Science fiction poetry from established writers and new writers.

Krow Fischer6 months ago
Apollo's Creed
Hello out there. It’s me again. I have been thinking about our last conversation, where you said nothing. Sometimes it feels like I am communicating through a Bliss Board, one of those devices with li...
Storyteller IRT9 months ago
Dragon Tales (#2)
She ran through the forest, their words replaying in her head. “Strike it down” They had said. “We want it dead!” The lying 'hero's' had hummed their agreements as they were fed. She looked to the eve...
Sarah Quinna year ago
Surprising Science Fiction Stories from the Ancient World
Some think of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein as the beginning of science fiction. Others would say that it didn’t really begin until H.G. Wells began writing down his marvelous, speculative stories in wh...
Sarah Quinna year ago
Heart-Rending Poems for Sci-Fi Fanatics
Distant relatives to the familiar "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," these sci fi poems are raw, real, and sometimes almost too close for comfort. They blur the line between speculation and reality in t...