The evolution of humanity, from one advancement to the next.

Lady Sunday17 days ago
Global Warming: We Have Only Been Dangerous to Ourselves
Our human activity is why the things we figured would take a million or so years to begin, are happening right now. It is cause and effect. Yes, I am talking about global warming. Human beings have ki...
Gideon Antonioa month ago
Why Flat Earth Theory Matters
By now most people have heard of the flat Earth theory and rightfully so, many have disregarded this idea as a ridiculously absurd, one not based on any empirical evidence. But despite not being backe...
Maurice Bernier2 months ago
Cave Man Versus Condo Man
One day, I quickly left the house, got all the way to my destination, and then immediately returned home...because I forgot my cell phone. On the way back to my original destination, I remember saying...
Cosmic Peak3 months ago
The Prognosis for Our Planet
We live in one of the most exciting and fascinating times in the history of human civilisation. Our technical and scientific achievements are unparalleled by any other era. Yet while we enjoy the tast...
Human Species, Did We Screw Up?
The human species: supposedly the most intelligent beings on our planet. Yet what type of intelligent creature destroys their only home? You see most intelligent creatures adapt to their environment, ...
Christen King3 months ago
The Law of Attraction
In quantum physics, there's a basic theory on which everything that happens in life hinges upon. Basically, the theory goes like this: everything that happens on a physical level manifests in the spir...
Anna Flaherty4 months ago
Why We Always Desire to Know More
As human beings, we inherently strive to know more and more and more. When will this stop? Probably never. We seek out answers and knowledge and facts relentlessly and I expect that we always will. An...
K Stephen Hauser4 months ago
Wake Up to Reality
M. Night Shyamalan is my favorite director. “The Sixth Sense”, “Signs”, “Unbreakable”, and “The Village” are some of my all-time favorite movies. He has such a unique way of telling a story. He shows ...
Jessica Haight4 months ago
Twisted Rings
Five twisted lines link to create a stable ring. There are four in total, and four bridges connect them, forming a circle around the group, four gateways pass into the physical world. Universe (one so...
mayukhab117 .4 months ago
Sometimes, I feel like you have to just sit down and talk about aliens. Everything is manmade. We can't imagine a world without time, thought, order, etc., because we haven't been exposed to anything ...
Dallas Hemingway5 months ago
What Is Truth?
That which is written can never be Truth. So how am I to express this to you, the reader? This is my conundrum . . . I can talk to you about an apple. I can describe how it tastes, how it looks, how i...
Joseph Civitella5 months ago
Temple of the Reverend Seeker
In the Beginning, As in the End, There is the Summons Welcome to the Temple of the Reverend Seeker. As you may notice, this is not a traditional place of worship in that we are less about religion tha...
Delilah Jayde5 months ago
10 Predictions from the Year 1900 That Exist Today
Fortune tellers and telepathy have often been treated with very little regard in our modern day society. To be able to see into the future or to know what will happen in the coming days is almost a no...
Kayleigh Downs6 months ago
The Prepper Convert
Tin hat wearer, conspiracy theorist, nut job—yes, that's just a few of the names you get called when you watch the non-mainstream media, read about bushcraft and prepping. But is it really something t...
Krow Fischer6 months ago
Close Encounters
I was in a discussion last night when it felt like I was suddenly split into two places. One was my own living room sitting beside the fire talking to my life mate. In the other I was talking to 5 bei...
Luna 7 months ago
So let me just question our existence for a minute. I know it's a difficult thing to stomach but is there ever going to be a reason we keep creating generations and generations to keep our family name...
Chris Coleman8 months ago
Language of Wonder
Throughout history the question has arisen many times as to what makes us human. What differentiates us from the common ape? Science has shown we share a majority of our DNA with other wild primates. ...
Dan Shouinard9 months ago
What Does the World Have Left In the Tank?
Mother Nature cries every time we slap her in the face...and now she is returning the hurt.