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Straight Talk About the Annunaki

The Annunaki

As the oldest civilization on record, the ancient Sumerians gave us models for future civilizations on this planet. The Earth we know came to be from a collision with the planet Niburu, and the planet Tiamat over 450,000 years ago, which caused Tiamat to break in half, also causing a moon of Niburu to hit another half of the new planet now called Earth. Ancient legends also speak of a race of giants that walked the earth, Goliath being one such giant referred to in the Bible. Sumerian deities included Anu and Ki, which is where the name Annunaki came from. The giants were also called Nephilim who slept with the women of earth, creating a hybrid race.

The Annunaki wanted to mine natural minerals on Earth along with gold and other metals of value. Ancient Sumer was constructed with the guidance of the Annunaki. The Annuaki were not all fun and games on Earth, as they were warring within their ranks. Zecharia Sitchin thought the fall of Ur was from 2024 B.C. to 2000 B.C. The current research on the Annunaki is a matter of hot debate.

The Annunaki were the original enslavers of the human race. They were here to help themselves to gold as well as other valuable metals. They might be coming back to try to enslave us again or they might have outgrown the need for slaves and war along with the rest of the galaxy. What it is really like out there, is that people get around from planet to planet. If there are as many stars in the Milky Way as scientists have guessed exist, then there are civilizations orbiting those stars, some with similarities to our planet. The Galactic Federation really does bomb violent races who want to conquer back to the stone age. Earth is exempt from this because of the high starseed population, which are attempting to make changes on the planet.

Earth has a chance still. Sometimes it may be a matter of changing the way things are on the planet that gets us saved from extinction. The secret space program exists, and I have to ask if we have weapons on those ships. We obviously have warp drive; we even have breakaway civilizations hiding out on this planet, some below the surface, or hidden in bodies of water. The Annunaki have their planet; we have ours. They might have left us alone so we could develop ourselves or they have influenced our development.

Nobody really knows the true intent of the Annunaki in modern times. Or other ET races for that matter. We know they observe us because we are vulnerable right now. The human race is evolving. Donald Trump could very well get removed from office soon enough after the 12th when he gets his physical. He is a test. Can the human race band together and ask for something better? Can we expel Paul Ryan, and Mike Pence as well, considering what they are doing in not upholding the law? That is our test, for the human race, since there is evidence of Russian collusion with Trump. First contact and disclosure may happen when we depose the current leadership. But then again, it may not. There is much injustice and violence on this planet in the present. We have to clean it up. The television series of Ancient Aliens teaches that the Middle East is influenced to be a hot spot deliberately. They are messing with us from a distance in the present day. Contact is taken care of by high ranking military but eventually they are going to mingle with the population freely. Many ET races want to walk on earth someday. The Breakaway civilizations limit their contact too. Someday we will have first contact soon enough. 

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Straight Talk About the Annunaki
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