Topics and developments in science and medicine, presented by Futurism.

John Nik6 months ago
Meeting Development Goals with Natural Gas
Bold action is needed to change the world. Solutions to energy poverty are often constrained to small-scale concerns such as cooking fuel and household lighting. These approaches, however, are not dar...
Allie Ho6 months ago
The Link Between Wildfires and Hurricanes
“Just because there's a wildfire or hurricane doesn’t mean it was because of global warming and climate change,” my father says as we stare at the red sun through the smog-covered sky. “Why can’t it b...
Olibia Bailey-Odom6 months ago
Facts About Nuclear Fallout
In the event of nuclear fallout, here are some facts you may find useful.
Marshall Barnes7 months ago
Why Those 2 Silicon Valley Billionaires Are Wasting Their Time & Money
Beginning 'round the time that Tad Friend, over at The New Yorker, published his October 10, 2016 article on Y Combinator founder, Sam Altman, the rumors flew far and fast concerning an odd footnote h...
Kathryn Barnsley7 months ago
Did Jurassic Park Teach the Scientists of Today Anything?
We have all watched the popular science fiction, adventure film Jurassic Park directed by Steven Spielberg and released in 1993. Based on the best-selling book by Michael Crichton and making $1.029 bi...
Where the Body Ends and the Self Begins
In a few months we will be able to see the first human head transplant. After years of preparation and planning, surgeons hope that the procedure, successful or not, will lead to new treatments for th...
Pierre Roustan8 months ago
4 Inconvenient Truths About the Earth's Environment That May Freak You Out
Anyone who thinks viral news is nothing more than sensationalist might not get the entire truth, although there are some posers out there speculating about everything from the latest meteor heading to...
pionic 8 months ago
Are There Wormholes at the Black Holes' Core?
What happens when you remove the singularity from a black hole? A wormhole might appear right in the center of it. Can you go through, can we travel through time? Nobody knows for sure, but in case yo...
pionic 8 months ago
Is The Human Mind Capable Of Manipulating Our Physical World?
Lucien Hardy is a theoretical physicist from the Perimeter Institute in Canada. Hardy was always asking questions, gathering information, looking for paradoxical thought experiments and provoking the ...
C. A. Wilke8 months ago
Catching 40 Billion Winks
Humanity’s first trip to a distant star is likely to be boring. I’m not talking I’m-so-bored-I-can’t-find-anything-to-watch-on-237-cable-channels-or-Netflix kind of bored. I mean stuck-in-a-doctor’s-o...
John Hatanaka8 months ago
I think in today's society we can look into the world and see ourselves as separate beings, but this is largely a fallacy I believe. More and more I see the connection we all have with one another. It...
Sarah McDaniel8 months ago
Top Alternate Universe Theories
For the longest time, alternate universes were just used as an excuse to have a new character, a weird plot line, or just a cool story in media. If you're like me, you've probably wondered what life w...
Kevin McClintock8 months ago
Unnatural Philosophy?
Thank goodness today's natural philosophers have their fancy tools at hand when it comes to proving their theories and letting us know just what's what. Imagine the embarrassment of say, Aristotle, we...
C. A. Wilke8 months ago
On-Demand Spaceship Parts from Pink Goop?
One of the most fascinating technologies to be birthed out of the turn of the millennium is additive, or 3D, printing. And like many other scientific discoveries and inventions, it doesn’t take a ton ...
Sarah McDaniel8 months ago
What is Consciousness?
Perhaps one of the strangest mysteries of the universe is the question of how we became cognizant creatures. Being conscious is one of the bare-bone requirements of being alive, and yet, we still don'...
sharan r9 months ago
"Why can't we write all the 24 volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica on the head of a pin?" This question raised by the great scientist Richard Feynman became the cradle for a revolutionary idea — th...
sharan r9 months ago
India in Space
Their beginning was humble, and they had no achievements to boast about. Not even a good laboratory . But, this dream team, had a great vision for India. On 21st November 1963, they created history by...
Arthur M.9 months ago
Origin of Life
When I was just a little kid, I was convinced that life popped up from just about anything, especially things that were rotting. It wasn't long before a discarded apple core turned into a cloud of tin...