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Star Trek is a science fiction television series documenting the adventures of the Starship Enterprise.

Rich Monetti17 days ago
Part II: Best Second Tier Episodes of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'
As in the original series, The Next Generation has a tier below "Tapestry," "All Good Things," "Yesterday’s Enterprise," and "The Inner Light." Here are installments three and four.
Rich Monetti21 days ago
Part I: Best Second Tier Episodes of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'
As in the original series, The Next Generation has a tier below "Tapestry," "All Good Things," "Yesterday’s Enterprise," and "The Inner Light." Here are my first two installments.
Gabriel Mero2 months ago
The Dax Dilemma
Fans of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine will be familiar with the Dax symbiont, a wormlike entity that joins with a race known at the Trill. After each host dies, the symbiont passes to a new host, who ret...
Gabriel Mero2 months ago
Seven of Nine Is the Best 'Star Trek' Character
Growing up, I was never into Star Trek at all. I knew what it was, I had a basic knowledge of what it was about, but I never watched it. I didn't watch a lot of TV shows as a kid—not adult ones. I lik...
Rich Monetti3 months ago
'Star Trek: Generations' Gave Us the Captain's Showdown that We Were All Waiting For
Star Trek Generations probably belongs below middle ground among the franchise’s movies. Chatter on Facebook groups seem to agree, but I’m shocked when some level total disdain on The Next Generation'...
Gabriel Mero4 months ago
Kathryn Janeway
When Star Trek: Voyager aired in 1995, it was unique amongst the Star Trek universe. Firstly, it was the first series to feature a starring Native American character (Commander Chakotay,) the first ha...
Jesse Kinney4 months ago
10 Surprising Facts About Star Trek You Never Knew
Star Trek is one of the most iconic and well-known franchises in the world and has been for the past 50+ years. It has seen some of the most iconic actors (William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and Patrick ...
Rich Monetti6 months ago
'Star Trek V' Is Pretty Hard to Defend, But I’m Going to Try Anyway
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier is pretty hard to defend. This especially after we thought once the credits and the theremin faded, the thrill ride would pick right right up where The Voyage Home left...
Eden Roquelaire7 months ago
Worst of the Best: The Next Generation's 'Sub Rosa'
Welcome to "The Worst of the Best," a series of articles in which I will explore the strangest, most cringe-worthy, and downright awful episodes from otherwise quality television series. No series is ...
The Drama Llama8 months ago
Why 'DS9' Is the Most Faithful Trek Series in the 21st Century
In my opinion (and I'm sure others), Deep Space Nine is one of, if not the best, iteration of the Trek franchise. It is not only a great Trek show, it's also a great piece of drama, writing, character...
Rich Monetti8 months ago
The Best of Captain Kirk Putting the Moves On
Who doesn’t love it when Captain Kirk puts the movies on the ladies? But what we may not realize is his confidence actually comes from the love of one woman. She’s known as the USS Enterprise, and her...
Rich Monetti8 months ago
Leave a Tender Mr. Worf Moment Alone
Lt. Worf knows how to leave a tender moment alone as well as the next guy. It's just a little hard to spot sometimes. But that doesn’t mean they should be ignored. Here’s a series of moments that make...
Iain Shaw9 months ago
'Star Trek: Discovery'
Now it’s been over a week since the gripping finale of Star Trek Discovery season 1, I think it’s safe to take the spoiler gloves off and look at this exciting first season in all its glory. Please, o...
Abdullah Masood9 months ago
What Does the Enterprise Mean for the Future of 'Star Trek Discovery'?
Star Trek Discovery has had a shaky run through its first season. From weird sounding Klingons to mutinous Starfleet captains to a war plagued Federation, this wasn't the show your mom and dad grew up...
Luke Goude10 months ago
10 Reasons to Watch 'Star Trek: Discovery'
Star Trek had been off-air since Enterprise ended in 2005, but in late 2017, a new series launched on CBS and Netflix—Star Trek: Discovery. After a decade spent following the big screen adventures of ...
Ghezal Amiri10 months ago
'Star Trek: Discovery' Will Break Creator Gene Roddenberry's Prime Directive Against Crew Members Yelling at Each Other
Star Trek has been a staple of the #scifi community for more than 50 years, with the crew of the USS Enterprise (and other ships) traveling across deep space in search of new alien civilizations. Crea...
Marguerita Tana year ago
8 Michelle Yeoh Movies to Watch as 'Star Trek: Discovery' Beams up on TV
She is the undisputed "Action Queen," known for her feisty roles in international blockbusters such as the 1997 James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies and the Oscar-winning Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon...