Speculation, theory, UFOs and Aliens. Are we alone in this universe or is there life outside Earth?

Crystal Caraway12 days ago
Conversations with an Alien
I came across a video I found on Youtube that caught my attention right away. I am a firm believer that there is another world outside of our world and possibly many more. Does this mean my faith is questioned? No, I still do believe in God very much, but I think that there is life among ours as well. After coming across this video, I found it very disturbing and somewhat realistic at the same time. The interview states events that will happen when you die and how death doesn't exist which, in t...
I was being led through a long silver hallway. It was like I was sleepwalking. I had no control over my body. The floor felt cold beneath my bare feet as my body moved farther down the corridor. My fo...
Katie Moon2 months ago
Traveling On the New Age Train
It has been 15 years. At my age ( 43 ) that time can seem like the blink of an eye, and yet I remember being an age where the future seemed stretched out, and I was invincible. I was married to my fir...
Zachary Bellrose2 months ago
Colour of City
Welcome back! Picking up from where we left off, we begin with the end of Alulim's reign and exile onto the dustball we know and love today, Mars! Shortly after this, management of Eridu is transferre...
G.F. Brynn2 months ago
Alex the Inventor - Chapter 2
Read Books 1 & 2 at: Deep Sky Stories
Kevin McClintock2 months ago
Soccer for Martians
Two opposing parties attempt to rid itself of a loathsome creature by stunning it and storing it in a net controlled by the opposing party. The ferocity and eagerness with which feet are used to deal ...
Rowan Marley2 months ago
What Would Aliens Really Look Like?
Society has become totally obsessed with the search for alien life. The media is filled to the brim with stories about alien abductions, sightings of strange crafts, as well as stories about alien inv...
Clayton D. Moss3 months ago
Past Mistakes
An ordinary day on Earth in the not too distant future. The sun rose. Birds chirped. Waves crashed. Trees swayed. People drove to work. Just like every other day. But in the afternoon, something occur...
G.F. Brynn3 months ago
Alex The Inventor - (Chapter 1/ Remaining Part)
Book 1 and Book 2 can be read at Deep Sky Stories
Kelly Hawks3 months ago
Do Aliens Walk Among Us?
Given all we know about the vastness of outer space, to think that humans are the only technologically advanced species in the universe is illogical, especially when you take into account that there a...
Aaron Loftin3 months ago
Historiography of the Belief of the Possible Existence of Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life
The purpose of this article is to gain a holistic and semi-comprehensive understanding of the history of the belief that there is intelligent life on planets other than Earth. The literature that covers this subject will include civilian, governmental, scientific, and media presentations of advanced extraterrestrials and their technologies such as Unidentified Flying Objects or Unexplained Aerial Phenomenon. It will also include parts of the Ancient Astronaut Theory as points of discussion, agre...
daniel morris3 months ago
Kyoto Protocol
A mysterious signal radically shifts the destiny of an entire world...
Zachary Bellrose3 months ago
Time Immemorial
Welcome back! As the last article stated we would be basically be reviewing and providing perspective while applying common sense in chronological order to these vast ancient texts spanning over the v...
Silent Faces of a Gray World
“What do you suppose it is?” asked En as she looked upon the strange shape that lay before them. “I don't know. Perhaps some sort of idol of worship?” Bra said. “Worship? Why would anyone worship some...
Robert Lamb3 months ago
Why Didn't Ancient Aliens Probe Human Anuses?
Have alien abduction experiences become a thing of the past—a mere footnote of 20th-century mythology? It depends on who you ask. Skeptics point to the seeming decrease in reports and the near ubiquitous use of camera phones. Meanwhile, as reported in the Boston Globe, some UFO researchers argue these accounts still make the rounds, but do so within the echo chamber of devoted online communities. You’re stuck in your own socio-political social media bubble, the argument goes, and abductees are d...
Shahram Farshadfar3 months ago
Extraterrestrial Communication
The fractured body of an unconscious man admitted to the E.R. was identified as Marduk Murdoch. The thirty-three-year-old was involved in a collision. He was transferred from an urgent care in the sub...
daniel morris3 months ago
Dark System 2
After a short recovery, three of the Erickson's crew must brave the elements of Niflheim to find a permanent colony, little do they know, the cold is not the most dangerous thing on this frigid ball.....
Zachary Bellrose3 months ago
Anunnaki & Neteru
If you like sci-fi, time & space, Star Wars, Star Trek, and aliens, then welcome to some of the most informative, to-the-point perspective about our alien-history as a species on this planet according...