science fiction

The bridge between imagination and technological advancement, where the dreamer’s vision predicts change, and foreshadows a futuristic reality. Science fiction has the ability to become “science reality”.

John Ridgway18 hours ago
Persona Non Grata
"HARFILDOOP, eh? Changing jobs is it, then?" The older man squinted a bit as he looked him over, then smiled kindly and motioned toward the wooden chair in front of his desk. He was wearing the typica...
John Ridgway21 hours ago
Thessler, Keeper of Pigs
Thirty nine million two hundred and forty six thousand years before our story takes place, massive shifts in Plate Teutonic's wiped out the last vestiges of Earth's civilization. Long ago forgotten, n...
Dav Stories4 days ago
Silver Eyes
She opens her eyes in a slow, fluid motion, careful not to startle her unusually sensitive corneas. As her eyes glide to an almost fully open position, she sees a flutter of light similar to something...
Kelsey Paulina7 days ago
The World Is Your Oyster
You awaken to an unusual aroma, one that may have been markedly putrid if you hadn't already gone nose-blind to its pungency during your contiguous state of blissful slumber. Strangely enough, this wa...
Daniel Kuehn17 days ago
The Apple
Location: The Aurora Colony, Main Library Year: 2666 AD A dead man’s eyes punctured my soul. My mouth felt dry. It felt drier than the Mojave Desert, drier than Phoenix, and definitely drier than the ...
SKYLERIZED 17 days ago
Life and Production: S4 E2: This Work
The Brainchildren surveyed the damage that the moths had done to the coca crops. Huge swaths of barren copses dotted the landscape. From their vantage point, they could observe the potential billions ...
LUi$ Thompson18 days ago
Marsh Vegaa: The Shark-Toothed Dolphin File
Marsh Vegaa Ch. I Today was even harsher than ever this fall. After traveling far and wide through the Commonwealth with my mutant companion "Strong" finding new places to build settlements became cle...
SKYLERIZED 18 days ago
Life and Production: S4 E1: Eloria Noyesi
Lesane received a video conference call from one of his connections in Colombia. “Dr. Lesane, I am Dr. Hector Olario. I am from Rio Negro, Colombia. Good afternoon, sir.” “Good afternoon, but I am no ...
What Happened to Her?
Year: 2076 Location: Underground Paranormal Testing Facility somewhere in the US Time: 5:32 PM It has always been the same thing: wake up, get groomed, get dressed, eat the necessary meals, and sit in...
Fabelnoir Series24 days ago
Fabelnoir Book One
"Another. It’s been a long night.” I took my glass of brandy to the corner of the bar and slumped myself into the nearest seat. My necktie was strangling me, so I yanked at it till the thing was loose...
G.F. Brynna month ago
Alex The Inventor - Chapter 12 (Pt.3)
Book 2 of an Illustrated Sci-Fi Trilogy
Dhinoj Dingsa month ago
Eulogy for an AI Bot
It is with much regret that I bring to you the news that the AI bot we all used to call ‘Jimmy’ but whose real name was AGFRT5146&[email protected]((9 is no more. Indeed, it is with a heavy heart that I undertake t...
SKYLERIZED a month ago
A Mumbling Word
Cold winds ushered the young man inside of the house. He clutched a digital player and wireless earbuds. Collins True tore off his jacket and untied his boots. His Newark, Delaware home provided for h...
G.F. Brynna month ago
Alex The Inventor—Bk.2-Ch.12 (Pt. 2)
Ebooks 1 & 2 (to date) can be read at: Deep Sky Stories & Illustrations
LUi$ Thompsona month ago
Death Hunter Saga
The Diamondus Prequel
LUi$ Thompsona month ago
The Journey of Room #606
As Zack stepped into the Virtual Reality Expo, a strange feeling began coming over him. He could feel someone standing behind him. Moments later, a voice coming from a tent with the number 607, tagged...
G.F. Brynna month ago
Alex The Inventor - Ch.12
Chapters 1 - 11 can be read at: Deep Sky Stories & Illustrations Chapter 12 (Part 1)—Elliot and Cash (and Parallax) Half an hour later, big Jim Cash sat across from Old Elliot in the interview room of...
Mo Darasi2 months ago
Immortal's Tale Chapter 10
Three hours of business and strategy talk later, Frank Santoro left the restaurant followed by Leonard. As they exited through the door being held by their body guards, Max stood there with a satisfie...