fact or fiction

Is it science fact or science fiction? Futurism presents both sides to determine the truth.

Danna Molina16 days ago
The Origin of the Universe
There are several theories about the origin of this wonderful and complex system we call the universe, I refer to it is a system since it has multiple sub-systems, such as galaxies, stars, among other...
How Real Is Real?
Humans have sought to explain reality since of the dawn of our species. Our thirst for the answers of the unknown is the driving force behind all innovations and advancements. When answers could not b...
Iggy Paulsen22 days ago
9 Strange Stories Involving Gateways to Other Dimensions
Did you ever watch a TV show with a parallel universe, and wondered what you would be like in another world? I know I have. When I was younger, I used to daydream about being able to blip in and out o...
Justin Runyon25 days ago
Jobs of the Future
Let's look at jobs that may be created 25 years from now:
Iria Vasquez-Paez2 months ago
Weather Magick During Fire Season in California
Weather magick has been used in California to make the storms come and take care of the Camp Fire blazing inferno, which had started on November 8 but has now been contained on November 25th, 2018. Th...
Edward German2 months ago
The 'Unexplained Mysteries' Podcast
The Unexplained Mysteries podcast is a weekly podcast devoted to answering the questions of some of the most intriguing mysteries of our time. The series' stories range from ancient times to the moder...
Iria Vasquez-Paez3 months ago
Psychic Attack
Psychic attack is the meanest thing we earth humans can do to each other. It involves thoughts becoming things, and sending a lethal negative thought to someone becomes possible. Some thinketh that th...
Traci E.3 months ago
We Have All Time Traveled
You know that feeling of déjà vu? When something feels so familiar, you must have experienced it before? We have all felt it at some time or another. Sometimes it is a little thing like a place you ha...
Tom Baker3 months ago
Attack of the Jellied Whatsits
Alien encounters are pretty boring these days. Usually, they involve big-headed, black-eyed "Greys" coming into your bedroom, swooping down on your vehicle, or, in some other way, plucking you out of your normal, waking life, to throw your luckless butt into the saucer (or triangle, or indistinct sort-of flying lightship), and giving you a medical exam. These UFO astronauts always look the same, talk the same (they actually seem to speak telepathically, not with their tiny slit-like mouths), and...
Amy S4 months ago
4 Stories of Time Travellers from the Future
And you can time travel, too. Just check out your kitchen sink.
Authentikei [K.C.]4 months ago
Why Would Empathy Make Me Psychic?
So, how many “10 Signs You’re an Empath” articles have you read before you got here? You’re another walking radar of emotion and you just want to understand how that constitutes as psychic. Basically,...
Authentikei [K.C.]4 months ago
How Kinetic Abilities Are Really Supposed to Work (Telekinesis and More)
The mind and body are constantly communicating. We don’t think about how natural it is until we try out our mental energy on something that isn’t inherently natural to us, but some people have tried a...
Auckland Martens4 months ago
5 Best Doomsday Escape Plans
A lot of people think that some sort of Apocalyptic event will take place in our near future. While only Evangelicals believe that it will be the Bible’s version of Armageddon, people from all walks o...
James E. 5 months ago
Mandela Effect Theories
The Mandela Effect is evidence that you may have experienced events from a different reality. I highly recommend checkout out this website to read up on many occurrences and see if you can relate to a...
James E. 5 months ago
Flat Earth Conspiracy
Members of the Flat Earth Society believe that the Earth is, well… flat. Walking around the planet it looks and feels flat, so they argue that despite evidence the Earth must be flat! Who cares about ...
James E. 5 months ago
The Mandela Effect
Did anyone read the Berenstein Bears growing up? You know, the one about the little bears who learn valuable moral and safety lessons with every story. Except it isn’t spelled that way. The correct sp...
Jide Okonjo5 months ago
10 Crazy Nigerian Myths - Part 2
I hail from Nigeria and the magic in Nigeria is something that goes deeper than what the eyes can see... it's a kind of magic you can feel. My hope is that with my content here on Vocal, I will be abl...
r. nuñez5 months ago
At first, it may seem like just another conspiracy theory, dreamed up by idle and paranoid ne’er-do-wells. But then, we see too much of what looks like evidence, too many publications, too much cover-...