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Sam Sea9 months ago
The Executioner
In one small dot of the eternal space, thirty-one planets formed the empire where humans can prosper and live in peace. In their constant drive to advance, they succeed in discovering new technologies...
Bryan Irving9 months ago
Cooper's Creek
I wish I had never heard of that place. The name will haunt me till the day I die, and that's a day that can't come soon enough. I can't even bring myself to write it down. It's as if just writing tha...
daniel morris9 months ago
Symbiote Chapter 1
The night sky rotated serenely as Xavier Thomas cruised down the I90W corridor well passed Hershey, Nebraska. The flat of the Great Plains seemed to go on forever, to every horizon. The sun had long s...
daniel morris9 months ago
Symbiote Chapter 0 (Prelude)
The pursuit of science is the key to unlocking the universe. The knowledge and technology gained are the gifts given by the universe as a reward for perseverance. No race had more perseverance in the ...
Nick Brown9 months ago
14/1/1967: The Underwater Menace – Part 1
My ongoing mission: to watch classic television fifty years after first broadcast... “You’re not turning me into a fish!” The problem I have with this episode is that Atlantis is presented as if it’s ...
Ian Richardson9 months ago
Mirror Cube
Since 2020, the Year of vision, we have been told that the universe is infinitely large but, as I said in my last post, (see Kaleidoscope Part 1) the universe is actually very small. Tiny. It’s vastne...
G.F. Brynn9 months ago
Alex The Inventor-Chapter 5
For Chapters 1 - 4, Go To:
Timothy Trimble9 months ago
The Wings of Leonardo
Francesco stood on the very edge of the cliff, his arms spread wide, and his eyes open as wide as the distant sun above the horizon. The winds from the ocean washed over him with a constant intensity....
Adam McCaulley9 months ago
Beyond the Colony (Part One)
The boys had just turned eighteen and part of the celebration was taking the walk. It was the first time the boys were allowed to walk around outside of the colony. Not that it was that special in a c...
G.F. Brynn9 months ago
Alex The Inventor-Chapter 4
For Chapters 1 - 3, go to
Tinni and the Chain
“Tinni, bring me my tea,” the old man said, one hand poised over the leather-bound tome on the desk before him. Tinni rose from his place in the corner, grunting as a great thundering pain pierced his...
Timothy Trimble9 months ago
The forest was especially active today. Wyce could feel the flow of the life forces through the trees, ferns, and animal life. If he closed his eyes and focused he could pinpoint insects within a shor...
G.F. Brynn9 months ago
Alex The Inventor-Chapter 3
*** See -- Chapter 1 & 2 ***
Shahram Farshadfar9 months ago
"Is darkness the result of the absence of light, or a malfunction of human eyes?" Zorak CHAPTER NINE Conditioning, and reversing the order It was Autumn 1994 in Mehregan in Southern California when I ...
daniel morris9 months ago
Modern Mancy Pt 1
The pursuit of knowledge was central to Alexi’s life. For as long as he could remember, he would go to any lengths to attain more. Until recently, however, he had been bound by his duty as a spellswor...
McCready’s Pets sat at the end of a mostly empty strip mall, its only neighbors a check cashing business and a liquor store. Ted had gotten directions from the internet, otherwise he might never have ...
Ian Richardson9 months ago
Chapter One Have you ever stood outside on a clear, starry night and looked up in awe at the heavens? The universe… the myriad stars scattered across the darkling sky. And have you ever thought that i...