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Reviewing the best science fiction movies from the past, present, and future.

Annie Kendall10 days ago
Movie Review: "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets"
I knew little of the plot of this movie when I went to see it. Something about a giant space station, a number of different aliens (including humans) that populated it, and the inevitable threat that ...
Ari Brin21 days ago
The Problem with Hollywood's A.I.
The exactitudes of 2015's Ex Machina might have passed from your memory, but the sci-fi film's influence is still felt by many within the industry. Made for a relatively small budget (as science ficti...
Matthew Kresala month ago
Jurgens, Von Braun, & 'I Aim At The Stars'
For those of a certain age or with an interest in the history of space exploration, the name of Wernher Von Braun will be a familiar one. Von Braun was one of the fathers of NASA's rocket program, the...
Riley Reese2 months ago
Sci-Fi Movies Influenced by 'Dune'
Dune is one of the most famous science fiction books to ever be published, and also spawned a series of movies and television shows by the same name. This has led to a number of visual masterpieces un...
Riley Reese2 months ago
Best Cryptozoology Documentaries
Cryptozoology is the study of animals that allegedly exist—but currently have no physical proof of it quite yet. It's a fascinating field where people will actually sit down and investigate claims of ...
Anthony Gramuglia2 months ago
Best Sci-Fi Cult Classics of All Time
Most people are familiar with the greatest films in the science fiction genre, but you might be hard-pressed to name any of the best sci-fi cult classics of all time. You may ask "what differentiates a cult classic from a regular old classic?" After all, both classics and cult classics have great lines, great scenes, a loyal fanbase. What's the difference? Cult classics are the dark horses of cinema – underrated by mainstream audiences. They either flopped at the box office or the film's marketi...
Mickey Finn2 months ago
The Matrix: Sci-Phi...?
What if I told you that no one can be told what the Matrix is, they can only be shown? What if I said that the laws of physics protected this exact knowledge from ever being realized from inside of th...
Sydnie Beaupré2 months ago
The Occult
What does the word occult even mean? Definition of occult (Merriam-Webster): Adjective oc·cult \ə-ˈkəlt, ä-; ˈä-ˌkəlt\: not revealed: secret deep subterranean occult jealousy—J. C. Powys Not easily ap...
Jay Sandlin2 months ago
Jedi vs. Sith Symposium
The parentage of Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens is debated among the Masters of the Jedi and Sith Libraries. Find us on Facebook today:
Jay Sandlin2 months ago
Star Wars: The Last Jedi
From Author and Historian Jay Sandlin: I break down the trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Includes a scene-by-scene analysis, Star Wars history, and my fun props. @JSandlinWriter; #JediMullet Welcome to "The Last Jedi" trailer analysis. You can find me on twitter @JSandlinWriter. I am also the creator of The Novel Comics. Rey begins the trailer with a "jump" moment during her training. This tricky perspective shot is meant to trick us into believing we...
Rich Monetti3 months ago
Best Horror Movies Based on Real Life and True Crime Stories
In actuality, this might be better titled, best true crime horror movies that I can actually stomach. Not that the ones dissected aren’t deserving and universally acknowledged. But the horror movies l...
Riley Reese3 months ago
Worst Science Fiction Films Ever Made
There are some seriously good sci-fi movies that remain popular throughout the decades. They're iconic, thought-provoking masterpieces that make the entire film genre look amazing. That being said, ma...
Neal Ulen3 months ago
Alien: Covenant - An Analysis
Warning: This article/review contains spoilers.
Matthew Kresal3 months ago
Watching The Skies With 'Roswell'
When it comes to UFO events, few are more famous than the alleged events that took place outside the New Mexico town of Roswell in the summer of 1947. Yet that wasn't always the case though as for dec...
Rich Monetti3 months ago
George Clooney Brings Us and Science Fiction Down to Earth in 'Gravity'
The relatively factual science fiction movie Gravity opens by setting us at ease in the care of Hollywood’s most reassuring leading man. Light on his feet as ever in the 2013 film written and directed...
Rich Monetti3 months ago
The Science Fiction of Rollerball Is Nothing Compared to the Facts of Real Life Control
If you’ve never seen Rollerball, stop what you’re doing and dial up the DVD for this 1975 Science Fiction Movie classic. Set in the year 2024, this dystopia puts Bread and Circuses on a violent whirlw...
M Alan Kazlev3 months ago
The Guardians of the Galaxy - Superheroes or Space Opera?
Watching Guardians of the Galaxy 2 leaves me in no doubt that this is a new space opera in the making. And if the sequel doesn't have the classic mythic mcguffin story arc of the first (where the infi...
Anthony Gramuglia3 months ago
New 'Blade Runner 2049' Trailer Released
"There is an order to things." Science fiction fans have never stopped talking about Ridley Scott's classic science fiction film Blade Runner. The original, starring Harrison Ford, Sean Young, and Rutger Hauer, remains a favorite among genre fans for numerous reasons. The cyberpunk aesthetic, the complex questions about the nature of humanity, and, of course, Harrison Ford. Is Deckard a human or a replicant? It's a question that science fiction fans (and the people behind the movie) have debated...