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Kevin Gardner8 days ago
Nanobots and the Future of Technology
You might have heard the term nanobots in movies and remember them as microrobots. Nanobots in real life are nanoparticles sized machines. Nanoparticles are in between 1 to 100 nanometers. The study o...
Shirley Albers13 days ago
Children of Mother Earth
Trilogy About the Future - Part 1
Ryder Pittza month ago
The Future Is Nuclear
In a world of mass disinformation, it is easy to let opinions and speculation get in the way of facts and science. It is no secret our climate is changing. What is difficult is accurately predicting t...
Daisy Rowley6 months ago
The Best Alternative Technological Sources for Future Energy Needs
Clearly the current methods of running industry, heating homes and transporting goods and people around the world are posing a serious threat on the ecosystem and now must be replaced by something els...
Shane Cook7 months ago
What Is Global Warming?
In this paper we will be doing a critique on National Geography’s article "What Is Global Warming?" National Geographic has been around for many years. There is not one author that wrote this article,...
Shane Cook7 months ago
Will Pollution End Us?
With the way we are going with carbon dioxide pollution saturating the air, will the world begin to expel us to cleans itself? Will we, as people, learn to respect the earth in time to reverse what we...
Carlos Guerra10 months ago
'The Avengers,' Space Force and Our Real American Heroes
We, the American people, have been most certainly blessed with a nation that defends our personal safety constantly. We lead relatively safer lives on a day to day basis, In comparison to many of the ...
Joseph Duran10 months ago
Slow Down, Clean Energy
It’s 2018, an age of progression and advancement. We’re experiencing a whole new era of technological innovations. Some might argue that we’re living in a second industrial revolution. As technology a...
Cosmic Peaka year ago
5 Things You Need to Know About Climate Change
Human-induced climatic change is becoming more and more prevalent as the years go by. However, there is still a mashup of conflicting information and interests surrounding this sometimes controversial...
Jesus Poncea year ago
Colonizing Space
Now I'm no scientist, but I've been very intrigued by the thoughts for future human civilization. I tend to wonder what our potential is as humans, and as we become more and more advanced in technolog...
Sydney Maddoxa year ago
I woke up in my cell with an excruciating headache. I was tied to many, many tubes. One to give me nutrients, a couple for my waste. They were beginning to get painful. The freezing air of my cell eas...
The Epidemic
What have we done? This discovery cannot be released to the public. They cannot know that THEY are the cure. There's got to be another way other than this. In March 2020, a containment breach occurred...
Sometimes It's Amazing What Still Works
I looked up at the sky hoping for a change but saw none. I kept walking towards town. We needed more filters. Thinking of that, I checked the levels in the gas mask I was using now; still in acceptabl...
kritika a year ago
Satellite Cities Emerging as the Urban Future in India
The rapid rate of urbanization has initiated an array of challenges among major cities in India. The massively growing population is one of the major issues faced by the metropolitan cities. Urban cit...
SKYLERIZED a year ago
Life and Production: S1 E7: Forte
Dizzying On the electronic wall-sized smart board, a dizzying array of numbers and symbols filled up the space. Each character meant something and therefore allowed the onlooker the chance to understa...
Cameron Dohertya year ago
A Step Too Far
In my hands I held a glass tablet. It displayed the face of the man we were about to arrest. Blue writing surrounded him, notes on the allegations against him, details about him, the recently acquired...
Jack Emeralda year ago
Floating Colonies in the Deep Blue Sea
Has the government got you down? Are you tired of being a part of society? Are you longing for a modern-day utopia? Do you wish you could just float away to sea like Tom Hanks in Castaway (Just kiddin...