5,6,7,8, 9 and now Series 10! Moffat to stay to do at least one more Series for Doctor Who.

According to a Wales Article, Steven Moffat has signed up for another yes another Series of Doctor Who. Steven Moffat took over as HeadWritier in 2010. He took over from Russell T Davies. Moffat has written Series 5 (2010), Series 6 (2011), Series 7a (2012), Series 7b (2013), Series 8 (2014) and Series 9 (to air this year) for Doctor Who.

Moffat has been in charge of the 11th and 12th Doctor and is responsible for the War Doctor.

In an interview in a Wales Article, they finished the article off with this:

"Having just signed up for another year of Doctor Who, and with the ongoing success of Sherlock, Moffat’s place in the Tardis of broadcasting in Wales looks secure. And for that, we really can be very grateful.”

Obviously Moffat himself or the BBC have confirmed this yet. It is unlikely that Moffat will be leaving after Series 9 as he has said that he isn't running out of ideas. In the latest edition of the Doctor Who Magazine he hasn't indicated anything as such of a departure from the show.

Series 10 will see the New Who Series turn to double digits. So hopefully it's gonna be a whopper.

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Steven Moffat To Write Series 10 Of Doctor Who
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