science fiction

The bridge between imagination and technological advancement, where the dreamer’s vision predicts change, and foreshadows a futuristic reality. Science fiction has the ability to become “science reality”.

Adizzy D4 months ago
Midnight Astrology
I love the stars, the planets, everything about the galaxy. I am always looking through my telescope late at night. The constellations of the stars always mesmerized me, they sucked me in. Everything ...
JC.W 4 months ago
Hole on the Moon
There are many unsolved mysteries in human history—the formation and rupture of prehistoric civilization, the occurrence of floods, the simultaneous rise of 10 suns, and the disappearance of the Sun a...
Chloe Gilholy5 months ago
Game Of Mass Destruction - Day One
Todd rolled his eyes at the screens. “Will they ever shut about Game of Mass Destruction!” He looked over at his friend Bobby, who had his head stuck in his console. “Are you still playing that Chocol...
JC.W 5 months ago
I have spent ten years in geosynchronous orbit. Only me. My companion flew back to Earth when he changed shifts, and he never came back. That day, I saw a few mushrooms on the surface of the earth, th...
1202 Duece Lee5 months ago
Manipura (Ch. 6)
“Conscious decision. Life without fear. Masterful influence over the mind. This is what the Divine has written for you.” Shaman? “Adrien. Stay with me.” Tilly. We were meditating. She said: “Breathe A...
Carlos Tkacz5 months ago
'The Void Within' Chapter 1
"Looking through history, the tendency becomes to view humanity as a single organism, ebbing and flowing together and towards goals that, at the time impossible to see, become visible to the historian...
1202 Duece Lee5 months ago
Anahata (Ch. 5)
Pu-Tor. Argo. Pu-tor. I just keep repeating it as I stitch my side. A rusted needle and old thread I stole from one of the houses where I used to hide from the Lady in Red, before I was able to lose h...
Joseph A. Morrison5 months ago
'Blake's 7: The Spoils of War'—Review
It's been quite a while since Big Finish actually put out any Blake's 7 content. Since the sad passing of Gareth Thomas, Big Finish has had to try and work around this, and since Josette Simon has dec...
1202 Duece Lee5 months ago
Vishuddha (Ch. 4)
I don't even know what we are looking for at this point. She hasn't said a goddamn word since we've been here. Feeling the oddly perfect paved road on my sneakers is a major relief Ah, the main road a...
CD Turner5 months ago
Divisible (Ch. 2) [NSFW]
I lie beside the Head, frozen in trauma. Had it minutes or hours since he finally rolled off me? It was traditional for the Head of House to sleep with their concubine the night of the ceremony. There...
CD Turner5 months ago
Divisible (Ch. 1)
ONE My mother affixed sprigs of baby's breath to my hair piece in between the carnations. I stared at myself transforming, being decorated like a Christmas tree or a seven-layer cake. The makeup was t...
Chloe Gilholy5 months ago
Game of Mass Destruction - Prologue
“Human beings are social animals. What brings us together is love and affection—anger drives us apart. Just as we employ physical hygiene to protect our health, we need emotional hygiene, the means to...
SKYLERIZED 5 months ago
Life and Production S3 E12: Blast II
Snow and soot combined to make ashen clumps which collected outside of the hall. The flash grenades only caused a fire which the fire robots sought to extinguish. Pandemonium ensued upon the first det...
JC.W 5 months ago
Song of Jupiter
“Jupiter, Jupiter… we’re coming.” 150 years later, man colonized Mars. Tan Cheng lay on the porthole of the spaceship MARIUS, speaking silently. “Hey, what are you looking at?” Fareal gave him a push ...
SKYLERIZED 5 months ago
Life and Production: S3 E11: Blast
The laureates of the Dr. Marie Maynard Daly Prize convened on a snowy evening in February. From sculpture to martial arts to dance and poetry, the prizes represented the best in each recipient and ins...
Eugenia Moreno5 months ago
Home? (Chapter 14)
Thousand eyes are staring at me. I don't know what to do. Should I step forward and call them, make them notice me? They have already seen me enter and I'm scared I won't be able to turn back. I don't...
SKYLERIZED 6 months ago
Life and Production: S3 E9: Against Azure Blue
The Flying Machine After exiting from the Goulding Automotive lot, Lesane went straight home to his other prized motorized possession: a robot driven golf cart. Just as he was turning onto the compoun...