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Chloe Gilholy3 months ago
The Journey
Brock Curly was riding his red ostrich to Alpha Square. The Gavin Stardust Convention in Crystal Castle was set to be one of the greatest pop culture events of all time. He was not going to miss it: t...
Dylan Waith3 months ago
The Nyxis Chronicles: I Will Live
...The Hero was out of options, out of time. He was exhausted, worn out, and left with only a tiny bit of strength left. He faced down the villain, his arch-enemy with a gaze that could match the sun ...
Alexia Masy3 months ago
A Cold Heart
Entering Obsidian with Mirabel and Tatiana in tow had been a chance. Nym had heard Ophelia's call and had arrived in Dead City, but she had not expected the pull to her former home to be so strong. Th...
Mike Lamoureux3 months ago
The Adventure of Gnomie the Orc
Gnomie is known as a simple Orc chief, cherishing the old ways, hating the newer tribes for changing rules around. After being a chieftain for 23 years, I decided to go traveling. In a feeble attempt ...
Dylan Waith3 months ago
The Nyxis Chronicles: Knight of Darkness
Gael Newblood had lived his entire life stealing from others. His Father told him he had stolen his Mother’s life away when he was born right before abandoning him on the street. After that, Gael was ...
Daniel Mould3 months ago
The wind nipped through the windows, fluttering the curtains solemnly. As the fabric flew out, the darkness of the night was revealed. Beside the bed in which her children lay, the Elve stroked their ...
F. Simon Grant3 months ago
Monster Heel
E-Jo the Bull Mountain was ten feet tall (when he decided to be that small) and billed as being from the mysterious sounding L’Ile de Pieces Inconnus and composed of stone like the Easter-Island-like ...
Ian Holmes3 months ago
“Kudrow? Where are we going?” I didn’t know. They wouldn’t say. Phil is next to me, his hands balled tightly in his lap. For some reason, despite everything, I’m worried he’ll wet himself. That’s what...
Ali Phelps4 months ago
Introduction to "the tale of Eislyn"
What is Eislyn? Eislyn is a dark fantasy story about a young woman set in a medieval, feudalistic world inhabited by fantastical races. Written in the style of poetic prose, it's greatly inspired by t...
Aurora Skye4 months ago
Jenna's Sacrifice Ch. 1
Jenna looked all around herself before she guided the heavy door closed behind her, but she saw nothing but the usual dull browns of the late summer sky after the passing of one of the worst dust stor...
JYT Kennedy4 months ago
By Hadrian's Wall
For some time, my uncle was the closest remaining sheep farmer to the glaciers. They were closing in from both sides: the continental sheet was coming up from the coast, while on the other side the Pe...
Aurora Skye4 months ago
Jenna's Sacrifice
In the beginning, all was shapeless and still, filled with darkness and emptiness. Then with a single low, tolling note, a pale light appeared that quickly grew to fill in the cracks in... everywhere....
Shelbie Myers4 months ago
The sea was nothing like the stranded man. It was serene, calm, beautiful —as he was before his sin. He sat limp in his boat, watching the mocking sea with dim eyes. His clothes were filthy and loose,...
Lizzy Arrow4 months ago
Looking Glass Part 4: The Day They Got Separated
It was a full moon on the night before the three got separated for good. The Native American Chief’s wife asked “tell me it's not true Dakota…say it's just a story that everybody is talking about”, as...
Nick Lotz4 months ago
Charlie the Unicorn Slayer
Revenge is a dish best served with mustard and mayonnaise, thought Charlie as she stared with cold anger at the crumbs on the ground before her. The tall, skinny, transsexual woman was dressed in a lo...
daniel morris4 months ago
Modern Mancy 2
After surviving the carnage, our reluctant heroes must learn to trust each other, so that they can start the journey to reclaim honor... Light slowly seeped through the morning fog as morning birds be...
Davina Kaur4 months ago
It is her eye sight that she loses first, dark brown eyes that were once able to see the world, rendered useless. Then it is her sense of smell. So in turn, her sense of taste, she could no longer tas...
Aurora Skye4 months ago
Journeying Through the Shadows
The clouds parted as Chione looked out the window and into the yard, trying to see if she could see if Breka was finally home yet. The winter weak sunlight slipped over her shoulder and into the room ...