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Suryanyx: The Beginning

An Introduction Into the World

In the early days of Suryanyx, the world was encased in chaotic darkness. This time is now known today as the era of Labrina, the Mistress of Chaos. The world morphed to the dark goddess's every whim, and during her reign many things that made up the world came into being. The black seas, the dark forests, and creatures of all shapes and sizes. Anything and everything that would fulfill her decedent fancies.

Labrina's creatures started out simple enough. Bats, spiders, and snakes. However, these creatures were simple, and therefore simple minded. They did not recognize Labrina as their creator. Yearning for the worship gods of other worlds had, Labrina created the first Hags, harpies, and Naga that filled the forests. For her most devoted followers, Labrina bestowed upon them gifts of power, thus creating a hierarchy among her creations. The Night Mother, coven leader of the Hags, The Avendara, the nest mother of the Harpies, and The Spirit Naga, the spiritual leader of the Naga.

More and more creatures would be added to Labrina's world, and after a few centuries, the dark goddess was pleased with the world she created. So pleased that one day she visited it in a material form. During her visit she traversed her world in the form of a large spider. She traveled far and wide, bringing her to places she both loved and loathed. The last venue of of her odyssey being the first forest she ever created, and deep in that forest, the first tree of Suryanyx. It was a disheartening surprise to Labrina when she saw the elder tree was dying. In her spider form, Labrina crawled up and down the tree, and gazed longingly at it from the ground. It was in this very gaze, the long looks into the tree's gnarled bark, that Labrina would find the inspiration to her single most greatest creation.

Manifesting her top half into what is now regarded as a human form, Labrina set to work whittling the shape she saw. For four nights Labrina worked until she finally formed the idol into the appropriate shape. Then after weaving a web infused with her magic, Labrina spun the idol into it and waited. Decades passed until Labrina unspun the former idol from her web, and out fell out the first of the Drow. The creation was equal parts dark as it was beautiful, and Labrina could feel the potential that this creation possessed. Her final gift to this creature was the ability to procreate.

Generations passed, and the Drow morphed and adapted to the world around them. Some acquiring masculine physique, while others took on one more lithe. The first of the Drow, who was now named Pan, would go on to leave his children and recluse himself into the first forest. Despite the leaving of Pan, the Drow continued to worship Labrina and live out their lives for generation and generations. Little changed in this time, until the day light came to Suryanyx. The Day of First Sun.

On this day light shined upon Suryanyx for the first time, hence changing it drastically. A vast majority of the Drow died in the light while others fled into the darkest recesses of the forests, abandoning their birthing pods, the way in which they reproduced. However, not all the pods perished in the light. Those who were born in shaded forests took on a brown and tan color, representative of the bark on the trees within the forests of which they were born. These elves would become the nowadays Wood Elves. Other pods were born in the full shine of the sunlight, this heritage showing in their gold skin. These beings would go on to be the Sun Elves.

Labrina, enraged by these trespassers of the forsaken light, implored her ancient creations to cast them out. To wipe them from the face of Suryanyx. Decades came and went, and the children of the light struggled against the forces of the dark. The only reprieve coming from the fact that the days were long, and the nights short. Therefore Labrina's creations only had short periods of fighting before they would have to return to their dark nests. This however, was of little solace. The number of those that lived in the sun were little to begin with, and their children took long to grow. It would not have long before they were driven to extinction.

Then one day, an elf by the name of Erumillien Beridan came up with the answer. He took a Sun Elf birthing pod, and split it into seven parts. Then, after sharing his idea with the leader of the Wood Elves, he took one of their birthing pods and split it too into seven pieces. Erumillien would then fuse the seven pieces of the sun pod with the seven pieces of the wood pod. There was something missing though. Ambition, and there was not a race more ambitious than the Drow.

Traveling far to the south west corner of the continent that would go on to be Peloran, Erumillien traversed into the First Forest. The Forest of Pan. After a few days travel, Erumillien found the ancient elf. His shape much different from the elves of the day. Pan had hooves upon his feet, and long curved horns that came from the sides of his head. His eyes were black pools in his skull which contrasted heavily with his pale skin and hair. Erumillien discussed his idea to the elder Drow, and to his surprise, Pan was willing to help. Though, he would not share his reasoning.

Cutting a small piece from a Drow birthing pod, Erumillien returned to his home. Cutting that small piece into seven parts, the Sun Elf implanted the final part into his creation. After just nine months, seven infants sprouted from the mutated pods. The infants did not take long to grow, and after just twenty- one years, they were fully mature. The first humans of Suryanyx.

Humans quickly became a huge bolster into the Sun army. They equalized the battlefield, and before long the war came to an utter stalemate. That was until one day a woman heard a voice that spoke to her and her alone. The voice taught the woman, Terra, secrets that were held in the natural magic that blended the light and the world's energy together. It taught her how to tap into this energy, and it showed her how to use it to heal. Terra would spread the voice's teachings to a few select people of whom she trusted. When they asked her where she learned this magic, Terra was stricken with the name of the voice. Lavendor.

The wounded were healed much quicker, and therefore more were able to return to the battlefield. The Sun army was filled with new vigor, and was able to drive Labrina's forced back. In the final battle, the Sun army was even able to expunge Labrina from Suryanyx, effectively ending the long war.

Terra was regarded as a hero and was given the title of "The Saint." After the war ended, Saint Terra began the first "Pilgrimage of Compassion" healing the sick, feeding the hungry, and doing what she could, where she could. This would set the precedent for the Saints that would come after her following death, and the world was formed in the light of her love and Lavendor's teachings. 

Today Suryanyx is a bustling wold, with the continent of Peloran being the centerfold of the world's magnificence.