Modern day science fiction photography and images.

Shi New7 months ago
My Aura Photography Progress Experiment
Paul Levinson2 years ago
What Amelia Earhart Photo Says About the Power of Photography
I've been thinking about that newly uncovered photograph of Amelia Earhart and its upending of history, telling us she indeed survived that dive her plane apparently took into the Pacific Ocean in 193...
First contact could have gone better. The beings visiting Earth had learned how to leave behind their physical bodies so long ago that the idea of an awakened mind being tethered to meat was at best q...
Yvette Cordova2 years ago
Life in 360°
Technology is growing and shaping the way we take photographs. We even capture and create memories using our cell phones, so it's not surprising that photography is still an evolving industry. Videos ...
Eddie Wong2 years ago
Garrett Brown's SkyCam History
You've seen the view from high above a football stadium before. But have you ever flown through the goalposts like a football? With SkyCam, a computerized camera originated in the 1980s, that soars th...
Natasha Sydor3 years ago
Living in a Disconnected World
David Karp, a recent graduate from Cornell University, is part of the up-and-coming trend of initiative Millennials taking their careers by storm. In his visionary film Disconnected, Karp sees the wor...