Space: The Final Frontier. Exploring space developments and theorizing about how humans fit into the universe.

Samir Goradia2 days ago
Many space stories told on Planet Earth involve communication across the vast universe. In perhaps our first well-known space movie, Star Wars, an important message was stored by robot, R2-D2. Today's messages still involve, to some extent, basic themes found in the Star Wars series of movies: space war, space government, space business, and our collective desire to understand our history, faiths, etc. The Star Wars movie series, including The Empire Strikes Back, has been developed into a nine ...
Samir Goradia4 days ago
Each night, when I can, I wander out into the open space of Earth place Bakersfield/Oildale, a base somewhere between the long airstrips of coastal California, such as Edwards Air Force Base, where the civilian Space Shuttles (Endeavor, Columbia, etc.) once landed, and the central state spaceports, such as Shreiver Airbase in Colorado, and Sir Richard Branson's spaceport in New Mexico. Here, in the south-central valley of California, with mountains on both sides, buildings lie close to the groun...
Nancy D4 days ago
How Are Solar Systems Made?
The Solar System, well... our planet system, was created six billion years ago and slowly evolved into its present configuration of a central star and revolving planets, rocks, comets and gases.
Samir Goradia6 days ago
For the Western United States, some residents are wondering if we are entering a new age. Others say that things here never change. In the early 1900s, the Ford Motor Company invented the 'horseless c...
Brian C.9 days ago
Should We Really Be Afraid of All the Asteroid News Hitting Us Lately?
If you haven't heard the news regarding the asteroids coming "close" to Earth this past week, then you must have been hanging out in a cave in the great outdoors somewhere. Earlier this week, an aster...
Nancy Da month ago
Will We Ever Reach Another Constellation?
Planet X, life on other planets, cryogenic sleep until we return to Earth... but overrun by apes. It all sounds so exciting, and terrifying at the same time. However, is it even realistic? Or is it al...
Grant Pattersona month ago
The Scared Ape
Fifty years ago today, two humans piloted a rickety rocketship, with walls as thin as toilet paper, and a computer dumber than a calculator, to the surface of another world. We did it five more times....
SKYLERIZED 5 months ago
Reason First: Is Scientific Exploration the Answer to Unreason?
The greatest scientific mind of all time, Albert Einstein, made a prediction that large events in space, like the collision of black holes, produced ripples, like a large American flag being shaken up...
kit vaillancourt 5 months ago
The Voyager Golden Record: Humanity's Soft Place to Land
There's an X-Files poster on my bedroom door. You know the one: a grainy photo of a UFO blown up against a canopy of pine trees with "I WANT TO BELIEVE" written in block letters across the bottom. The...
Amy S6 months ago
Bizarre Space Conspiracy Theories
Because some conspiracies are just out of this world...
MariTi Lovell6 months ago
Black Cat in a Coal Cellar
Reading Stephen Hawking it is obvious that he and his colleagues are very intelligent people. In the science and math aspects. But in the end, a theory is a theory. It takes a very intelligent person ...
Matthew Evans7 months ago
The Interstellar Visitor
New analyses of the different observations made show that his behavior is closer to that of a comet. Eight months ago, astronomers detected an object in space with a very strange shape and path. Resem...
Shandi Pace8 months ago
1968: The Successful Journey of Apollo 8
Apollo 8 was a specifically memorable journey. It was the first time a spacecraft had orbited the moon and more extraordinary, it was the first time we were provided with a glimpse of our very own planet.
Ven essa8 months ago
To What Extent Should Space Agencies Prioritize Sending a Manned Mission to Mars?
Space is the current, unexplored frontier. People have been really fascinated by the new idea of the actual ability to colonize another planet such as Mars. There are even some trips planned to go to ...
Andrea Dawson8 months ago
A Novel Solution for Efficient and Durable Deep-Space Electronics
For all of recorded human history, we've dreamed of what was beyond the sky. It's a topic that has intrigued us for millennia, and as a species, we've deemed it central to answering our most fundament...
Richard Johnston9 months ago
The Multiverse Chronicles
Welcome to the first entry to the Multiverse Chronicles series. My name is Richard Johnston and the idea behind this series is to help writers come up with ideas for any story where they want to explo...
Steven Altman9 months ago
Arctic Circle and Space
Venture far enough north in the freezing climate of Norway, Finland and Sweden and you may be a little surprised to come across satellites and facilities located in the middle of nowhere. Stumbling up...
Christen Hutcheson9 months ago
NASA's Newest Probe; InSight
InSight (Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport), NASA's most recent probe to be released into space on May 5th 2018 at approximately 4:05 AM from Vandenberg Air...