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The future of artificial intelligence.

Damien Justus17 days ago
Using Machine Learning to Improve
How Artificial Intelligence Changes Everything
How Will Driverless Cars Change Our Means of Transportation
The idea of having a computer or A.I. driving people around is something that the majority of people in 2019 are still having doubts about when it comes up. However, this futuristic concept is inevita...
Linda Paul2 months ago
The World of Indie
What if... in the not so far future, the scientists of the world gathered together and created the most sophisticated artificial intelligence being that has ever existed? And, what if... that "robot" ...
Jeff Taylor2 months ago
Sentience Law
I am a human. I live in a physical world of matter, both visible, invisible and undetectable. However, humans have created a new thing. A meta-data universe. Now, technically we are all meta-data anyw...
James Killmer2 months ago
Artificial Intelligence
The year is 2050. The room is quiet. In the center is an object shaped as a sphere, which emits faint rays of light and a humming sound. As I approach the sphere, which I have called AIM-E (Artificial...
Matt Swayne3 months ago
Quantum AI's Digital Rainmaker?
If quantum AI is the Silk Road that will one day connect the power of quantum computing with solutions to some of the most important problems and biggest opportunities of the day, then evaluating grad...
Marianna Draws3 months ago
Man vs. Machine: Brains in Danger
We live in a world where automation and human-like robotics have become common in the business community performing data-heavy tasks in milliseconds. Thanks to AI, people can monitor their health and ...
Flora Mayer4 months ago
Software Translators as a Threat to Human Translators
Machines are incapable of understanding the meaning of anything, and they, therefore, give the translation without a meaning!
Paul Levinson5 months ago
'Golem,' 'Frankenstein,' 'Westworld'
I talk about the evolution of the artificial being at the New York City College of Technology, CUNY, 27 November 2018.
Singster Jones 5 months ago
The Director
I don't remember the time before the Director was born. He controls our life, our conversations, our work, everything. You can't breathe without the Director knowing. He's like God, he's f****** every...
Stefan Ateljevic6 months ago
How AI Will Improve Our Lives in the near Future
Artificial intelligence is taking the world by storm. If you spend only one day on the Internet, you’ll come across some basic forms of AI, like voice search, autocomplete, chatbots, and many others. ...
Hannah Kannady6 months ago
Ridley Scott's Androids
We’ve all heard of robots, but have you ever thought of androids? What I mean by that is something that looks and acts completely human, but is in fact a machine underneath. Some examples that come to...
Audrey Walters8 months ago
The Future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the Human Race
I do believe that AI can lead to a positive future for humanity—and not necessarily end up like a cliché horror movie from Hollywood. There are many benefits and marketing ideas for AI that can help m...
Johann Hollar9 months ago
Flesh to Metal
I am well aware of the Cyber Initiative based on the Mortal Kombat game seen above. I am also aware that in the series it was taken down by Sub-Zero. But I am not here to discuss the fictitious world ...
Sophie Ross9 months ago
What Happens if AI Doesn’t Live Up to the Hype?
Popular opinion has it that artificial intelligence is the future—machine learning has delivered some groundbreaking technologies in the hands of the human race that will change the way people live, w...
Jackie Barrows9 months ago
Our Possible Future with Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence has been in a state of major advancement and growth most especially over the last decade. Some of these latest advancements include concepts such as IoT (Internet of Things), w...
Marcus Azaria10 months ago
Will It Be Possible?
There is never telling what's in store for future discoveries, so we need big thinkers. Before electricity, people never would have thought of what we could be doing now. I've read things about wirele...
Sherie Raymond10 months ago
E-Commerce Brands Should Pay Attention to Artificial Intelligence
There is no doubting that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other advances in technology such as virtual reality are taking a grip on the marketing world. They are taking it by storm. These technology ...