science fiction

The bridge between imagination and technological advancement, where the dreamer’s vision predicts change, and foreshadows a futuristic reality. Science fiction has the ability to become “science reality”.

Planet Gazer83603 months ago
Space in Earth
Amy had eagerly left her home at Sydney, with no hesitation at all on the lively journey that impatiently awaited her, on a summer day of 2050, heading towards the flying taxi station found just 20 lo...
M Holcombe3 months ago
“Tense. Wanting learned think,” she said. “I understand,” Doctor Aiden said, “That is the desired outcome.” He turned from his screen. She was leaking at the rims of her eyes, he reached over to wipe ...
Eugenia Moreno3 months ago
Home? (Part 8)
For a second I maintain my eyes locked on the screen, wondering. We were told that humanity was to embark on a ship to save itself from catastrophe, from the so-called "End." Our mission was to head t...
Jacob Craig3 months ago
Are the Rules of Time Travelers Selfish?
If you have seen any classic time travel flick, you know that time travelers have to adhere a specific set of rules. Whenever someone goes back in time, they can't do as much as kill a housefly withou...
Jason Nikolaidis3 months ago
Gathering of Mendicants
That does me good, yes that does me good”, Father Ignatius exhaled while Father Francis, the mission’s medical robot applied the local anaesthetic and tended to his badly lacerated shin. “I feel like ...
Hattie Murdock3 months ago
Lena sighed as she prepped the incineration chamber, her janitor’s uniform hot in the stuffy room. This was the fourth dead baby this week, but it, she, had been different. She’d lived three days, ins...
Eugenia Moreno3 months ago
Home? (Part 7)
"What happened here?" I ask, although I'm not particularly interested in hearing such a story. It's enough to see the pain reflected in Max's eyes. He tells me nonetheless, however painful it may be f...
Em Harriss3 months ago
La Tapo Terminal
Arturo Peña My eyes flickered open, blinking hard to dust off the night before. The morning birds began cawing and chirping as specks of sunlight started to seep through the broken windows of the aban...
Elijah Taylor4 months ago
I sit on my desk with my head in my hands trying to process the events of yesterday. I don't know my power fully but I hope I can get it under control soon... [Two days ago] The morning sun blinds me,...
Eugenia Moreno4 months ago
Home? (Part 6)
The paper sits in front of me, as dangerous as a hungry lion. My hand is shaking, not letting the pen sign neatly. I don't want to do this. I don't know what I'm getting myself into, but it must be so...
Aaron Vegaa4 months ago
Room #607
In the beginning of the next century after the fall of Sector 54_B a new darkness had to battle the light within that dimension eventually. With the black tar creatures locked away, there had been an ...
Ernie Howard4 months ago
Red Hat
Sherri glanced at the bumper sticker and had to laugh. Yes, a giant meteor might be better in this current political climate. It would definitely be better than the two bozos that had been chosen from...
Eugenia Moreno4 months ago
Home? (Part 5)
"Welcome, welcome, everyone," says the President in the most squeaky yet excited voice I have heard in a long time. None of us have met him personally for we are considered too insignificant to have a...
Steven Cousler4 months ago
He Who Made You
Bzzzzzz. Errrrrrr. Ooooooh—pop. “—and that’s when I kissed Jeanine.” Bernard’s jaw dropped, creaking from disuse. “Lucky!” “You know what they say, Berny.” Florence glanced in the reflective glass of ...
Eugenia Moreno4 months ago
Home? (Part 4)
I wake up sweating. I had a nightmare; one in which I was being tortured by our government. I also had a stamp on my wrist which read 'deployed.' After I had seen my file, I could do nothing else but ...
Nastija Solovjova4 months ago
Silicon Visions 2
Nian Zhen was having trouble waking up, so she decided a detour to her favorite coffee shop was in order, and if she was lucky, she could nap on the way. She rested her forehead against the window as ...
DREAMZ . 😳4 months ago
The Four Man Invasion (Part 5)
A stunning conclusion to reflect on what will happen down the road of this mysterious adventure. The team and its captain finally makes a successful rendezvous in one piece with a new teammate; the di...
Lady Sunday4 months ago
The Starless Planet
My name is Thana. I stand near the window in the living room of my space pod, so I can gaze out at the looming planet that is closing distance to us. We have been planning to populate the starless wor...