Topics and developments in science and medicine, presented by Futurism.

Iria Vasquez-Paez3 months ago
Soil Destruction
Soil degradation means that soil is not being used to its fullest potential for agricultural use. (Source) This is because soil degradation is becoming a massive problem on this planet. The soil is a ...
Iria Vasquez-Paez3 months ago
Groundwater Depletion
Groundwater depletion is a growing problem on this planet today. It comes from, as usual, humans overusing their ability to draw groundwater out of our environment. Surface water is not always easily ...
Iria Vasquez-Paez3 months ago
Wildlife Goes Extinct on Our Planet
Earth has had multiple mass extinctions. It will keep happening as a natural evolutionary cycle or perhaps because of the activities of man. The Endangered Species Act was set up in 1973 to save us fr...
Kristin Wilson3 months ago
11 Little Known Facts About Nikola Tesla
Undoubtedly the Most Underrated, Under Acknowledged Man of His Time
Iria Vasquez-Paez3 months ago
Biodegradable Plastics Currently Available
Apparently, there already are two different types of biodegradable plastic on the market that we need to start introducing into manufacturing. These are known as oxo-biodegradable, (oxygen) and hydro-...
Iria Vasquez-Paez3 months ago
Climate Change Evidence
Denial is not just a dried up river in Africa. Earth has cooling periods also known as Ice Ages and warming periods, such as the global warming that occurs in 2018. There is much evidence of the exist...
Kristin Wilson3 months ago
11 Things You May Not Know About Albert Einstein
Some not-so-known facts about the greatest genius of his time.
Iria Vasquez-Paez3 months ago
What Air Pollutants Do to a City
Air pollution does a lot of harm to city infrastructure all across the United States. Air pollution exists in an invisible state that not everybody can see. But it certainly affects your breathing. Ac...
Eoin Black3 months ago
5 Hormones You Probably Never Knew You Had
Okay so we've all heard of hormones and, if like me you managed to survive your teenage years, you probably have a fair idea what they can do to your body (and your mood). Teenage girls becoming moody...
Iria Vasquez-Paez3 months ago
Toxicity and What It Does to the Body
Toxic leaks from landfills seep into our groundwater all the time. Imagine all that plastic just not biodegrading at all, staying put in that landfill for all time. We have access to many a lethal che...
Patrick Boniface4 months ago
How Deep Is Deep
We’ve all heard about leagues under the sea and how deep the Marianna’s Trench is; but have you ever stopped and thought how we developed our understanding of how to actually measure the depths? Measu...
Nina Simons4 months ago
DNA Testing—8 Things You Should Know
The discovery of DNA structure (along with technology improvements), made possible for us, without even seeing a doctor, to analyze our DNA and find out a lot about ourselves. Being a carrier of genet...
Grace Mitchell4 months ago
Everyone has experienced an afterimage at some point in their life. Yet, most people don’t realize what they are. An afterimage is a faded illusion of an object continued to be seen for a brief moment...
Corlett Novis4 months ago
Building Silicon Brains
What does the future look like to you? Perhaps you see quantum computing as the next big leap or envision a future powered by cold fusion. Maybe you think Artificial Intelligence will be the biggest g...
Lady Sunday4 months ago
Strange Sounds: 'Frost Quakes'
What is that strange sound outside? During the summer of 2009, myself and an old friend heard strange sounds at night in Niagara Falls, NY. At the time I was living in a small trailer park, with my tw...
Alice 6 months ago
Protein Production in a Cell
Protein is required for an animal cell to perform activities necessary for its survival. Though protein is made by the ribosome (an organelle), many other organelles (specialized cell parts that perfo...
Sarah McDaniel6 months ago
False Vacuum Theory
Coming to the realization that there just might be a "start over" button for the entire universe can be pretty unnerving... not knowing for sure whether the physics we use in our world today are legit...
Iria Vasquez-Paez6 months ago
How Psychic Ability Can Be Used in Archaeology
Debunkers would call psychic archaeology a fraud, but as I have an interest in the field of archaeology in general, I want to explore how my abilities can help me as an archaeologist. Archaeology is a...