science fiction

The bridge between imagination and technological advancement, where the dreamer’s vision predicts change, and foreshadows a futuristic reality. Science fiction has the ability to become “science reality”.

Thomas Phelps3 days ago
White Hat
I watched carefully as my opponent tested the waters, taking a couple steps forward. I let him, waiting to see what he would do. I could see him put something together, slowly trying to figure out how...
SKYLERIZED 9 days ago
Cyborgs Like Us
Her eyes fluttered for a few seconds. It happened like this every workday. Her alarm clock under her eyelids reflected the time: six thirty. Tyquinae Sandifer would wake up to the skies, a grayness cl...
Ian Byrd11 days ago
Raging Stars
Journal entry 645—Year 3818 Heat bakes the dry desert sands of this copper colored world. Rare swirls of weak wind pick up grains of sand and drop them mere inches from where they started. It has been...
Shane Cook14 days ago
When the End Can't Be Seen
The year is 2021, the world is at ends with each other. The United States and North Korea are in the mist of full out war. With this undergoing, Russia continues secretly is creating something that co...
Hailey Corum17 days ago
Operation 36-AB
It's the night of the mission. There are exactly 72 crew members on deck, 11 oxygen tanks, and an abundance of mysteries to be solved. Operation 36-AB was almost in session. It was Tuesday, the first ...
Oluf Marshall17 days ago
Hong Kong 97
March 1997. The handover was fast approaching, and Hong Kong’s long history of British rule was coming to an abrupt end, for the worse or better? Who knows! Mainland China was itching to replace what ...
Abs Simm18 days ago
The Dome
Being left alone is never fun. Especially when it is by your own happiness. Life is a recipe, you’re given the instructions and ingredients to make the perfect cake but let’s face it, you never make i...
Matthew Kresal19 days ago
Regenerating 'Doctor Who: The Classic Series' with Ronn Smith
For fifty-five years, Doctor Who has been keeping viewers entertained with the adventures of the Time Lord through time and space. What began as a series of TV series has turned into an ever-expanding...
Paul Levinson19 days ago
Paul Levinson Read from 'The Whether App'
My first published story in a "pro" market was "Albert's Cradle," back in 1993, in Amazing Stories. I therefore was especially pleased when my story "Slipping Time" was published in the fall 2018 re-launch issue of Amazing Stories. The magazine, by the way, was started by Hugo Gernsback in 1926, making it the oldest science fiction periodical still in publication. I was even more pleased when Amazing Stories bought another one of my stories, just written a few months ago, for publication in its ...
Eugenia Moreno23 days ago
Home? (Chapter 11)
Jerry's blood fills the air and runs under the sole of my shoe, soaking the predominantly white colour of the sneakers with a tint of dark red. His gun lays beside him, shining under the blinding and ...
Makenzie Ferrier24 days ago
Full Moon
The moon is of huge significance in the field of Earth science, controlling tides and seasons with its gravitational pull. In some respects, it symbolises man's ability to aim higher than our ancestor...
M Holcombe24 days ago
Artificial (Chapter Eleven)
"In world news, Former President Ava Williams has invoked the Arabian Concord." Bill Monroe glared into the camera. "No doubt she is hiding from her role in the Island debacle. Joining me today is Mar...
Don Klees25 days ago
A Tale of Two Martian Chronicles
Though historians debate the exact date, by any reasonable measure radio drama stopped being a mass entertainment in America over 50 years ago. In the intervening decades fitful attempts at revivals h...
Wendell Mitchella month ago
Kiss Before Dying (Pt. 2)
Morning’s light forced open James's weary eyes. He shielded his face with his left hand while the right fumbled for his cell phone. He noted the time digitally painted on the screen and threw off his ...
Wendell Mitchella month ago
Kiss Before Dying (Pt. 3)
James stared at his uncle like a crazy person. The craziness did not stem from his uncle or from what he had said, but from the initial excitement at hearing the word vampire. That feeling was slowly ...
Tracy Lawsona month ago
The Alien and the Kid
One evening just before dinner, a young boy stood outside throwing a yellow tennis ball into the air and catching it with his hand. He tossed it up into the air and then caught it. Upon tossing it up ...
Jonathon Morenoa month ago
Unreal: Book 1 (Ch. 3)
Chapter 3 She walked toward him. Aware that she was there he yelled at her. Yet it didn’t seem like she could hear him. He said it again. Still no reaction. “What am I?” he final heard himself yell. “...
Victoria a month ago
The Story of a Rising Group Wanting to Change the World