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Flash fiction short

A journey through time and space for the human race.


A sweltering hot July, to the west of 'Groom Lake Nevada.' At the Buring science and technology facility. Dr Allen Buring turned the dial to One thousand Electrorays. Three hundred more than the previous test attempts. This time he hoped for the total distance and not drop short, a catastrophe for a manned journey. His calculations were set. There was no room for error now.

After 15 years of working on the 'Podstream,' a piece of technology that could manipulate time and space, it was now ready. It's components remained stable from the previous unmanned tests. The doctor had finally stabilized the variants on the space time continuum. Their destination 1,200 light years from the Sun, Mintaka. He had made contact twice before, signals he had come to understand. His manic Einstein theories convinced him that this journey was inevitable.

Mintaka, the westernmost point of the three stars of Orion's belt, is one of the brightest stars in the sky, that's where they were, the others. A highly evolved species, capable of unimaginable feats. They had been here before, Egypt 2700 BC.  Adjusting the earth's magnetosphere. The Doctor had made a radical discovery on the 'Orion correlation theory' which enlightened him to construct the Podstream. If he was right, it was our only hope to ask our forefathers to help us from the imminent disaster our planet was about to succumb. No terrestrial technology could evade this dark event. The Doctors hypothesis led him to believe that this experiment was viable.

"Hold on Kaleb, were gonna increase the "STREAM." Shouted the Doc anxiously, hobbling to and from an array of control panels.

"Ok, try not to fry my hair this time." Replied Kaleb, Comically sarcastic as he stood naked inside the pod. The Doctor tilted his glasses and smirked at Kaleb's nonchalant comment. Kaleb Austin, the Doctor's assistant was chosen from the many of applicants that applied for the 'Special Relativity program.' A bulk of a man muscular and ripped. He pressed both hands on the interior of the pods walls, his feet astride creating a star position. 'The cerebral memory fibre,' containing the doctors reports, detached from Kaleb's cranium. The vibration of the pod caused his teeth to clatter.

"I'm gonna reduce the backstream pressure, minimizing multiple Space-Time Ripples, so your lift will keep you on a straight path, stopping the chance of side sliding inside the time cylinder." Said the Doc, manically turning and twisting buttons on the control panel hub.

"Whatever ya say Doc." Replied Kaleb, his voice barely audible, as he focused himself inside the pod.

The Doc hit the 'TIMESTREAM' switch.

With a blinding flash inside the pod and an intense humming sound, Kaleb's molecular physical presence evaporated into time and space. The Doc was knocked to the floor from the electromagnetic pulse that quickly emanated from the pod's structure. He struggled, reaching for his cane. The Doc wobbled upright and swiftly pushed the fail safe switch. He removed his ear defenders and made his way over to the pod. The Doc used his cane to chip away at the ice covering the front panel opening mechanism. The pod's door opened with a sliding motion as the Doc placed his hand on the scanner. It was a perfect transition, the pod was empty and clear of debris. Previous tests with the primates had been devastating. shuffling back to the hub, the Doc checked the monitor on Kaleb's trajectory. All seemed fine, he would now wait.

One year for Kaleb in the 'STREAM.'  One hour for the Doctor in the lab. Mankind rested on Kaleb's actions. The Doc was sure the numbers were right, he prayed to god they were right.

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