science fiction

The bridge between imagination and technological advancement, where the dreamer’s vision predicts change, and foreshadows a futuristic reality. Science fiction has the ability to become “science reality”.

Craig House2 months ago
Which Sci-Fi Universe Would You Want to Live in?
Different universes. We’ve all fantasised about them. And I bet you’ve thought at some point, whilst watching your favourite sci-fi programme, "What would it be like to actually live there?" But despite the sometimes fantastical surroundings, existing in these universes probably wouldn’t be all fun and games. I’ll run you through what it’d probably be like to inhabit these diverse, enthralling worlds.
1202 Duece Lee2 months ago
Astral (Ch. 10)
Sleep paralysis, it's been years since I've felt this cold stiffness encasing me. Embracing what comes next never came easy. Still, I try and remember the evenings doing sleep studies with Mrs. Glitz....
Chloe Hauxwell2 months ago
Eyes Wide Open (Pt. 2)
Everything seemed to be fine, but there was a piece of paper wedged in between some wires. “Cash, we can’t allow Vision to sell these. There is something wrong. The machine seems to be re-writing it’s...
Chloe Hauxwell2 months ago
Eyes Wide Open (Pt. 4)
Amelia slamming my front door startled me awake. “Good morning sleepy head, I called three times, thought I better pop over to see if you were dead or just ignoring me. Looks like it was somewhere in ...
Chloe Hauxwell2 months ago
Eyes Wide Open (Pt. 3)
“Subject One is Richard Curtis, 54 years of age. Curtis is an unemployed, homeless male from Arkansas.” Simon read off the man’s qualifiers as if he were a lab rat. “Mr. Curtis do you have an affiliat...
Chloe Hauxwell3 months ago
Eyes Wide Open
“Dreams are an integral part of our mental health. While there are times we don’t remember our dreams, they always occur, and in turn affect our daily lives. Who here has experienced a nightmare?” The...
Daniel Silva3 months ago
XTC78 Nebular Sector. Located 150 million light years from Earth. Interstellar ship Nova10. The crew consists of 25 people, mainly doctors, scientists, and researchers. There are very few militaries w...
Maddison Stoff3 months ago
The Hunter
I slap at an inoculation-mozzie on my neck, as I aim my harpoon launcher at the heat signature of the deer that runs across the forest floor, the swelling sounds of Smashing Pumpkins "Cupid De Locke" ...
Betty Glauder3 months ago
The Best Sci-Fi Writers
My love affair with science fiction dates from the first time I saw Star Wars as an enthralled kid who wished he could become a Jedi. Since then, I have scoured the movie, and book racks for anything ...
JC.W 3 months ago
Maxi’s World
Hello, my name is Maxi, I am in a Wade tribe on planet Toulon. Our planet is located in the IC1101 galaxy of the Abel 2029 Galaxy Cluster. It is a planet of diverse landforms, half land, half sea wate...
Flennoy Flippen3 months ago
The Remnant
Far from the coast and high in the mountains where you can see the clouds resting on the waters. Where the air is so pure and the grass so green that you could lose your way. A place where war has nev...
1202 Duece Lee3 months ago
Inferno (Ch. 9)
It's not like I thought it would be here. Actually–it's significantly colder than I imagined. The portal dropped us off in a desert of snow; and icy winds. Over there! Four pyramids. Each one, larger ...
Roy Huff4 months ago
Hearts of Yesterday
Over the past few weeks, Rita’s days, nights, and dreams blurred until they were indistinguishable. The typewriter punished her fingers as she hammered its oversized keys. Her eyelids grew heavy, but ...
Amanda Rose4 months ago
New Space Opera on Audible
This week the long anticipated Fire Fury Frontier hit Audible. With barely over 1,000 space operas available in audible's library, for sci-fi fans this is a huge win. The Fire Fury Saga has been recei...
Kyle Parker4 months ago
The night was darker than the deepest black, and his eyes as sorrowful as if he saw a crow standing over his own grave. Jack, a boy of about four years, stood still. He gazed over the long narrow stre...
1202 Duece Lee4 months ago
Muladhara (Ch. 8)
The sad door moans as it opens into the lifeless one story home. The frightening woman I met just a few months earlier now drags her head in defeat. I rip the note from the door and follow Tilly insid...