science fiction

The bridge between imagination and technological advancement, where the dreamer’s vision predicts change, and foreshadows a futuristic reality. Science fiction has the ability to become “science reality”.

Troi Speaksa day ago
Thank You Grimmie
All that is born will die and that’s where I chime in. I smile, a warm and welcoming smile, at every passing soul I encounter. And in all my immortal years I have noticed that only humans ask why. Onl...
Made in DNAa day ago
Screaming Metal (Part 019)
That roll, however, was intended to buy the moment or two the Alley Cat needed to kick on its thrusters. Stuck on her butt in an awkward position, a frantic Priyanka still managed to magnetically lock...
G.F. Brynn4 days ago
Alex The Inventor-Chapter 4 (Pt.2)
Chapters 1 to 3 can be read at: Deep Sky Stories
Spencer Barrett5 days ago
The Librarian
ONE “A grim tale is not always one you wish to hear. However, if you value the truth, you will listen and embrace the misfortune. If you seek to escape and keep hope alive, turn away from me and live ...
SKYLERIZED 5 days ago
Like Luthiers
For all of the contraptions and doohickeys that the company Zeroth Robots could dream up, there remained a most special device. This appliance didn’t do your homework for you. No, this doodad didn’t w...
The Child of Armageddon
This world is full of violence and malice. Some of us blind ourselves to what is happening, concentrating on the screens that dull our minds. War has left parts of the planet scarred and nations divid...
Syl Dinada7 days ago
The Heart of the Cosmos
How, the scientist-pilot wondered, knowing what they knew of the universe, how could they affect it? Studying the map, they had realised they found themselves in its very heart. The sentience of the u...
Made in DNA8 days ago
Screaming Metal (Part 018)
"But you're still attached to the ship. If we take off–" Suen protested. "You let me worry about that. Do you read me?" There was a pause and then both Suen and Deshel piped up over the commset, "Yes,...
Leon Gower10 days ago
Universal Constance: Chapter 2
Chapter 2 ~ Yoga: Over 15 years, Rene had watched young women work at University Café, a store aptly named. Initially, she had begun as a silent partner, her family fronted some money to get started a...
Shaun Pond10 days ago
Winter in Korea
When I was a child my mother read to me stories of the future, as I’m sure yours did for you. In them were the most wondrous imaginings that captured my young mind and refused to let it go. If you’re ...
Em Harriss11 days ago
Stellar Prey: Chapter Two
I collected as much data about him as I could while he stared at me. He was honestly beautiful. Slim, muscular, with an almost perfectly symmetrical face. Chocolate hair, blue eyes and a weak smile, n...
G.F. Brynn12 days ago
Alex The Inventor - Chapter 4
Chapters 1 to 3 can be read at: Deep Sky Stories
Bari Demers13 days ago
The Black Stream of Energy
ACT ONE YEAR 2075 In February 2017, NASA astrophysicists discovered not one, but seven earth-size planets, all with the possibility of life. Astronomers used the term TRAPPIST-1, named for The Transit...
Blake Theau Thor13 days ago
The Watchers
Over 900 Years passed since the election; for over 900 years the Faction has been in power. The Faction was not a good entity to be in power either. The personal identity of each civilian had been str...
daniel morris15 days ago
Dark System 3
When Doctor MacLaine comes too after a quick combat with a new life form, he must convince her that he means her no harm, though he is not sure if she means him harm. The first thing I realized as I c...
Giacomo Lee15 days ago
Take the Next Tube
London, 1998. She was Eleanor, and he was Douglas, but neither of them knew the other’s name at that point. They’d only been talking for a small while when the train arrived. “Take the next tube,” sai...
Mad Uncle16 days ago
The Octopus of My Heart
In the first grade I knew something must be wrong. I was obsessed with a ginger haired girl named Gabby. The heartache didn’t go away for the longest time. She was the first girl I imagined naked. Not...
Made in DNA16 days ago
Screaming Metal (Part 017)
If this was indeed Il'on, then it would have been on Shake Hands well before the colonists. It made sense. If it could broadcast over the local radio waves, then it could listen in on them too. It had...