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Tom Chapmana year ago
Get A Great Big Facehug From 'Alien: Covenant' And Facebook's Newest Feature
If you are a horror fiend, then you will no doubt have acid blood coursing through your veins in anticipation of #RidleyScott's #AlienCovenant. The second in Scott's planned Alien prequel trilogy, the...
Millennials Are Aliens and They Are Alienated
The Millennial generation has so much choice, so many life chances and so much technology at the finger tips, they have become the object of hate and ridicule from previous generations. The stereotypi...
Rob Salkowitz2 years ago
Visual Content Needs a Social Life
Series note: As technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, Big Data and mixed reality start to blur the line between science and science fiction, some of the most exciting developmen...
Isaac Tan2 years ago
On Being Hacked
It’s just one of those things which you hardly think about until it happens to you. You know how to minimise the chances of it occurring but you couldn’t be bothered to take precautions. You think: “W...
corey turner2 years ago
The Seventh Obsession
Love has no face.
James P.2 years ago
Technology, and the Future of Criminal Justice
Why you need to be more diligent than ever.
Edward German2 years ago
The Treks in Sci-Fi Podcast
You don't have to be a Trekkie to listen.
Nickolas Rudolph2 years ago
Anticipation Killed the Cat
If you are like me, you have a stream of information coming at you from all your social media accounts, mostly about things you have liked and are interested in. Like sucking down a mint chocolate chi...
Mickey Finn2 years ago
Humanity 2.0
I’m going to take a moment to point out some observations on how humanity has developed, and what they may mean for our future. As a lover of all things science and science fiction, I have always been...
Rich Monetti2 years ago
A Clockwork Orange Can Teach Us Something About Partisan Politics In America
My first viewing of A Clockwork Orange 30 years ago left me lost on the message. A hardened criminal receives the opportunity for a quick, psychologically based reform, but the dehumanizing treatment ...
Futurism Staff3 years ago
Do Language and Emotion Affect Health?
Some years ago, when I was a little younger but just as peculiar, I was a general surgeon more interested in why people got sick than in cutting them—and equally interested in why they got well. Event...
Futurism Staff3 years ago
Dune Art Sites to Follow
Frank Herbet was born in 1920. Growing up during the Great Depression, his young mind could envision worlds and histories that no man had walked on and no civilization had experienced. But even the pr...
David Furgeson4 years ago
Facebook Can Control Your Mind
Back when I was a smoker, there was a conversation that we smokers would have every few months. Every time they pushed us to a new and more remote shame-hole in the building and eventually outside alt...