Speculation, theory, UFOs and Aliens. Are we alone in this universe or is there life outside Earth?

Erin Montgomery10 months ago
The Good, the Bad, and the Downright Ridiculous
So often experiencers (those who have been in contact with alien beings—otherwise known as abductees or contactees), myself included, focus on the negative aspects of alien contact. Do you blame us? W...
WatchMojo 10 months ago
Top 10 Hottest Aliens from Movies and TV
They might not be real, but it's not like you would have had a chance with em' anyway. Welcome to WatchMojo.com and today we’ll be counting down the top 10 hottest aliens from movies and TV. Just to k...
Top 10 Compelling Assumptions About Aliens
Might we expect a positive arrival of alien in the future?
WatchMojo 10 months ago
Top 10 Scariest Movie Aliens
We definitely would not want to make first contact with these extraterrestrials. Welcome to WatchMojo's picks for the "Top 10 Scariest Alien Races in Film."
Tom Baker10 months ago
The Hopping Hartford City Horrors
There are moments in life when we turn the corner, round the bend, and find ourselves in an old episode of the Twilight Zone. Happened to me a few times. Yeah. One night, I saw a UFO. A real UFO. Clos...
Tom Bakera year ago
The Hopkinsville Devils
The Fifties were a time when, quite possibly, we were more under invasion by strange little men (and tall blonde ones, too) than at any other period of our damnable history. They came in many, many sh...
Traci E.a year ago
Aliens or Future Humans?
For centuries, man has wondered about life on other planets and beyond our solar system. Maybe the life on other planets is not the issue but the life on our own is. Theory: What we deem aliens are me...
Brian Bandella year ago
Aliens More Likely Small Than Big
The most visual way to depict the first alien contact is a ship with blinding light descending from the sky or crashing to Earth, followed by sizable beings making an appearance. Usually, these aliens...
Reid Moorea year ago
Going Viral: Is a 'Grey Alien Overlord' Depicted on the Dollar Bill?
A photo is going viral on the web showing what some claim to be proof that society is controlled by a "Grey Alien Overlord" with the evidence hidden in plain sight on the US dollar bill. In the viral ...
Reid Moorea year ago
Enhanced UFO Video Over Poland Only Deepens the Mystery
A skywatcher in Poland, who regularly trains his video camera on the Moon, has caught a mysterious unidentified flying object as it zooms overhead. The UFO video, captured on August 8 and posted to YouTube, starts out as a telescopic shot of the daytime moon when, suddenly, an unusual object zips diagonally through the frame at high speed. The second part of the video uses various enhancement tools in an attempt to more closely examine the strange object, but only ends up adding to the mystery.
Kristen Leea year ago
"The Truth Is Out There": A Visit to the International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell, New Mexico
Let me start by saying, I’m not a person who believes that I've been abducted by aliens, and while I believe they exist, I don't believe that they visit humans, much less do all this probing that ever...
Lady Sundaya year ago
Mysterious Radio Signals Detected from Deep Space
How do scientists tell the difference between the frequencies of another galaxy, or when a star explodes, from intelligent life? The official jury is still out, trying to make heads or tails of the ev...
Guidelines for Successful Conduct of First Contact
By contemplating the idea of first contact with an advanced alien civilization, I devised these six guidelines for the official team that will communicate with them. I won't speculate about the compos...
Erin Montgomerya year ago
Dirty Little Secret
I am not new to strange experiences. I have been steeped in the paranormal and the esoteric for as long as I can remember. But, out of all the weirdness I have experienced in my life (astral travel, p...
Project Blue Book
Project Blue Book started with the Roswell UFO crash of 1947. What the extraterrestrials are doing is studying us as they have watched over us for billions of years, since life began on this planet an...
Matthew Kresala year ago
Delving Into 'Saucer Country'
For more than seventy years, the enigma of UFOs has hung over us. It has continued to intrigue and baffle, inspiring scientists and layman alike to try and answer what it all means. Writers and artist...
Reid Moorea year ago
CGI Geeks Debate Whether Slovaki UFO Video Is Real or Fake
With the recent, incredible advances made in Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) average consumers now have at their disposal, powerful, low-cost video tools which were once the exclusive province of big...
Peter Rosea year ago
Consideration of Time
Consideration of time What do we mean by the passage of time? Time passes at a constant speed, this is almost a definition, part of what we consider a basic principle of time. However we measure time,...