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Study Says That the Top 2% of Intelligent People Share the Same Article on Social Media.

Is it mere coincidence? Study says no.

Mike Study, of Mooresville, Alabama, and Mind Unleashed subscriber, released his results of a two-second observation he made on Facebook today. He claimed that only the most intelligent share the same article - this one. This article that you are reading right now. Yes... This. 

"We're all geniuses, all the information is right here — this headline." Study said, who dropped out of high school in 11th grade and has no formal education in science.

He went on to say that the following information is true as long as you believe it and have a pure heart... or give enough money to the author of this blog. 

"The cosmos is bursting with supercharged waveforms and the government is using chemtrails for mind control.

This life is nothing short of a blossoming metamorphosis of sublime interconnectedness. Fluoride-free living is the nature of serenity, and of us. Have a refreshing Colloidal Silver today. If you follow my five-step program, you will never have to consume materials from this world for food like primates. I get all of my nourishment from adderal. 

It is time to take potential to the next level and get rid of GMOs. Hillary Clinton is a shape-shifting succubus. 

Hope requires exploration of everything on the internet, but we don't have to read past the headlines. It's all there. We exist as pulses in an omniverse. Nothing is impossible — all you have to do is believe it. I have transcended bathing. 

We think. We vibrate. We are reborn. By flowering, we believe. You and I are seekers of the dreamscape. The dreamscape is found in EBM music. Marijuana cures cancer. Bigfoot is real. 

The planet is calling to you via expanding wave functions, and the universe is calling you via vibrating metaphysical love. Can you hear it? You must answer. Pick up the celestial phone. Answer the call, say "hello" ... to yourself. 

Although you may not realize it, you are psychic. Yes, you do understand metaphysics and quantum mechanics, simply because you believe you do. Unleash the power inside your mind, unleash the love inside your heart, and unleash your opinion about 911 Truth while you're stoned. FEMA controls the weather.

Our conversations with other adventurers have led to an ennobling of ultra-unified, ultra-conscientious consciousness. Think about it. I didn't. 

Today, science tells us that the essence of nature is whatever you think it is. The goal of atomic ionization is to plant the seeds of purpose rather than selfishness. Rebirth is a constant. Rebirth is a necessity. Re: birth certificate of Obama. 

Have you found your quest? If not, you may be experiencing Autism. Can you shed your diseases? Can you shed your psychological ailments? Can you shed your skin? 

All you have to do is whisper the names of your troubles into a potato. Plant that potato and when it grows to five-feet-high, cut it down and burn it during a blood moon. All your problems will float away to the heavens and beyond the heavens into the stars and past your dreams into the stars of the astral plane. 

Eons from now, we dreamers will heal like never before and have no need for the GPS microchips hidden inside of immunizations. We are reborn by the infinite reinforcement of our own validation within a logical cycle. The current of fulfillment is now happening worldwide. The person behind you is a Reptilian. We are being called to explore the nexus itself as an interface between rebirth and intuition. Donald Trump's hair is a brain sucking alien parasite named Covfefe.

Find me there, on the other side. Real eyes realize real lies for real, guys."

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Study Says That the Top 2% of Intelligent People Share the Same Article on Social Media.
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