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Vans Life3 months ago
End Game
“I’ve been taking care of you—you’ve been asleep for a long time. Look.” He gestured around my room excitedly before turning back to me with the sparkling eyes of an American child on Christmas mornin...
DJKay :)3 months ago
The Blue Queen (Part 4)
Ciara had noticed nothing suspicious around the area of the Inferno's Night. She began to make her way inside, and stared at the long queue that waited to get in. They moaned as she walked straight to...
DJKay :)3 months ago
The Blue Queen (Part 3)
Ciara arrived to the facility in record time. She could never get used to the building she had to report to since she had started. The Hidden Haven as it had been known to be called was a Hunter facil...
4 of Us 3 months ago
Tales of Sore: The Keeper of the Kasai-Tamashii
Sore was sitting at the edge of her bed staring out the window towards the direction where her father came back home after work. She impatiently looked back at the clock to check the time. It was two ...
Mindy Sleeper4 months ago
Child of Love
She was born in a world of darkness—though she was born from Purity and Love—her spirit pure as the white snow that fell on the ground during her birth. Which truly was a sign for those with eyes to s...
4 of Us 4 months ago
Tales of Sore
Power, Strength, and Magic
DJKay :)4 months ago
The Blue Queen (Part 2)
Chapter 1 - Frost (Part 1) To the human eye, Ciara Frost was ordinary, except with an alternative sense of style. She had to admit as she walked down the street with people staring that her look didn'...
William Valleau4 months ago
The World of Yunghnar: Ukir's Khanship
In the old times, Ukir the First was a notorious raider across the easternmost coast of the Orcish Khanlands and across the sea to Niho. His son, however, has come to peace with the Niho people and ha...
DeAngello williams4 months ago
Castellion's Values
Last time, the Castellion's and the kingdom of Celest lost their loved ones, and the powerful family made an ancient enemy, Orion himself barely had time to grieve over his children. Helen, his wife, ...
Velessein Rose4 months ago
Lose Me: Asteria
She swallows hard tucking her body as close to the wall of the well as she can get without being seen. It’s empty and she can hear the heavy breathing of the woman that followed her. If only her hamme...
Lilli Behom 4 months ago
A Beginners Guide to Curses
First, let's start by asking what is a curse? Curses are more serious than hexes, and can live on for generations if intended. They’re born of anger, hatred, or justice. However, curses can often be u...
Cassandra Freitas4 months ago
Heaven's Entryway (Part 2)
After I agreed to leave the life I knew behind, and pursue this strange adventure, the Greeter filled me in on a few details. First, his name is Nestor, and it represents an important quality: wisdom....
Monique Star4 months ago
The "Perfect" World (Preview)
Jonathan did his best to keep from being noticed by everyone else in town, which he had been used to in the past, but it was more complex than just royalty exploring the town this time. Apart from the...
Lady Sunday4 months ago
Calypso's Daughters
The Oceanides, Goddesses, and Water Nymphs Mermaids in mythology are believed to only exist in the minds of sailors, who claim to have spotted them while on long ocean voyages. Christopher Columbus wr...
DeAngello williams5 months ago
Castellion's Values
In an alternate dimension, where time runs differently, a king named, Orion, and his family had powerful gifts. Orion was a Celestial sorcerer, with long brown hair, and eyes that were a reflection of...
Journey Scribe5 months ago
Fairy Tale: The Princess and the Drought
Once upon a time, there lived a princess who desperately longed to save her kingdom. The crops had withered, and food and water were scarce because of a monstrous drought. She sent messages to ally ki...
Ember Joy5 months ago
The Strange World
Prologue: The world was beautiful and green, not a building in sight. Turning around, there were fields as far as the eye could see; fields full of wheat, corn, tomatoes, grapes; all types of fruit an...
Kate Quinn5 months ago
When Worlds Connect
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