science fiction

The bridge between imagination and technological advancement, where the dreamer’s vision predicts change, and foreshadows a futuristic reality. Science fiction has the ability to become “science reality”.

Raahim Ahmed6 months ago
"We all have grown tired watching the countless individuals out there on our front lines fall! Being gutted as we sit here perfectly safe and sound! Safe as they bite dust," the man is pulled off stag...
SKYLERIZED 6 months ago
Life and Production: S3 E8: Citizens on Patrol
What role does faith play in a cop's life?
1202 Duece Lee6 months ago
Anja (Ch. 3)
"This isn't home!" Amaranth pouts rubbing the grassy hill resting beneath us. "No, Amaranth, it isn't home." I try turning my head but my neck is stiff so I just stare into the bright glowing Amethyst...
SKYLERIZED 6 months ago
Life and Production: S3 E6: A Fresh Code
A Look Back at How the NSK Devised Their Plan
SKYLERIZED 6 months ago
Life and Production: S3 E5: A Green Audience
Addressing Splinters of light poured through stained glass windows of the Continually Faithful, Always True Nondenominational Church in Wilmington. Pastor Emory Donovan set aside his notes for the Sun...
SKYLERIZED 6 months ago
Life and Production: S3 E4: Variables
Saffron teaches at a private school of a different sort.
SKYLERIZED 6 months ago
Life and Production: S3 E3: Egretta Garzetta
The Lesanes visit Harmon Park in Newark, DE.
SKYLERIZED 6 months ago
Life and Production: S3 E2: The Night's Contest
The Mint The colors of the professional major league football team in Delaware were fittingly green, gold, and black. Fittingly because the name of the team was the Mint and represented the hue of Uni...
1202 Duece Lee6 months ago
Sahasrara (Ch. 2)
Amaranth, I've made some—miscalculations. Three months in this antiquated mining town. Old, rustic. It's quiet. Hidden away. An island, cut off from the rest of the world by sumptuous mountains. A bea...
SKYLERIZED 6 months ago
Life and Production: S3 E1: Contributions
The people of Delaware offer their funds to the state, sans force.
Elijah Taylor6 months ago
Control (Pt. 2)
Liam just keeps standing there with the silver-plated knife, gripping it and shaking. I have no idea if he is going to attempt to swing it at me or what. Part of my senses is telling me to do a preemp...
Kristin Wilson6 months ago
Destination: Earth
It is year 2019 on Earth. I haven't seen my real mother or father in what seems like millennia. Has it been millennia?! It isn't as if I could visit them, even if the humans could space travel... they...
1202 Duece Lee6 months ago
Projection (Ch. 1)
"I think I might have an idea?" It's got to be you! I've seen you before. Not this you. The you even you haven't realized is there. If I'm right, I was meant to find you. "Sure," she says letting a sh...
SKYLERIZED 6 months ago
Mohammad's Last Fight
The stands in Wilmington, Delaware this June night surrounding the square ring buzzed with anticipation. Big time rollers with enough cash to don designer duds and glittering jewelry showed up on web ...
SKYLERIZED 6 months ago
Mohammad's Overdose
On a table some methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and opioid tablets laid in neat little piles. Mohammad’s eyes glazed over at the spread. “I can get you all of this for twenty five hundred...
SKYLERIZED 7 months ago
It Is Well
Great plumes of smoke escaped from one of the tanks at chemical company Hylan, Inc. in Wilmington, Delaware. Dark figures scurried off into the night. This October evening brought with it it’s own ton...
SKYLERIZED 7 months ago
Choker Chain
Niso Quan, 20 and buoyant, walked down the street. It was the middle of the night in May. His chain wrapped around his neck like slave apparel. He listened to his music via his smartphones and earbuds...