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Kaitlyn Maura5 days ago
Friends and Enemies: December 2018's New Moon in Sagittarius
The New Moon will occur on December 7, 2018 at 15’07 degrees Sagittarius. New Moons are a time for fresh starts and new beginnings. If you were looking to make a radical change in your life, or even j...
Kaitlyn Maura9 days ago
How Jupiter in Sagittarius Will Affect Your Sign
On Thursday, November 8th, Jupiter left the sign of Scorpio where it had been for about 13 months and entered it's home sign of Sagittarius, where it will be until December 3rd, 2019. Yes, my article ...
Kaitlyn Maura20 days ago
Differences at the Dinner Table: What to Expect from November 2018's Full Moon in Gemini
On Friday, November 23rd, at 12:39 AM EST, we will have a full moon in the sign of Gemini. This full moon comes just in time for Thanksgiving, as it takes place precisely on Thanksgiving night. While ...
Kaitlyn Maura23 days ago
Blinded by Belief: What to Expect When Mercury Goes Retrograde This November
On November 16th, at 5:50 AM, Venus will turn direct in the goddess’s home sign of Libra, at 25 degrees, helping us find clarity in our relationships, and move forward with what the retrograde taught ...
Kaitlyn Maura24 days ago
How the North Node in Cancer Will Affect Your Sign
On November 7th, after over a year of being in the signs of Leo and Aquarius, the North and South Nodes of the Moon will be moving into the signs of Cancer and Capricorn, respectively. The Nodes will ...
Kaitlyn Mauraa month ago
Becoming the Best Version of Ourselves: 2018s New Moon in Scorpio
On Wednesday, November 7, at 11:01 AM EST, we will have another New Moon. This time, in the sign intense and intuitive sign of Scorpio. This New Moon coincides with so many other important aspects, th...
Kaitlyn Maura2 months ago
Expect the Unexpected: October 2018's Full Moon in Taurus
This month's full moon will take place on October 24th at 12:45 PM EST at 1'13 degrees Taurus. How will it affect you?
Kirby 2 months ago
The Poor Astronomer
The most interesting thing about the universe is how easy it is to ignore. Things like the fact that the moon is tidal locked to the Earth, and consequently the same side of the moon always faces us. ...
Sarah Kimber2 months ago
What You Need to Know About Venus Retrograde in Scorpio
It’s that time of year again, when our deepest desires and romantic inhibitions are brought to the forefront for Venus’ forty-two days of retrograde. This particular planetary retrograde is known for ...
Kaitlyn Maura2 months ago
Kindness as a Strength: 2018s New Moon in Libra
The 2018 October New Moon will occur on Monday, October 8th at 11:46 PM EDT at 15'48 degrees Libra. New Moons represent the beginning of the lunar cycle, when the Moon is conjunct the Sun and invisibl...
Kristin Wilson2 months ago
Beginner's Survival Guide To The 2018 Venus Retrograde
The much revered Venus retrograde has finally begun. You can already find a plethora of articles and information explaining in entirety the feared aspects of this retrograde; but fear based thinking i...
Kaitlyn Maura2 months ago
A Taste of Temptation, A Test of Trust: What to Expect When Venus Goes Retrograde This Fall
On October 5th, Venus will be stationing retrograde at 10'50 degrees Scorpio. This goddess of love will be making her way back into Libra where on November 15th, she will station direct at 25'14 degre...
Shawntelle Moncy2 months ago
How the Moon Affects Us
There is an energy within us that is difficult to be proven or explained. It has been attempted to be solved by Einstein but he never came to a mathematical conclusion and it is still a concept of stu...
Infinite Love3 months ago
The Ultimate Guide to the Astrological Sign Capricorn
Learn the characteristics and everything you need to know about the sun sign Capricorn.
Infinite Love3 months ago
The Ultimate Guide of the Astrological Sign Libra
Learn the characteristics and everything you need to know about the sun sign Libra.
Pluto Fizz3 months ago
Invalid Reasons Why People Don’t Believe in Astrology
It is very common for people to misjudge astrology, completely dismiss it and push it aside like a foreign concept. It’s often perceived as a subject for the spiritual and gullible, but that is not th...
Cro .3 months ago
Natal Venus Retrograde
Most of the time when I see posts about natal Venus retrograde, they say stuff like “has a hard time expressing affection, they have a lot of trouble in relationships” and while this is true, it’s cer...
Infinite Love3 months ago
The Ultimate Guide of the Sign Taurus
Learn the characteristics and everything you need to know about the sun sign Taurus.