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Isaac Shapiro2 years ago
I’m Being Hunted For My Student Loan Debt by a Killer Drone
If you’re reading this, my name is Jamie Reed. If you know who I am, please tell my mom and dad I love them. I think I might die here. I graduated college last year, and I was the first person in my f...
Storyteller IRT2 years ago
The Little Alien (#5)
The little alien came to earth by accident. First, she was lost but then came to learn how to blend in with human society as predators hunt her down. The people that lived around that area said that a...
M Kier Murdock2 years ago
Gomrothian Chronicles
I sat down in one of those plush, velvet-seated chairs my brother was so very fond of. My eyes drank in the sights of regal hospitality as I relaxed and waited for my brother to arrive. Time seemed to...
Alice Swan2 years ago
The escape was not difficult. The alarms were broken and the hole in the Fence had grown since I’d last looked. Snatches of cloth caught on the wire, loose strands. More people breaking free from here...
Zero Dantez2 years ago
Midnight, Chapter 2
Imagine a time... a time where there was constant blood shed, constant war, constant death... place yourself in this place of war and darkness, how would you react? What would you do? What COULD you d...
G.F. Brynn2 years ago
Alex The Inventor-Chapter 17
Read Chapters 1 - 16 at: Deep Sky Stories
The Hamrelstein Institute
Log: Dream 5/25/2017 12-1:45 PM We were in a large dark room lit only by several various terrariums containing mundane or exotic plants and animals and we were writing something down about them, their...
Nick Brown2 years ago
Rewatching... Doctor Who: The Evil Of The Daleks - Part 5
"I am a professor of a far wider academy..." Saturday 17 June 1967​ I'm really enjoying this story. It's a very different Dalek tale to what we're used to. But then Power Of The Daleks was unusual too...
Vinny J2 years ago
In Vitro Summation
A faint rumbling penetrated this ancient darkness, the first vibrations its halls experienced in millennia. The rhythmic whir and tumble of sound grew from wide and distant to a narrow, piercing point...
Nicholas Anthony2 years ago
The Fates don’t play favourites. They play their own cruel game, toying with each thread of existence, ensnaring all who dare to reach out for their own destiny. A lust to exact heinous and petty trea...
Joanna White2 years ago
Hunter (A Valiant Novel)
Amazon Best-Seller in Religious Science Fiction and Fantasy and in Christian Fantasy! A reckless young woman named Averella disguises herself as a man and purposefully gets herself arrested and thrown...
F. Simon Grant2 years ago
Colony of the Horizontal Tree (Chapter One)
Colony Colcolson happened to be reading The Exhaustive Catalogue of Tiny Kingdoms when the girl (Melanie Gellar) first wrapped his wrist in hair (he only realized this coincidence years later after Me...
A Practical Man, Part II
John paced the aisle of his locomotive prison, his hand on the apple in his pocket the entire time. Hunger pains gnawed at his insides, and his mouth and tongue had begun to swell from lack of water. ...
Zero Dantez2 years ago
Imagine a time... a time where there was constant bloodshed, constant war, constant death... place yourself in this place of war and darkness, how would you react? What would you do? What COULD you do...
gillian pajor2 years ago
The Game
"Hello?" I called, looking into the darkness. There was no light or sound. "Is someone there?" I called out again. I had no memory of how I had gotten here or where I was. I went to take a step forwar...
F. Simon Grant2 years ago
Extra Bright
Greta Stromach prayed one night for heaven to save her and dreamt of these bright white tendrils descending from the sky like jellyfish tentacles, or what jellyfish tentacles would be like if jellyfis...
Ravings of the Mad
If you are wondering why is it that i put matchstick men under subtitle it's because this is... Well you can figure it out.
gillian pajor2 years ago
The Game
I ran. I ran as fast as my legs would carry me; pushing myself past the point of extraordinary pain. Tears ran down my face as I gripped onto the only piece of reality that I had left. This wasn't rea...