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Will Jackson4 days ago
10 Expensive Things Associated with the Prophet Muhammad
Today, Vidello Productions takes a look at 10 expensive relics associated with the Prophet Muhammad.
Kennedy Brown6 days ago
Bring Religion Back: The Answer to All Our Problems!
I’ve never been a religious person. Even when I was little enough to be open to the idea of religion, I could remember sitting around thinking about how “ridiculous” the Bible sounded. MY heart someho...
SKYLERIZED 6 days ago
Mohammad's Skiing
Enamored with all of the gear, Mohammad looked at the parka, the skis, the gloves, the pants, the jacket, and the ski poles. “Alright, Mo’ we’re going to go through the rudiments of—” said the instruc...
Will Jackson7 days ago
10 Expensive Things Associated with the Pope
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SKYLERIZED 10 days ago
Mohammad's Skydiving
The walk from the van to the hangar enticed Mohammad. The prophet scooted along, expecting an exhilarating ride in an airplane above Newark, Delaware. The New Castle Airport remained a few minutes awa...
Will Jackson10 days ago
10 Expensive Relics Associated with Jesus Christ
Today, we take a look at 10 expensive Relics associated with Jesus Christ.
SKYLERIZED 11 days ago
Mohammad's Frying
His name tag simply read, “Mo.” His assistant manager said that it was unprofessional and that he should be wearing the “Mohammad” name tag that she printed out for him. He disobeyed her authority. Bu...
SKYLERIZED 13 days ago
Mohammad's Collision
The day of the Chinese Lunar New Year in 2031—the Year of the Pig—the prophet Mohammad stopped by the Super Kitchen Chinese restaurant in Bear, Delaware, no less. The snow outside fell lightly, making...
WatchMojo 19 days ago
Top 10 Egyptian Gods and Goddesses
These are the ancient guides of the underworld and the afterlife. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the "Top 10 Egyptian Gods and Goddesses." For this list, we’re f...
SKYLERIZED 19 days ago
Mohammad's Descent
Two figures stood atop a skyscraper in Wilmington, Delaware. One man saw action as a reconnaissance (RECON) Marine and had been retired for fifteen years. The other figure, Mohammad, stood covered in ...
Brian Taylor20 days ago
God Wasn't There (Ch. 2)
Power over people is a very interesting thing. We see it a lot in the animal species of the world. The strongest animal usually gets the first choice of meal and mate. In more complex species, it becomes more of a power dynamic. That position of dominance is given with an expectation that the animal with the most power is there to defend its group and therefore when the time comes, that animal will use that power to protect those that protect them. But unfortunately, that’s not the way it works ...
Brian Taylor20 days ago
God Wasn't There (Ch. 1)
Have you ever had one of those days that makes you question what the fuck this is all for? Today was one of those days that really caused that question to race through my head. It wasn’t just your average everyday kind of frustrating. This was a special kind of frustration. You see, I’ve been strolling around on this little blue speck of dust as it has flown through the emptiness of space around the sun 42 times. For those of you that didn’t understand that analogy, it means that I’m probably wa...
Hitarth Raval23 days ago
'Why I Am an Atheist' - Book Review
Title - Why I am an Atheist Author - Bhagat Singh Number of Pages - 24 If I were to say that I have been an atheist for half of my life, I would not be completely lying. In earlier years of my life, I...
Katie Gaster24 days ago
Modern Witchcraft: A Little Understanding
The concept of witchcraft has always intrigued me and ever since I've become aware of the reality of modern witches, my interest has only grown! The summer before last I met up with an old friend for ...
SKYLERIZED 25 days ago
Mohammad's Shooting
Halia Cooperson, CEO of ThinkClick Firearms of Wilmington, Delaware, could smell the carbon and CLP (cleaner, lubricant, and preservative) emanating from the smart firearms being shot, being serviced,...
SKYLERIZED a month ago
Mohammad's Drowning
A clock on the wall read 3:14 in the morning. Mohammad looked bedraggled. His eyes shifted left to right and he hung his head and then picked it back up again. A military intelligence specialist worki...
SKYLERIZED a month ago
Mohammad’s Gulp
Jazz music tiddly-winked in the corner of the room from a piano, bass, and trumpet in a nightclub called Upscale in downtown Wilmington, Delaware. Sylvester German, clad in a tailored suit and white s...
SKYLERIZED a month ago
Mohammad's Drop
In Smyrna, Delaware, the snow had fallen upon the wheat fields and made them look like frosted cereal. In the police car, zooming at a fast clip through the country, Mohammad struggled with his handcu...