Science fiction's most popular literary writers from Isaac Asimov to Stephen King and Frank Herbert, and the rising stars of today.

G.F. Brynn7 months ago
Alex The Inventor - Chapter 10 (Pt.1)
Chapters 1 - 9 can be read at: Deep Sky Stories & Illustrations
Amy S8 months ago
'Codex Seraphinianus': The Book No One Can Read...
For anyone with an interest in surrealism, the Codex Seraphinianus would be a book definitely worth getting your hands on. The book contains 11 hand written chapters written in an unknown language tha...
K BP8 months ago
*Please note: This is my original work and has not, in any way, been plagiarized. I respectfully ask that readers do not plagiarize after myself. Thank you.
Josh Whitehead8 months ago
The science fiction and fantasy genres have been greatly inspired by American Mysticism and Spiritualism, beginning mostly with the new religious movements of Theosophy and Rosicrucianism. These genre...
Trevor J8 months ago
Sword of Gaerus 1-1
The Bar was just another Inn in another town with a new sea of faces that are not worth the trouble to remember. The three brutes up near the innkeeper are trying to start a quarrel. The lone man in t...
Simon Mcbride9 months ago
Fog of War
The ground shuddered with each and every impact of the morning's bombardment. The number of shells hitting the enemy line was so immense that each thud merged with the next, each crack of the detonati...
L.B. Joshua Saylor9 months ago
The Storm Of Last November
This is how it ends, or at least how it ends for me. I don't know if I'm the last man alive or not, but I could be. I haven't seen another person for at least two winters I guess, but I could be wrong...
G.F. Brynn9 months ago
Alex the Inventor - Chapter 9 (Pt. 2)
Chapters 1 - 8 can be read at: Deep Sky Stories & Illustrations
Aidan O'Kane9 months ago
Neurothought Issue 0.5
The horns of taxis sound as the citizens walk through the city. Like sheep... all of them... shuffling along to their deaths. Or their families... but I don't see the difference. Bank City's got nothi...
David Warren9 months ago
Cries of a newborn...those vibrations that embody within them the very essence of life, resonated throughout the cold, metallic, and plastic room heated only by warm bodies; mainly the mother’s. She w...
Aidan O'Kane10 months ago
Neurothought Issue 0
Shanghai, China. Beautiful city during both day and night, but what's under the city is the part they'd prefer to keep hidden. Drug runners, human trafficking, every crime you could possibly think of....
Legit Alleya year ago
=•Sam's POV•= "SAM GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF BED OR ELSE YOU WILL BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!" My sister yelled from the outside of my closed door. I let out a loud and tired moan as I rolled over, out of bed, and...
Joseph Farleya year ago
Best New Sci-Fi Books
The best sci-fi books always feel sort of new, that's part of their wide appeal. While many folks like to stick to classic sci-fi, there are many great new writers doing amazing things, and that's why...
Journey to New Emerald
The sun beats down on me as I wander the unfamiliar terrain, surrounded on either side by enormous redwood trees; half of which are dead, the other half, mutated so that their needles glow softly in t...
Bill Shaffira year ago
Best Dan Simmons Books
Dan Simmons is one of the most prolific authors of the past three decades, and his work is incredibly varied in both tone and style. Simmons is one of the few novelists whose work spans the genres of ...
K. Alexandraa year ago
Hello to My Past Life
Birds fly above me as they plant a kiss on my cheek with their feathery wings, I wake up to notice my infant self giggling as the birds continue to sing. "It's already morning," I thought... but she i...
Andreas Tvetea year ago
Everything's Twisted (Part 1)
I was lying on a bed; a comfortable one. It was nice and warm under my blanket, and the room was humid. Humid… Something was off. I quickly opened my eyes, and allowed them to adjust to the darkness. ...