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Michael Delving5 months ago
The Assassin's Guarantee
Trevan spotted the man easily when he stepped foot into the tavern despite the smoke from the many pipes and tallow candles. The man wore expensive black leather armor with sparkling metal studs, two ...
Tony Martello5 months ago
Where Springs Spew Blue
Where Springs Spew Blue PART I After swimming and surfing from sea to sea on his one thousand year quest for love, Proteus sends a request to Poseidon for help on his journey. “Neptune, I have surfed ...
Nicole Cormier5 months ago
Casino Kingdom
In a time long ago lived a mighty king in the Casino Kingdom. His name was William. He was a fair and just king or at least he tried to be. He always surrounded himself with three guards, Richard, Dav...
Brynne Nelson5 months ago
Cinderella (Chapters 4-6)
Chapter 4 Years pass like the falling of autumn leaves; each may be examined and declared individual and exquisite, but only rarely do they mean much on their own. Only when watching as a storm of lea...
Brynne Nelson5 months ago
Cinderella (Chapters 1-3)
Chapter 1 I have heard the stories that the common people tell about me—some near the truth, but as time as gone on the tales have become increasingly absurd. Poor princess, someone said recently, thi...
Stephanie Miller5 months ago
Double-Edged Blade
A male warrior ran through the trees, thinking he could escape in the open field on the edge of the woods. He could still hear her haunting words running through his head, sending chills down his spin...
Gareth Read-Ellis5 months ago
Keep Calm, eh! Part 1
"Ahh! C'mon!" The pick-up that splashed me keeps going, its shitty muffler sounding like a smoker laughing at me. I can hear Mom's voice... 'You're so dramatic; nothing was laughing at you! That muffl...
Melinda Dawson5 months ago
Blood on the Horizon
In the old myths it states that at first there was nothing but a great void that stretched across the universe, but then to the north of the darkness there soon formed a region of mist and ice, and to...
Emma Paysinger5 months ago
Highest Treason
Darkness and silence, but no... Is that whispering? Silence and then... Yes! I can hear voices. Why can't I see anything? Where am I? I could hear voices, but nothing they said made sense. I was being...
Kari Hammond5 months ago
Twisted Realms
“Ah!” screams Kailani as she slashes her target in half. Alexander claps for his adolescent daughter. “You are most certainly getting better at fierce combat,” Alexander states. “Bless you, dear fathe...
Sandy Rodriguez5 months ago
The Story of Yuki Cross
Yuki has been walking for some time unaware of time or place. Slowly struggling to find it in her heart to admit that he's gone now and he's never coming back. Finally she comes to a stop, before look...
SeDari World5 months ago
Lucid: Chapter 1
PROLOGUE Damn... back to the real world again. Life is great and all but... I'll leave that comment for later. Most people wake up happy to see another day, “all praise to the most high,” they say. Me...
Jordan secrist5 months ago
The Great White Wolf
The Blue Moon Saga
Richard Jones5 months ago
The Misplaced Book 2: Finale
CHAPTER 18 : THE MISPLACED Panga was having difficulty comprehending what spread out before her in the valley below. She and Evan had reached Darnaxes’ army just after sundown. The number of campfires...
Richard Jones5 months ago
The Misplaced Book 2: Segment 2
CHAPTER 12: PANGA Just as Panga was getting accustomed to not having her head crowded with emotions, now she was getting used to having the Pegasus’ voice in her head. Snow Wing was engaging her in an...
Tony Martello5 months ago
Blue Beak
When Pat grew up, he worked his way out of the glades to the gulf by feeding on a variety of fish and vegetation but seemed to have the most luck with bluegill and blueberries along the waterways and ...
Tony Martello5 months ago
Islay's Vision
Mountains blanketed in gold sleep soundly near the undefined line of the nine gatekeepers of Lucia, capturing any sea-wolfs daring upon the land. These wayfarers end up as prey caught in the nets of m...
Tony Martello5 months ago
The Seeds of Emery
The Seeds of Emery Her mother hikes along the Greenback Ridge in the Emerald Forest. She scales the trail through the black lava rocks on the top of the mountain. The jagged boulders emit a radiant gr...