Celestial objects and the phenomena that surrounds them. What lies above the earth forever out of reach. From moons, to stars, galaxies, and beyond.

Tractor Talks2 days ago
Earth Signs (August Energy Readings)
What is it that you believe in, Taurus? Can you stand firm to it? These may have been things you reeled over in July and it serves you right! You are always so stuck on what is comfortable, but yet yo...
Tractor Talks3 days ago
Air Signs (August Energy Reading)
Cancer Season was so scarily brutal right? There were breakups, isolation, loneliness, and a feeling of just not wanting to really speak. Yes, we were scared straight but it was needed because we were...
Tractor Talks3 days ago
Water Signs (August Energy Reading)
That was brutal right? How great was it to spend your birthday in the middle of an astrological storm, and then on top of that, the most intense one we've had in years. A lot of us crabs (Cancer moon ...
Kaitlyn Maura4 days ago
Show Me What Love Is: August 2019s Full Moon in Aquarius
On Thursday, August 15, there will be a Full Moon at 22’24 degrees of the sign Aquarius. With close aspects to Venus and Mars, this Full Moon is bound to be a very passionate one.
Kaitlyn Maura7 days ago
Surrendipity: Jupiter Direct & Uranus Retrograde on August 11th
August 11th is going to be a busy day astrologically. First, Jupiter, which has been retrograde throughout the last four months in its home sign of Sagittarius, will station direct. Then, Mercury, now...
J M Hunter10 days ago
What I Learned when I Joined a Flat Earth Society Group
People living in the 13th century held some decidedly incredible beliefs. From believing that leeches cured every known medical condition to the terrifying practice of necromancy; or the downright biz...
Shari Malin11 days ago
Daily Tarot Reading 08072019
What does today hold for you?
Tractor Talks11 days ago
Fire Signs (August Energy Readings)
Leos, mainly most of Cancer season, felt the urge to act impulsively but with good intentions. Thing is, everyone was too busy complaining, crying, being MIA, boo-ed up or just straight up isolating t...
Shari Malin11 days ago
Daily Tarot Reading 08062019
What is today's potential?
Kandii Kiss14 days ago
Protecting Your Energy During a Mercury Retrograde
Normally during Mercury retrograde, you feel sluggish, make bad decisions, jump to conclusions, have communication issues, have trouble in your love life, and so many other negative effects. Until you...
Lady Sunday17 days ago
The Moon
The Aztec's discovered the ancient Mesoamerican city Teotihuacan, or "City of the Gods," in the 1300s. It had already been abandoned by its inhabitants but had early irrigation systems and obsidian de...
Nancy D21 days ago
Galaxies: Ours and Beyond
When you look up at the night sky, would you believe me if I told you that you are looking at only our Galaxy? The Milky Way Galaxy. Our Sun and all of the other stars that are visible to us are part ...
Divine Dynasty21 days ago
17 Simple Tarot Tips Every Beginner Should Know
Ready to start your tarot journey? Learn the easy way to read Tarot cards intuitively by starting with the basics. Before you learn to master the art of tarot card reading, you must be knowledgeable o...
Nancy D22 days ago
The Lost Art of Astronomy: A Disconnection with the Stars?
Before the common use of electricity, there was little that would hide our view of the night sky. It has been a part of history for many people to draw and record the positions of the stars. Many peop...
Kaitlyn Maura23 days ago
Listen to Your Heart: July 2019's New Moon in Leo
On July 31, the same day that Mercury in Cancer stations direct, there will be a New Moon at 8'36 degrees Leo, increasing our confidence and creative abilities. This New Moon will be exact at 11:11 PM...
Kaitlyn Mauraa month ago
ELOVation: July 2019s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn
On Tuesday, July 16, only two weeks after the Solar Eclipse in Cancer, there will be another eclipse. This time, a Lunar Eclipse, at 24'04 degrees of the ambitious, social-climbing, sign of Capricorn....
Kaitlyn Mauraa month ago
Killing the Ego: What to Expect When Mercury Goes Retrograde this July
On Sunday, July 7th, Mercury will go retrograde at 4 degrees Leo, before heading backwards into the sign of Cancer, where it will station direct at 23'56 degrees on Wednesday July 31st. Here's what to...
Tractor Talksa month ago
Scorpio (July Energy Reading)
The creepy crawlers have returned and appeared underneath your skin, but you don't scratch, you don't fret, you accept. The reflection for you guys has been super real, like seriously, all of the Scor...