Celestial objects and the phenomena that surrounds them. What lies above the earth forever out of reach. From moons, to stars, galaxies, and beyond.

Sarah Kimber6 days ago
What You Need to Know About Venus Retrograde in Scorpio
It’s that time of year again, when our deepest desires and romantic inhibitions are brought to the forefront for Venus’ forty-two days of retrograde. This particular planetary retrograde is known for ...
Kaitlyn Maura8 days ago
Kindness as a Strength: 2018s New Moon in Libra
The 2018 October New Moon will occur on Monday, October 8th at 11:46 PM EDT at 15'48 degrees Libra. New Moons represent the beginning of the lunar cycle, when the Moon is conjunct the Sun and invisibl...
Kristin Wilson10 days ago
Beginner's Survival Guide To The 2018 Venus Retrograde
The much revered Venus retrograde has finally begun. You can already find a plethora of articles and information explaining in entirety the feared aspects of this retrograde; but fear based thinking i...
Kaitlyn Maura16 days ago
A Taste of Temptation, A Test of Trust: What to Expect When Venus Goes Retrograde This Fall
On October 5th, Venus will be stationing retrograde at 10'50 degrees Scorpio. This goddess of love will be making her way back into Libra where on November 15th, she will station direct at 25'14 degre...
Shawntelle Moncy19 days ago
How the Moon Affects Us
There is an energy within us that is difficult to be proven or explained. It has been attempted to be solved by Einstein but he never came to a mathematical conclusion and it is still a concept of stu...
Infinite Lovea month ago
The Ultimate Guide to the Astrological Sign Capricorn
Learn the characteristics and everything you need to know about the sun sign Capricorn.
Infinite Lovea month ago
The Ultimate Guide of the Astrological Sign Libra
Learn the characteristics and everything you need to know about the sun sign Libra.
Pluto Fizza month ago
Invalid Reasons Why People Don’t Believe in Astrology
It is very common for people to misjudge astrology, completely dismiss it and push it aside like a foreign concept. It’s often perceived as a subject for the spiritual and gullible, but that is not th...
Cro .a month ago
Natal Venus Retrograde
Most of the time when I see posts about natal Venus retrograde, they say stuff like “has a hard time expressing affection, they have a lot of trouble in relationships” and while this is true, it’s cer...
Infinite Lovea month ago
The Ultimate Guide of the Sign Taurus
Learn the characteristics and everything you need to know about the sun sign Taurus.
Lady Sunday2 months ago
Uranus in Taurus
God of the Sky, Uranus The seventh rock from our sun is Uranus. It was first discovered in 1781 by astronomer William Herschel, with the aid of his telescope. Believing it to be a comet or meteor, Her...
Infinite Love2 months ago
The Complete Guide: Earth's Four Elements & The Astrological Connection
Everyone is born with one of four elements upon entering the world. The four elements relating to each person's astrological sign is known as fire, air, earth and water. They tend to each reflect diff...
Infinite Love2 months ago
The Basics of the Astrological Chart Rules
Astrology is not as complex as one may think. If you know the basics you will understand yourself and those around you tens times better! Astrology basics teaches that each sign is comprised of each o...
Infinite Love2 months ago
The Ultimate Guide: The Influence of Earth's Elements and Qualities
Did you know that Astrology correlates to the four seasons? Each sign corresponds to the four elements, and lasts three months in each element. Each of these three-month-long seasons consists of a beg...
Infinite Love2 months ago
The Basic Meaning of the Astrological Houses
In understanding the basics of astrology, you will see that it involves studying the ever-changing pattern of the planets and stars in relation to the human experience. It is common that most people k...
Lawless Lane2 months ago
The Soul's Temperature
Every 1 in 20 people is born an empath. Every empath was born with at least one gift for directly experiencing and sharing the energy of another person. Empaths are also born with particular gifts or ...
Tayla Korn3 months ago
Zodiac Signs
Zodiac Signs, the beauty of having the stars sum you up in so little words. It’s great to use for compatibility, for likeability, for a glimpse in time. Until it’s not. Let me start off by saying I am...
Lady Sunday3 months ago
The MeerKAT Telescope
Earth now has the clearest images of the black hole at the center of our galaxy thanks to The MeerKAT Telescope, South Africa’s new super telescope! Originally the Karoo Array Telescope (KAT), the Mee...