star trek

Star Trek is a science fiction television series documenting the adventures of the Starship Enterprise.

Rich Monetti2 months ago
More Star Trek Sexism and Not so Much
In response to the Five Most Sexist moments in Star Trek, the absence of Turnabout Intruder has been a mystery among readers. I think I left it off because the last episode of TOS is so blatantly obvi...
Rich Monetti3 months ago
Season One of 'Star Trek Discovery' Lacks a Bit on the Sci-Fi, but Has Laid a Strong Foundation
I watched Star Trek Discovery in the only manner in which the 23rd century is meant to be viewed—on a TV set. So I just got the DVD from the library, I'm all caught up, and I’ll send payment to CBS at...
Craig Arnott4 months ago
To Boldly Go Where No Show Has Gone Before: Four Shows Star Trek Fans Would Love to See
At one point, Star Trek seemed to a be force that you could not avoid, especially during the 1990s. But there came a lull in the star based adventures and fans wondered if the journey had ended. Thank...
Daniel Tessier5 months ago
Review: "The Escape Artist" - 'Star Trek: Short Treks' Episode Four
“The Escape Artist” rounds off a very mixed bag of mini-episodes that make up the first set of Short Treks. After a fun but wonky character piece with “Runaway,” an excellent sci-fi short with only te...
Rich Monetti5 months ago
Part I : Kirk versus Spock - The Captain of the Enterprise Always Wins the Episode
One of the things that has made Star Trek endure is the duking it out that takes place between Kirk and Spock at the end. The successful formula always had the two giants trying to gain the upper hand...
Daniel Tessier5 months ago
Review: "The Brightest Star" - 'Star Trek: Short Treks' Episode Three
The third Short Trek is a well-worn but well told story that provides Lt. Saru—perhaps the standout character from the first season of Discovery, and certainly the most mysterious—with an origin story...
Rich Monetti6 months ago
Part III: Second Tier TOS Episodes of 'Star Trek'
Here’s my third installment of second tier episodes of the TOS that are not "Mirror, Mirror," "Space Seed" and "City on the Edge of Forever"
Rich Monetti6 months ago
Part III: Best Second Tier Episodes of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'
Do you remember when we thought Klingons were completely soulless warmongers who loved to kill and oppress. Many of us even had reservations about allowing one to serve as an officer on the Enterprise...
Rich Monetti7 months ago
Part II: Best Second Tier Episodes of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'
As in the original series, The Next Generation has a tier below "Tapestry," "All Good Things," "Yesterday’s Enterprise," and "The Inner Light." Here are installments three and four.
Rich Monetti7 months ago
Part I: Best Second Tier Episodes of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'
As in the original series, The Next Generation has a tier below "Tapestry," "All Good Things," "Yesterday’s Enterprise," and "The Inner Light." Here are my first two installments.
Gabriel Mero8 months ago
The Dax Dilemma
Fans of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine will be familiar with the Dax symbiont, a wormlike entity that joins with a race known at the Trill. After each host dies, the symbiont passes to a new host, who ret...
Gabriel Mero8 months ago
Seven of Nine Is the Best 'Star Trek' Character
Growing up, I was never into Star Trek at all. I knew what it was, I had a basic knowledge of what it was about, but I never watched it. I didn't watch a lot of TV shows as a kid—not adult ones. I lik...
Rich Monetti9 months ago
'Star Trek: Generations' Gave Us the Captain's Showdown that We Were All Waiting For
Star Trek Generations probably belongs below middle ground among the franchise’s movies. Chatter on Facebook groups seem to agree, but I’m shocked when some level total disdain on The Next Generation'...
Gabriel Mero10 months ago
Kathryn Janeway
When Star Trek: Voyager aired in 1995, it was unique amongst the Star Trek universe. Firstly, it was the first series to feature a starring Native American character (Commander Chakotay,) the first ha...
Jesse Kinney10 months ago
10 Surprising Facts About Star Trek You Never Knew
Star Trek is one of the most iconic and well-known franchises in the world and has been for the past 50+ years. It has seen some of the most iconic actors (William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and Patrick ...
Rich Monettia year ago
'Star Trek V' Is Pretty Hard to Defend, But I’m Going to Try Anyway
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier is pretty hard to defend. This especially after we thought once the credits and the theremin faded, the thrill ride would pick right right up where The Voyage Home left...
Eden Roquelairea year ago
Worst of the Best: The Next Generation's 'Sub Rosa'
Welcome to "The Worst of the Best," a series of articles in which I will explore the strangest, most cringe-worthy, and downright awful episodes from otherwise quality television series. No series is ...