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Robo and the Little Door
Robo snagged a corner of the quilt in his claws and began the arduous climb to the top of the bed. Timmy heard the plastic clanking of tiny limbs but paid him little mind, gaze fixed through the misty...
Roger Crow2 years ago
The Woman Conquering Space
Across the Pond, Gale Anne Hurd and Kathleen Kennedy have become two of the most powerful women in Hollywood after years of hard graft on respective projects such as Aliens, The Walking Dead and the r...
Bennett Litwin2 years ago
One premise/motif of our feature film FRACKERS is that every being in the universe is a light being. As Einstein famously figured, "No energy is created or destroyed". We in turn came up with the idea that our light, the light that is us, is also eternal. This fun premise for a film does consider that even our eternal energy might change form, as light can be be both particles and waves, so can our energy break-down from waves into less desirable particles, not to be judgmental. The film is a co...
Bennett Litwin2 years ago
My Out of Body Experience
My out-of-body experience happened when I was four years old. I nearly died in the hospital. I saw no angel. No Jesus. No Moses. I did encounter a light. It had a voice without words. Was it my mother...
Matt Swayne2 years ago
The Experience Machine
So if our technology were to succeed completely, and everything were to be under our control, we should eventually say, "We need a new button." -- Alan Watts His first memory was waking up in the bedr...
Matt Swayne2 years ago
Welcome to the Matrix
Just like a 3-dimensional Princess Leia burst out of a 2-dimensional piece of film and just like that 3-D image pops off the 2-D sticker on your credit card, evidence is growing that the universe arou...
Bryan Irving2 years ago
The Temple of The Torn
Haran could feel the scorching heat of the merciless sun beating down upon the back of his neck and across his bare shoulders. His right hand rested on the bone handle of his knife where it protruded ...
Eduardo Perez2 years ago
Little Snowman
There was a little Eskimo boy that knew how to walk in the dark, over frozen sheets of ice. Guided by his sheltering stars and cautious of predators, he would meander for hours. Numb to the bone marro...
Eduardo Perez2 years ago
The Sandman
A wooden decadent cafe on the beach is where his footsteps took him. It had no visible name and seemed rather rustic. All he had to do was go towards the moon light, which tonight, reflected lazily on...
Mickey Rivera2 years ago
Some words with Zsófia Döme, Hungarian Treehugger and Illustrator
Zsófia Döme ( likes to get lost in the woods and draw the things she didn’t see, those things that imagination can’t help but see while surrounded by wild greenery teemin...
Rachel A. David2 years ago
Best Emerging Fantasy Authors of 2016
What once was pure science fiction is looking more and more like science fact. While I have no intention of abandoning my space travel and AI fiction, I have a soft spot for fantasy simply for its dis...