star wars

Star Wars is a science fiction franchise set in a universe far far away.

Linaflame L75 months ago
Star Wars the Clone Wars: Chapter Eight
~~Karri P.O.V~~ Lina. I gazed at Lina as she walked inside the command room quietly. Everyone's eyes were on Lina and quickly looked away. Lina walked slowly towards me. Her face was stern as if she w...
Linaflame L75 months ago
Star Wars the Clone Wars: Chapter Seven
~~Lina P.O.V~~ "Lina... Wake up," I felt a hand touch my shoulder and shook it. "Wake up. It's time to go." I groaned as I slowly opened my eyes. I saw Rex, looking at me with gentle eyes. "Ah, you're...
Jonathan Sim5 months ago
Top 10 Best Scenes in 'Star Wars!'
Well, this is my first Star Wars Day as a true SW fan, so I would like to say to everyone reading this: Happy Star Wars Day and May the Fourth Be With You. There are moments from the original trilogy,...
Tim Horton5 months ago
A New Featurette Has Dropped for 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' and It Is Explosive (& Informative)!
As we ramp up the hype for Solo: A Star Wars Story, Director Ron Howard has dropped an all-new featurette that showcases more of the upcoming movies locations, characters and plotlines. Solo: A Star W...
Isaac Shapiro5 months ago
14 Standalone Star Wars Stories That We'd Love to See Come to Life
Rogue One has been an absolutely smashing success amongst fans and critics and is likely to become another huge hit. The film was risky seeing how it’s technically the first big budget Star Wars film ...
Jonathan Sim5 months ago
10 Fun Facts About 'The Empire Strikes Back!'
Let me ask you something: what is the best Star Wars movie? Even though us Star Wars fans are a bit divided in this day and age of The Last Jedi, I think a lot of us can agree that our favorite Star W...
Jonathan Sim5 months ago
'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Official Trailer Breakdown
Well, the first official trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story has come out, and this trailer makes the movie look way better than the teaser. So, I'll be doing a frame-by-frame breakdown of the trailer, analyzing some shots, giving information, and making predictions about what we can expect to see from the upcoming Star Wars anthology film.
Patricia Sarkar6 months ago
10 Actors You Never Knew Starred in Star Wars
With nine Star Wars films released and two more due this year and next, the franchise has made many of the actors and actresses who starred in it household names. Yet, alongside the main characters, t...
Emma Lansdowne6 months ago
The Top Ten Best Star Wars Songs
Star Wars songs are extremely famous because of the acclaim the movie series has gotten and also with John Williams running the show, it’s bound to have lots of extremely deep and loved songs. Spotify...
Linaflame L76 months ago
'Star Wars the Clone Wars': Chapter Six
Fan-Fiction: Love Is a Strong Word
Jonathan Sim6 months ago
Kylo Ren and Rey CONFIRMED to Share Love Scene in 'Star Wars: Episode IX'
In December 2019, J.J. Abrams will release Star Wars: Episode IX. And some have speculated about the idea of Kylo Ren and Rey having a romantic relationship in the next film. Well, Abrams has just con...
Christina St-Jean6 months ago
April Fools? News Article Teases 'Star Wars IX' Time Travel
April Fools' Day brings out the prankster in all of us, but it may be that one article might have accidentally responded to some Star Wars fans' desires. Sunday Express, a publication out of the Unite...
Marguerita Tan6 months ago
Hope, There Is: 5 Highlights From 'Star Wars Rebels' Series Finale
When it was revealed that story lines in the fourth and final season of Star Wars Rebels will lead up to events depicted in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, fans of the Disney XD animated series feared t...
Jonathan Sim6 months ago
Why 'Star Wars' Has NOT Been Ruined!
Recently, I wrote a satirical article called "Complaining About 'Return of the Jedi' the Way People Complain About 'The Last Jedi'", and the point of that article was to joke about how if Return of th...
Caleb LaBord6 months ago
How Boba Fett Changed My Life
In my early youth, Star Wars was my favorite franchise of all and Obi-Wan Kenobi was my favorite character. Though I loved the franchise as a young kid, it wasn't until much later in my teens around t...
Isaac Johnson6 months ago
The Star Wars Prequels
The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith. What comes into your mind when you hear those titles? The endless memes? Over reliance on CGI? Mostly wooden dialogue? Of course these th...
Ryan Ford6 months ago
What Made 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' a Terrible Movie
Before I delve into my own personal feeling of betrayal, I want to first state that I understand that some people did, in fact, enjoy The Last Jedi. Several of my friends went to see the film and said...
Jonathan Sim6 months ago
Complaining About 'Return of the Jedi' the Way People Complain About 'The Last Jedi'
Before we begin the satire article, I want to say that I liked both Return of the Jedi and The Last Jedi. The Last Jedi had some obvious flaws, but it is my opinion that people are overreacting to the...