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Aurora Skye2 years ago
Journeying Through the Shadows
The clouds parted as Chione looked out the window and into the yard, trying to see if she could see if Breka was finally home yet. The winter weak sunlight slipped over her shoulder and into the room ...
The Cyberscientist's Guide to Automation
Isaac Asimov, Master of the robotics science fiction genre, imagined a future set in the robotic age where humans coexist peacefully alongside master machines designed to comply with the three laws of...
Sophie Wilks2 years ago
The Door to Freedom
9:00 “Just think,” Jess Lewis said, her voice trembling on the last word, “It’s our last day together.” The tone in the room shifted, my entire family quieted at the sound of my best friend sniffing. ...
Emily Walker2 years ago
The Cure for a Full Planet
Year... 2100 Place... Earth (population nearing 11 billion) Location… Washington DC. An undisclosed meeting room near where the White House once stood. Present… The Council of Earth with representativ...
Peter Rose2 years ago
The Future for Mass Transit Systems
A big question for the twenty-first century, maybe the biggest one city people will face: What can we do about mass transit (of people) systems? Definition: a mass transit system is one designed to ge...
Mickey Finn2 years ago
The best part about being a nerd is the childlike excitement at what tomorrow might bring. Along with this comes an eye for questions that we will have to answer as societies and as a species. The wor...
Jodie Shaw2 years ago
Genesis — Prolouge
Prologue — 1012 days A.T.F (After The Flare) There was before The Flare and after The Flare. No in-between. Before The Flare I was Erin Rowe, the street kid with no family and pretty low expectations ...
Jam Steward2 years ago
Artificial Gender Intelligence
As a western society with fairly traditional views, England as a whole has moderately outdated views on what gender is as a concept (Woods 1995). Even with progressive views speaking of non-binary peo...
Edward German2 years ago
The Future and You Podcast
The Future and You audio podcast was started by the host Stephen E. Cobb back in 2005. The show is a weekly podcast exploring how the future will be different than it is today. The host uses interview...
Seb Reilly2 years ago
It was a Tuesday when I first noticed them. That morning had been terrible; for the first time in nearly a decade I was running late. The night before I had been checking the headlines whilst walking ...
pionic 2 years ago
New Paper Depicts NASA's Plan For A Lunar Station
The race to colonize our solar system and beyond is in full swing. There’s already an agreement between China and the European Space Agency (ESA) to set up a moon station. Intended to team up with pri...
Anthony Pullano2 years ago
Nuclear Propulsion
“Now I am become Death, destroyer of worlds.” Robert Oppenheimer spoke these words in July of 1945 when asked about his feelings after the Trinity test, the first successful detonation of a nuclear we...
Anthony Pullano2 years ago
The Warp Drive: A Crash Course In Relativity
The estimates from the Hubble Telescope suggest that there are upwards of 100 billion galaxies in the universe. Each with millions upon millions of stars (the Milky Way is a smaller galaxy with around...
Alice Swan2 years ago
The escape was not difficult. The alarms were broken and the hole in the Fence had grown since I’d last looked. Snatches of cloth caught on the wire, loose strands. More people breaking free from here...
Devon Keogh2 years ago
A History of Gravitational Waves
14th September 2015. A 4 kilometer long arm forming part of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) changed its length by one ten-thousandth the width of a proton, due to a dist...
G.F. Brynn2 years ago
Alex The Inventor-Chapter 17
Read Chapters 1 - 16 at: Deep Sky Stories
Alan Kotok2 years ago
A Thinking Person's Artificial Intelligence
Over the past decade, artificial intelligence migrated from computer geeks' workshops to something many people encounter in their everyday lives, but not without fears of its effects. Last year, the P...
The Dawn of Microbots and Nanorobots
Creating nano and micro-scale robots to assist biomedical interventions in humans is a relatively young research field receiving copious amounts of interest within scientific research and Sci-Fi.