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Andrew David10 months ago
This Earth Is Hell
“And death shall have no dominion” -Dylan Thomas I’m sending out this message to anyone in the proximity of this planet in the hope that people will stay clear. I... I am all that’s left of our crew. ...
Edmund de Wight10 months ago
The Summoning
Lord Armitage glided down the stone steps to the cellar of Armitage castle. The hem of his black velvet robe swept the ancient dust from the steps as he descended. The robe was embroidered in eldritch...
Edmund de Wight10 months ago
The Upstairs Room
Sergeant Wilson stood hunched against the blowing snow outside the Victorian home. Two dozen other cops huddled in the shadows near doors and windows preparing for the go signal. According to the Fed ...
Andrew David10 months ago
The circular door shuddered violently with an uncustomary blackboard scraping “whhhirphhiss” in its desperate attempt to open. It stopped halfway; giving off a grinding squeal and a hiss of petulant s...
Michael Cnudde10 months ago
Right of Return
The sun shone in a brilliant blue sky, as SS Obergruppenfuehrer Karl Dietz stepped smartly up the broad white marble steps that led to SS High Command. He smiled as he looked at the red and silver ban...
Allan Marshall10 months ago
Miraculous Escape
It all started with running and climbing and scrambling. The sheer trauma of what she had witnessed was enough to send anyone into shock but with the coldness now biting at her extremities the process...
Andrew David10 months ago
The 8th Day
"It is no measure of health, to be well adjusted in a profoundly sick society" -Jidda Krishnamurti. ‘…At the beginning of the 8th day everything slowly turns to dark.' The words are muttered from the ...
C.V. Berton10 months ago
Mischief Night
On the night before Halloween, known as Mischief Night by the local hoodlums, Kelly has a second date with Owen. She agreed to it, not because he is particularly handsome or wealthy, but because he wa...
Andrew David10 months ago
Space is dark peppered with trillions of billions of millions of dots of light, that are streaking outward in spiral of tears, within this unfathomable black mass. Space is void, numb and mute. Space ...
Edmund de Wight10 months ago
The Moving Shell
“Isn’t the view amazing,” Gloria said. She looked over her shoulder at her best friend Julia who stood further back from the cliff edge. Julia didn’t look enthused to be there. The women had hiked to ...
G.F. Brynn10 months ago
Alex The Inventor-Chapter 11 (Pt.2)
Read Chapters 1 - 11 at Deep Sky Stories
Andrew David10 months ago
And This Sea Eternal
“She dreams of the ocean late at night and longs for the wild salt air”- Author unknown Histrogram The battle for the Kashkeegee settlement on Saturn’s moon Enceladus, is unique in the archive of Terr...
Nick Brown10 months ago
Rewatching... Doctor Who: The Faceless Ones - Part 3
Saturday 21 April 1967 I'm very disappointed that Ben and Polly are nowhere to be seen this week. We don't even see Michelle Luippi, who's been packed off on a flight because nosy humans have been ask...
Adam McCaulley10 months ago
[Hello again it is time for my next entry into the vocal universe. As always thank you for reading and you can follow me on twitter @amccaul1976 or just about anywhere else at the same handle. If you ...
Storyteller IRT10 months ago
WingsThey says its the words of the old but it never fades from their mind, a time for a better future, a time better for all kind. The one born without wings will fly, the one born without wings will...
Don Urban10 months ago
The Greater Good
“Didn’t your grandfather hurdle an asteroid at this planet?” Squirt asked as soon as the spaceship emerged from the worm-hole. “My great-grandfather.” The Captain corrected him. “That was few million ...
G.F. Brynn10 months ago
Alex The Inventor-Chapter 11 (Pt.1)
Chapters 1 - 10 can be read at: Deep Sky Stories
Nick Brown10 months ago
Rewatching... Doctor Who: The Faceless Ones - Part 2
Saturday 15 April 1967 Ooh, the theme tune's changed! Just a bit. Some new 'twiddly bits'. I like it. Unfortunately the picture's gone again this week so I'll have to make do with audio and occasional...