science fiction

The bridge between imagination and technological advancement, where the dreamer’s vision predicts change, and foreshadows a futuristic reality. Science fiction has the ability to become “science reality”.

C. A. Wilke7 hours ago
Stuck in a Tin Can in Deep Space
One of the most iconic phrases in Science Fiction is Star Trek’s original opening line, “Space, the final frontier.” Space may be the final frontier, but first, we have to be able to survive the cold ...
Rajendra Shepherd10 hours ago
A Million Angry Faces
2050 - An obituary-writing company sends its carefully constructed pieces to celebrities before they die, so that the star can approve the text. In this modern super-era of media-constructed status an...
andrew lucas12 hours ago
Beowulf's Commission
"Free trader Beowulf to Deimos flight control, I am beginning my final approach." Iritana didn’t wait for the reply and nudged the thruster controls forward. It was a breach of protocol not to wait fo...
Kevin McClintock14 hours ago
The Bose-Einstein Crucible
"The Bose-Einstein condensate is a state of matter in which extremely cold atoms clump together and act as if they were a single atom." ––Wonderpedia "Isaac Newton produced many works that would now b...
Leif Helason14 hours ago
I post many of my thoughts in areas that mean a lot to me. Areas where, yes, my thoughts will be heard with at least...compassion. I do not know all the answers. I likely never will. I am not a highly...
Kyle Hendrix2 days ago
“Love is just a chemical in the brains of animals that compels them to breed.” The handsome man leans back in his chair and triumphantly takes a sip of his beer as the lights in this dingy bar flicker...
Brutalist Stories #31
I’m looking around at their swollen, sunken eyes as they talk aimlessly with each other, prattle on about what’s about to take place, about what they’re going to do with me. “Lieutenant Commander, you...
F. Simon Grant2 days ago
Duck Duck Goose
For Jesus and William S. Burroughs on the occasion of their birth. Duck Duck Goose was a comedy show starring a duck and a duck-billed platypus, both uncreatively named Duck by the show’s creator, a s...
F. Simon Grant3 days ago
Myrmidon :oR: The Organ Damage of Puppet Shows Dexter Opopanax Jr was a ventricle who suddenly gained sentience and burst from the chest of his father, Dexter Opopanax Sr., splitting off from the othe...
Colour of City
Welcome back! Picking up from where we left off, we begin with the end of Alulim's reign and exile onto the dustball we know and love today, Mars! Shortly after this, management of Eridu is transferre...
G.F. Brynn3 days ago
Alex the Inventor - Chapter 2
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What if D-Day Had Failed?
When Group Captain James Stagg of the Royal Air Force (RAF) met Eisenhower on the evening of 4 June, he and his meteorological team were unable to give him a firm enough assurance that the weather wou...
William E5 days ago
The Comfort of Dreams
Hugo sat in the waiting room, waiting. The walls were peach coloured, the floor shone, pot plants occupied strategic corners. On a television mounted on the wall a video played on a loop. He watched i...
Joshua Guess5 days ago
Deathwatch, Chapter One
Beck sat in the blowing dust, waiting for her family to be killed. The thin particles stuck to her face, darkening where they merged with her tears. She took no notice of it. In the Outers, the dust w...
Laura Prado6 days ago
Maria the Savior
A flash of green light filled the room. And then it was gone. In its place stood a man. "It's you!" Maria wasn't fazed. It was herself indeed, sitting in her bed, drinking some tea and catching up on ...
Ian Holmes7 days ago
“Kudrow? Where are we going?” I didn’t know. They wouldn’t say. Phil is next to me, his hands balled tightly in his lap. For some reason, despite everything, I’m worried he’ll wet himself. That’s what...
Karli Healey8 days ago
Offline: Chapter 1
"Powering on. Welcome to Future™." A monotone, synthetic female-like voice echoed through the surround-sound. The genius mind and the face of Future™ smiled invitingly on the loading screen. He was on...
Outrun Stories11 days ago
Outrun Stories #30
The shower’s turned right up, hot jets of water almost tearing into my skin, washing off the last 24 hours as the flickering memories try their best to turn my gut. All it takes is one night, in the t...