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Brian S. Converse9 months ago
A Practical Man
John sat on the train with an apple in his pocket and wondered why the world had ended. It had been a nice world, with shiny cars and skyscrapers that gave you vertigo if you went up to the tops, but ...
Makenzie Ferrier10 months ago
Discussing Current Affairs With an A.I.
It's usually safe to assume that the majority of people who have grown up using the internet have been around to experience the same trends. Clever bot was one of these trends. Clever bot is an A.I de...
RJ Plant10 months ago
Digitize Yourself
Hello there! I’ve been meaning to bring you some fun new something or other, but my time and attention have been elsewhere. Also, I couldn’t really decide what I wanted to bring to your attention. The...
Made in DNA10 months ago
Screaming Metal (Part 013)
Priyanka slowly worked her way to a point where she could see into the darkness, "What am I looking at?" "There's a flashing light," said Deshel. "Faint, but consistent." Down in the depths, between t...
G.F. Brynn10 months ago
Alex The Inventor-Chapter 13 (Pt.2)
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Matthew Kresal10 months ago
The Sound of Tomorrow
Though best known for their prolific output of audio dramas based on the long-running BBC series Doctor Who, the British company Big Finish Productions has been branching out for several years now. On...
Storing Information in DNA Archives
The computing memory required to store ongoing data in biomedicine is now estimated to exceed the computing challenges of running YouTube and Twitter. Data storing technology has constantly evolved to...
Mo Darasi10 months ago
Social Media and Our Privacy
Before the existence of the internet people were further away yet closer to each other at the same time. That is because privacy still existed before the internet came about. I know this is hypocritic...
Alan Kotok10 months ago
Health Care, Precisely One Person at a Time
About a year ago, National Institutes of Health launched the All of Us initiative, a large-scale research program that NIH hopes will make possible precision medicine: the design of health care tailor...
Made in DNA10 months ago
Screaming Metal (Part 012)
Though much of the smaller junk had settled over time, it would have been a mistake to consider it safe. Stabilizers and anti-grav cushioning helped them over the uneven swells and kept them from gett...
G.F. Brynn10 months ago
Alex The Inventor-Chapter 13 (Pt.1)
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Ossiana Tepfenhart10 months ago
Ethics of Self-Driving Cars
Self-driving cars are slated to revolutionize the way that transportation happens. No longer will people have to worry about wasting time while finding parking or dealing with trying to determine whos...
Deniz Galip Oygür10 months ago
Isaac Asimov's Foundation: Holistic Analysis of the Asimov Universe - The Original Trilogy - Foundation and Empire
This series of analyses is meant to explain how the great Isaac Asimov wove a gargantuan number of micro plots into one continuous story that encompasses many thousands of years: the existential confl...
RJ Saxon10 months ago
Keyboard Killer (Chapter Eleven)
Chapter Eleven Sarah fumbled in her handbag for her keys as she got out of her car. Making her way to the front door of the flat, she noticed the door already ajar. "Blake, are you home?" she shouted,...
Made in DNA10 months ago
Screaming Metal (Part 011)
Priyanka had had enough. Her voice took a stern, icy tone, "Are you finished?" Her eyes met the both of theirs in turn. She reminded them of their contract, "You know the risks of every job. This one'...
Paul Levinson10 months ago
Review of Oasis
I caught the pilot for Oasis last month on Amazon Prime. It definitely has possibilities. The set-up is something we've seen and read many times before -- an Earth in bad shape just a few decades into...
G.F. Brynn10 months ago
Alex The Inventor-Chapter 12 (Pt.2)
Chapters 1 - 12 can be found at: Deep Sky Stories
Theresa McGarry10 months ago
Quantum Stills of a Thin-Spun Life-Part 5
Zennor strode through the doorway into the Command Center and found Algon at the Astrogator’s post. He slowed his steps as he approached her. But his concern for her was momentarily startled away when...